Glenn Maxwell’s Double-Ton High Knocked Afghanistan Out Of The Field  

Glenn Maxwell's double century

Glenn Maxwell a name that will be written in Australian history of cricket for a phenomenal 201 against Afghanistan. A lone wolf who between pain and high spirits kept swinging his bat in the field to give Australia the victory in Tuesday’s match. Maxwell made one of the greatest innings in World Cup history.

In this World Cup the giant-killer knocked out England, then Pakistan, Sri Lanka and former World Champion. But in the latest game when Australian team was at 91/7 Maxwell along with Pat Cummins fought to get their team to 292.

Maxwell even after getting hurt on his knees limped his way towards the finish line of defeating Afghanistan in the game. He got his team the victory through his pain which is a commendable act.

Glenn Maxwell later says, “I hadn’t done much high-intensity exercise in the heat. It was quite hot during the day, and it certainly got to me today.” Adding further he says, “It would have been nice to say it was chanceless, but I led a charmed life, was dropped a few times. There have been occasions when I have been dropped and didn’t make the most of it, so to make the most of it is probably the most pleasing thing.”

Maxwell’s double hundreds reminded of the 1997 Independence Cup when Pakistan’ Saeed Anwar made an epic 194 against India. But unlike Anwar, Maxwell did not have the benefit of having a runner due to being injured.

His victory is more talked about and applauded as during the match he was injured and still kept on going. He laid down on the ground once before picking himself up to win the match. Maxwell couldn’t bend his knees or stretch but his spirit remained high. This makes the victory even more applaudable.

In the 2019 World Cup that took place in England, Maxwell got hospitalized after getting hit by a bouncer in the nets. His disappointment in the injury made him wish for the injury to be serious as an excuse out of his disappointment in scoring runs.

He later said, “I felt like I was 100 per cent to blame (for the failure of the team). I would look around the dressing room and wonder about others thinking ‘If only Max had turned up for this tournament’. ”But after four years Maxwell pushed himself through the pain to take his team across the victory line on Tuesday.

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