Wreath Making For Beginners  

wreath making

Christmas is knocking on your doors as we cross over in to the month of December. Cold winds have started blowing from the north forcing people to stay indoors and find ways to warm up. Some of us have already started our Christmas decorations to get over the gloomy weather outside.

Most of us have completed our Christmas shopping and are looking forward to the big day. But some of us have yet to start our shopping or decorations and are worrying if we might find what we need for this Christmas.

If there is one less thing you need to worry about at this time will be finding new wreaths for this Christmas as we have got you covered. How you might ask? As we have listed ways how you can make your wreaths at home easily.

Most super markets are running out of Christmas decorations fast. So if you don’t find your choice of wreaths why don’t you make your self one. Here’s how you can do it.

Wreath Making For Beginners

Wreath Making For Beginners

Wreath making is not hard when you know what supplies you need to make it and how to make it. Here’s what you need to make a good wreath.

  1. Firstly you will need to purchase a good quality mesh. Compromise on quality might make your wreath not last long. If you are on budget then try using on fourth of your budget on the mesh.
  2. Secondly, you will need to purchase some good quality ribbons especially wired ribbons while it. When you don’t use high quality materials while making wreath the wreaths might fray or it might not be able to hold its shape. In simpler terms your wreath may not look the way you wanted it to look.
  3. Most of the other things you need for it are, wreath frame, floral wires, straight pins, craft glue, floral tapes, pruning shears, monofilament, needle-nose pliers, hanging hardware and work gloves.
  4. Ornaments needed for it are pine cones, natural evergreens, straws, Christmas ornaments, fresh cranberries, or coffee filters. You can decorate your wreaths with any decorative items as you like preferably Christmas themed.

Now that you have a general idea about what you need to make wreaths learn how to make them on your own.

How To Make Wreaths?

How To Make Wreaths?

Here’s how you can make a wreath. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Take you wreath frame and try wrapping your wired ribbon or reel wire around the mesh covering the wreath frame or mesh. You can use natural ever greens or mosses to cover your wreath frame using the wires or wired ribbons. This will create a base for your wreath decoration in the later stage. Cover the frame with moss or straws or evergreens to give your wreath the Christmas look.
  2. Next, add more mosses or evergreens to your wreath frame until its covered and keep it evenly distributed at all sides.
  3. Next take the reel wire or wired ribbons and place your greens or rosemary twigs or a bundle of foliage to tie over your wreath frame.
  4. Overlapping the previous bundle of foliage keep decorating the wreath in the same direction.
  5. Add leaves and evergreen foliage to your wreath to cover the base of the wreath. Secure these leaves properly using reel wires so that more decorations can be added to the wreath in next step.
  6. Add a ribbon on the wreath and secure it properly by doubling the ribbon and securing it with proper attachment so you can hang it.
  7. Next tie the reel wires to your pine cones or other decorations like dried flowers or prunes stems. These wires will then help secure your decorations on the wreath.
  8. Using the reel wires secured with the decorations place then on the wreaths however you want to decorate. This is the process when you can use your creativity to decorate your wreath anyway you like.

Important note while wreath making.

  • Cut your mesh in larger size than you think you might need this makes the process easier. Once you have finished making your wreaths cut the mesh. The reason for this not being that you can’t add more mesh to your wreath when it falls short.
  • Deco mesh cannot be cut in half as it pulls apart easily.
  • Try using floral decorations in odd numbers like 1,3,5 or 7, etc.. it makes the wreath look better.

Tips To Wreath Making

Tips To Wreath Making

If you want to add personal touches to your wreath and want a bit of creative tips to make your wreath unique you can take note of these tips below.

  1. Select a festive color theme for your wreath – Try incorporating classic Christmas color combos on your wreath decoration. For example use red berries and dried orange slices on your wreath decoration to bring out the Christmas effect.
  2. Make wreaths with your family- Wreath making with family with different heads coming together to create wreaths is not only fun but great way to show Christmas spirit. With many unique wreaths getting created and a tradition of wreath making is created.
  3. Personalize your wreath- Try adding your personal items that shows off your style on your wreath.
  4. Bring out your crafts stash- Dig up your craft supplies box and decorate you wreath with buttons or sequins or colorful fabrics to add your personal touch of creativity in decorating your wreath.
  5. Add ribbons- Use Christmas themed or festive ribbons to wrap around your wreath that complements your wreath’s color scheme.
  6. Add a bow – Try learning to make a bow and add it to your wreath to give it a final finish.


The wreath is a symbol of Christmas along with candles. Wreaths are mostly made of evergreens that symbolize the life cycle, hence why its round depicting continuous life. The round shape of the wreath also symbolizes the eternity of God, showing that immortality of soul and Christ’s everlasting life. Now that we have provided you with all the necessary wreath making supplies, process and tips, let us know how your wreath turned out.

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