Randeep Hooda- Lin Laishram Wedding: Actor Spills Beans on How He Met His Wife-To-Be

Randeep Hooda- Lin Laishram Wedding

The “Highway” is all set to get married to actress Lin Laishram today. The couple is all set. They have already reached Imphal and have offered their prayers and offerings at the Heingang.

Talking about their upcoming wedding, Randeep Hooda expressed, “I felt that it’s only respectful to come and marry in the bride’s tradition. However, I have heard that in Meitei, the groom has to sit for a very long time during love marriages. So, that’s something, but I am looking forward to the ceremony and traditions. I want to experience my life partner’s culture. That’s why I am here…”

He further said, “I am really looking forward to it and hope that all goes well. I am praying for our happy future, lots of kids, and lots of abundance. Yes, it’s east meet west. It’s like a traditional or cultural exchange.”

When asked about how he met her wife, he said, “We have been friends for a very long time. We met when we were in theatres.” He was also asked about the presence of any other Bollywood celebrities, and Hooda said, “It’s just me.”“The duo previously shared a collaborative post announcing their wedding, drawing parallels to the Mahabharat tale of Arjuna and Manipuri Warrior Princess Chitrangada, revealing their joyous union set to commence on November 29th in Imphal, followed by a reception in Mumbai. Embracing their diverse cultures, Randeep and Lin sought blessings and love for their journey ahead, expressing gratitude for the support received.”

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