How to Wear a Watch Correctly: A Style Guide for Men

How to Wear a Watch

You’ve slipped on a stylish shirt and slacks for the day busy ahead, and you’ve even topped off your look with a classy fedora hat. But something’s missing. And it doesn’t take you long to realize that a stunning men’s timepiece is the missing piece.

Research shows that people buy quality watches for a number of reasons, including to communicate that they have achieved life or career success. Others buy watches to celebrate achievements or to own items that hold value.

No matter your motivation for buying a watch, it’s critical that you know how to wear a watch.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about wearing a watch in 2022.

The Correct Wrist for Men

Once you’ve purchased a classy timepiece from a leading watch provider, like H2Hub, you may wonder which wrist to wear it on: the left or the right?

As a general rule of thumb, you should wear your watch on the wrist of your non-dominant arm. For instance, if you are right-handed, your watch should go on the left wrist. Meanwhile, left-handed people should wear their watches on their right wrists.

However, the above rule is a traditional one. Today, it is acceptable to place your watch on your preferred wrist.

The Cuff Dilemma for Men

After you’ve chosen a wrist for your watch, you might wonder whether to place it outside of or inside your shirt cuff. The answer is: inside of your cuff.

Wearing your watch on your cuff is generally a big no-no. You might make this work, however, if you are a sharp dresser. Likewise, this could work if your watch is dressy and your cuffs are slim.

If you’re wearing your watch inside of the cuff, your sleeve should mostly cover it when you’re standing with both arms pointed downward along your sides. In addition, when you bend your arm, the watch should be slightly visible beneath the cuff.

Additional Rules for Wearing Men’s Watches

When purchasing a watch to wear, make sure that the watch is moderately thick. Only then will it sit comfortably under your shirt’s cuff. Chunky diver’s watches don’t work with dress shirts and suits.

Also, be sure that your watch’s strap fits the wrist. Your watch should never go around the forearm — something you may be tempted to do if your watch is too big.

Master How to Wear a Watch in 2022

Scoring the elusive watch you have been eyeing for years can feel like an accomplishment. However, if you don’t wear it properly, this will detract from the successful image you are trying to portray.

Consider the above-listed tips on how to wear a watch as you sport your favorite timepiece this spring. With the right watch etiquette, you can easily display your prestige and success while keeping track of time from one moment to the next.

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