7 Reasons To Build A Storage Shed

Storage Shed

25% of Americans admit to having a clutter problem. There’s so much going on in everyone’s lives. These problems have one solution just build a storage shed.

From gifts you didn’t want to items you only used once, you might have too much stuff. Or, maybe you live in a multi-generational home, and everyone has their own mementos, furniture, and necessities.

No matter what situation you’re in, almost everyone needs to reduce clutter in their home. It helps reduce stress, improve curb appeal, save time on looking for stuff, and so much more.

Advantages Of Having A Cozy Storage Shed

What’s the answer? Build a storage shed. Extra storage is a great solution to your problems. 

We’ve assembled a guide to seven reasons why building a backyard shed should be next on your list.

1. Declutter Your Home

How much stuff in your home do you actually use? For instance, when you’re looking for popsicle molds for that Fourth of July party, do you really need to dig through Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations?

The answer is probably no. Why is stuff that you rarely use in your house, anyway? Your house should be a well-organized machine to save time and stress.

Many people’s homes are full of stuff they rarely use. This includes seasonal decorations, never-used items, gifts that didn’t hit the mark, mementos that aren’t used but can’t be thrown away, memorabilia, and so much more.

Decluttering your home makes it easier to organize and clean up after yourself. Expect dusting, cleaning, and polishing to be so much easier.

2. Reduce Stress

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic slowly releases its grip on the globe, many people are spending more time at home than they were before. As winter hits, this trend will likely continue.

Have you ever tried to work or be productive in a messy space? For some people, it’s a no-brainer. For others, they can’t seem to settle down and focus until their environment is clean.

Experts say that your environment is a huge part of your mental and physical health. It’s just as important as diet and exercise!

When your environment reflects the ideal state of your brain, it’s easy for you to calm down and feel relaxed. It’s a win for everyone.

3. Deter Thieves

Are you that family in your neighbourhood? Your stuff is strewn across the lawn, the driveway has two bikes and a scooter strewn across it.

There’s no shame in it. Sometimes, you just get busy. The lawn and driveway are the first things to slide, sometimes.

But when your possessions are strewn out everywhere, like at a yard sale, this can be very attractive to thieves. If someone is scouting your neighbourhood, will they be more attracted to a lawn full of items or a locked backyard shed?

The shed is obviously much safer. Whether you live in a crime-ridden neighbourhood or not, this can help keep you safer.

4. Take Up New Hobbies

Many new hobbies take up space. Whether you want to start oil painting or kayaking, you need a place to store your stuff.

Depending on your hobby, you can store the necessary materials in a new shed. Or, with the space you clear up, you can put all unnecessary stuff in the shed and take up your new hobby inside the house.

No matter what you choose, having more space gives you options for how you want to spend your time and infuse your life with meaning.

5. Safe Storage

Tools and toxins are dangerous to children. This is common sense, but where are you storing your shears? What about that bottle of bleach or Round-up?

Likely, you’re storing them in the safest place possible. This could be a high cupboard or an out-of-the-way place. But children are creative and sometimes do what you least expect.

The safest place to store these items is out of your home. When you put all potentially dangerous tools, and chemicals in a locked backyard shed, your home will be much safer. Access won’t even be an issue because your children, or visiting guests, will never be able to get the keys.

6. Make A Retreat

Call it a man cave, call it a yoga retreat, call it an art studio. No matter what you want to do with it, a storage shed doesn’t have to be used for just storage.

Maybe your home doesn’t have enough rooms. Or, maybe you need some time away from your family every so often.

If that’s the case, what about a completely separate building? The quiet and separation can allow you to really sink into that meditation or take a few hours in your man cave to read a book.

Sometimes, getting a little distance—even if you’re sitting amongst lawn rakes and kayaks—is exactly what you need. There are so many optional building features you can add to your shed to make it fit your lifestyle and hobbies—the sky is the limit.

7. Add Value

Are you thinking about selling your home in the next few years? If so, you’ll want to add to the resale value. This will allow you to recoup more on your investment.

When a potential buyer is looking at your home, it may be a little small for them. Or, they may be wondering where to put all their stuff.

If that’s the case, extra home storage space can be a major selling point for them. Having another structure on the property also adds to the value of your home, too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What Is The Cost Of Building A Small Storage Shed?

An approximate $21 to $90 cost is required for building the per-square-foot storage shed.

Q2: Which type of foundation is best for building a shed?

The gravel pad means the crushed stone foundations are the best for the shed. The gravel shed foundations give a more secure and stable foundation for your shed. And drainage system will go to be far more secure.

Q3: What is the economical style of building up a shed?

Pallet sheds are a more economical way to build up a shed. Pallets are the primary building solutions. But the cost is entirely depending on the size of the shed.

Why You Should Build A Storage Shed

If you want to build a storage shed, you can reap the benefits of extra storage space, reduced stress, and a home that’s easier to organize, clean, and manage. It’s a great trade-off!

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