Perfect Nude Makeup Look In 10 Easy Steps

nude makeup looks

Bold red lips and dramatic eye make-ups are now a little out of trend. The nude makeup trends are now slowly gaining popularity all over the world. This is the time when you must shift your choices from bold makeup looks. Hence nude makeup looks make your look more authentic and classic.

Even celebrities like to wear versatile types of makeup looks. You will get plenty of options for experimenting with your looks. But the fundamental tip for achieving these makeup looks is to maintain a good skincare routine.

10 Easy Nude Makeup Tips

The best part is that nude makeup is suitable for every skin tone and color. Your regular skin colors remain the same. Only you have to add bright and spotless appearances. Even for daily makeup wear, you can apply these tips and be vibrant and glamorous every day.

Here are the ten tips you can apply to achieve the perfect Dowey nude makeup looks.

Step 1: Cleansing And Toning 

Cleansing And Toning 

Before starting your nude makeup looks and tips, do the cleaning and toning properly. Select the cleaners which are suitable for your skin type.

For example 

  • For the dry skin – Cream-Based Cleansers
  • For the normal skin- Foaming cleanser
  • Oily Skin- Gel-based mild face wash

After cleansing your face, use the toner to achieve a grease-free look.

Step 2: Moisturising 


Apply the right amount of moisturizer for glamorous nude makeup looks. Select the moisturizer based on your skin type and texture. For example, every oily skin woman should use a water-based light moisturizer. But dry skins will require a heavy moisturizer.

  • Spread the moisturizer in the tiny dots all over the face. 
  • And do not avoid the undereye and the nose bridge areas. 
  • Then slowly pat your face with your fingers in circular motions. 
  • Give some time to settle down your moisturizer.

Step 3: Prime Your Skin And Minimize The Pore Appearances

Prime Your Skin And Minimize The Pore Appearances

Your skin moisturization is complete. Now you have to use the primer on your skin. These primers will decrease the appearance of your skin pores. For the perfect makeup to look nude, you must minimize the appearance of skin pores. The primers will diminish the appearance of your skin pores and reduce the appearance of your skin’s fine lines.

  • Apply the primer to the dotted formations.
  • Then spread the primer all over the faces.
  • Before starting the rest of the nude makeup looks, wait some time for complete absorption.

Step 4: Natural Colour Foundation

Natural Colour Foundation

Natural color foundations are another essential factor. You will get better coverage if you are going to use any light coverage water-based foundations. Only use the natural color foundations, which help you to get the best nude makeup looks. To avoid the caky looks blending is very required.

  • First, pick a color mixing pallet.
  • Then start to mix the colors on the pallet that matches your natural skin tone colors.
  • The water-based foundations with minimum coverages give you a more nude look.

Step 5: Light Coverage Concealer

Light Coverage Concealer 

Light coverage concealers are best for hiding dark not use concealers in the triangle shape. Use the concealers on the circular motions, and before using the corrector apply the corrector.

  • Usually, the women use one shade of lighter concealer to hide the imperfections.
  • But for achieving the nude makeup looks, you have to use a shade that matches your skin colors.

Step6: Liquid Highlighter For your Cheekbones

Liquid Highlighter For your Cheekbones

After you complete the makeup of the undereye areas, lock the look with the application of translucent powder. The liquid highlighters give you a more natural look. Better use the highlighter on your cheekbones which matches your skin undertone.

  • Apply the highlighter on your cheekbones with a small fan brush.
  • It is obvious you do not want to extravert the application areas.
  • And do not forget to highlight the bridge of your nose. These small touch-ups will help you to achieve nude makeup looks.

Step7: Precise Use Of Bronzer

Precise Use Of Bronzer

Do not overuse the bronzers. If you want to add a little sunkissed look, then only use bronzers. But precise use of the bronzers gives you a perfect glossy look. But if you want to have a pink glossy look, then highlighters will be enough for you.

  • Do not draw three on your face.
  • Apply a little bit of bronzer on the two sides of your temple areas.
  • And a small bit of your jawline. That all your sunkissed nude makeup looks are complete.

Step 8: Nude And Natural Eye makeup

Nude And Natural Eye makeup

Always dreamed of having deep and bold eyes. Do not go for the smokey eyes.

For the nude eyeshadow look, the neutral base and single layer of light kohl and applications of the false lash applications will give you a very natural nude makeup look.

  • First prime your eyes with concealers and eye primer.
  • Then apply the nude color base eyeshadows.
  • And use brown eyeshadow on the lash line of your upper lids.
  • Slowly blend the color towards the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Apply a little bit of smokey eye concealers.

Step 9: Naturally Pink Cheeks

Naturally Pink Cheeks

For perfect-looking makeup that looks nude, you can use the pink blush on your two cheeks. Do not go for too many of the darker blush-on shades. Pick the blush color which will go to compliment your cheeks colors.

  • Select the cream-based blush.
  • Just apply the blush underneath your cheeks highlighter.
  • And blend it properly.

Step 10: Lip Tints

Why select the same old dull lipstick. You want to get nude makeup looks. And lip tints are giving you a more natural look. But do not select the matte finish tints. Always select the moisturized tints for your lip. 

  • First, apply some moisturized lip balms.
  • Then apply the tints to your lip.
  • Little more on the cupid bow of your lips.
  • These extensions of your lip tints applications are making your look more natural.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1:What Is The Colour Of Nude Lipstick?

Ans: For everyone, the nude lipstick colors are different. If you like to pick the nude lipsticks. Then you have to pick the lipstick that is closer to your lip’s original colors. The nude colors belong in the category of the beige category to the medium browns.

Q2: Do You Need Lip Primer?

Ans: Yes, using the lip primers will help you prep your lip and prime your lips. Your lip colors will stay longer. Most of the lip primers will also contain lip moisturized properties. If you are looking for hydration boosters, these lip primers work just fine for the perfect finished look.

Q3: Are There Any Ideal Colors For Nude Makeup?

Ans: Yes, for the nude makeup there are certain types of makeup bases. What are those?
👉 Peachy tone.
👉 Warm Beige colors
👉 Rose-tone 
👉 Natural colors

Bottom line: Be Natural and Authentic With Nude Makeups

For natural-looking nude makeup looks, these ten tips are the easiest. However, if you like to add something bold and aesthetic to the nude makeup looks, you can try on the euphoria makeup styles. The simple technique is not to overuse the eyeshadow or different colors.

Just stick on some rain stones and draw small symbols on the outer corners of your eyelid. So what are your nude makeup tricks? If you have any secret nude makeup tricks, do not forget to share your opinion through the comment sections.

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