29 Awesome Anything But Clothes Costume Ideas In 2022

10 Awesome Anything But Clothes Costume Ideas In 2022

Ever been to a party where you see men and women wearing anything but clothes? These parties are pretty popular amongst college students since it gives them a chance to wear some of the most creative costumes that even fashion designers cannot think of.

Therefore, if you have one such party at hand coming soon, then it’s time for you to prepare. Here, I have compiled a list of the most awesome anything but clothes party costume ideas for 2022. I have seen all of these costumes at parties and have handpicked the best of the bunch. 

Best Anything But Clothes Costume Ideas

Some of the best anything but clothes ideas for you to try out in 2022 are:

1. Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

If you think you have lots of cardboard boxes lying around in your house aimlessly, now you have a new purpose for them. Simply keep the flaps open on the two vertically longer sides of the box and just slide it over yourself from the top.

This is by far the cheapest and one of the coolest ideas for anything but a clothes costume party. It’s easy to do and takes the least effort. 

2. Caution Tape

Caution Tape

Going nude to a costume party is a big “caution” since you are not going by the rules. Now, you can be a crime-scene protector by wrapping yourself with caution tapes. Easily available on many online shops and stationery shops, get the bigger tapes and stick them around yourself.

Ensure that all your body parts are perfectly covered since you would not want to have your genitalia sticking out.

3. Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

If you think bursting the air sacs on bubble wraps is one of the most fun things to do, what about wearing them instead? Bubble wraps are easily available in most shops and even can be ordered online. Simply place a few of them (preferably of bigger size) over yourself. 

For the best look, cover all your body parts above the knee and below the neck. If you think the transparency will be too revealing, wear nude strapless clothing inside.

4. Money


If you have too much money than what you require, why not make a costume out of some green bills? This is the most expensive anything but clothes idea on this list – since it is made out of money.

Simply take a few rolls of dollar notes and stick them to a strap as if they are hanging from it. Then, wear the strap around your chest area (for females) and around your waist (both genders). Just ensure that it properly covers your genital areas below your waist.

5. Bandanas


Bandanas are pretty popular ideas for anything but clothes party for girls. This is one of the better costume ideas to cover every inch of your body if you want to. 

Take a few bandanas (preferably of different colors) and tie them together using septic pins to create a dress. It’s best to create two sets (one for your bust and one for your waist). While you are pinning them together, ensure that it’s of the proper fit. It should be a bit tight. Otherwise, it will be too loose and might come off. 

6. Towel


If you think you look supreme hot in a bathing towel, why not look the same at anything but clothes parties? This is one of the easiest looks to pull off in this list. Simply tuck a towel around yourself, and you are all ready to hit the party.

However, be mindful of your towel since it is the easiest to come off too. Therefore, I would suggest pinning the ends together using a septic pin. 

7. Trash Bags

Trash Bags

If you think you are a walking piece of trash, then you accentuate this negative notion by wearing trash bags.

You should cut the trash bags into separate pieces. Then, you can stick or pin them together to make a dress out of them. This is actually a pretty fun anything but a dress party idea that you can try out in 2022.

8. Beer Cans (And Box)

Beer Cans (And Box)

If you like drinking beer and have a lot of empty and uncrumpled cans in your house, then why not recycle them like a good samaritan?

Simply stick the beer cans to each other and make a garland-ish shape. Make them big enough so that they cover your genitals below the waist and on your bust. Alternatively, you can use the beer box the cans arrived in to make your underwear below the waist.

Plus, on the upside, you can use these cans as your cup if you want anything but cup party ideas.

9. Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can do lots more than simply carrying things around. Here, you can use plastic bags by cutting them into desired shapes. For example, you can cut the bottom of a plastic bag and turn it into a tank top pretty easily. Here, you can just slide your arms inside the handles, and voila! You are now wearing a tank top! The same can be said if you decide to make a plastic skirt too. 

10. Pizza Box

Pizza Box

One of the best anything but clothes party ideas guys, this is an ideal costume to show off your masculinity. Simply go nude and just hide your waist with a pizza box. That’s it. That’s probably the skimpiest costume you will ever wear to a party. 

11. Paper Bags

Paper Bags

12. Loofa


13. Beer Box

Beer Box

14. Vines


15. Full Body Paint

Full Body Paint

16. Egg Crates

Egg Crates

17. Playing Cards

Playing Cards

18. Rugs


19. Table Cloth

Table Cloth (2)

20. Curtains


21. Feathers

22. Wonder Bread

Wonder Bread

23. Victoria’s Secret Bag

Victoria’s Secret Bag

24. Newspapers


25 . Condoms


26. Candy Wrappers

Candy Wrappers

27. Chip Bags

Chip Bags

28. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil

39. Country Flags

Country Flags

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions):-

Some of the most commonly asked questions by people on the internet regarding anything but clothes ideas are:

Q1. What Are Some of The Best Tips For ABC Parties?

Ans: If you are attending an anything but clothes party, then some of the best tips for having the most fun are:
➡ Always carry an extra costume with you. In case the older costume comes off, you can quickly wear another one and save yourself from nasty wardrobe malfunctions. 
➡ Ensure that your costume is worn tightly enough. Therefore, ensure that you spend more time in the dressing room.
➡ If you are wearing a costume that is pretty revealing, I will recommend you to wear a nude strapless dress underneath.

Q2. What Should I Be Wary Of During Anything But Clothes Parties?

Ans: Even though anything but clothes costume party is pretty fun, it can soon turn into a bad episode if a wardrobe malfunction happens. To prevent such things from happening, it’s best for you to keep these warnings in mind:
➡ Be wary of your costume getting loose or coming off. Therefore, it’s best if you ensure that you wear them a bit tighter than normal.
➡ Don’t go nude headfirst at the party. If the costume makes some of your body parts a bit more revealing, wear a nude strapless dress underneath them. It is completely legal to wear them at such parties.

Q3. Can I Host Anything But Clothes And Anything But A Cup Party Together?

Ans: Yes, you can host a “Total” ABC Party by telling your guests to wear costumes not made out of clothing and unconventional drinking cups. This is one of the most interesting party ideas for college students to simply have a lot of fun with their friends.

Conclusion: Less Clothes, More Fun

Be it a bubble wrap, a plastic bag, or even a trash bag – you can turn almost anything into a costume. This is why anything but clothes ideas are pretty fun and interesting to come by and think of. 

In this list, you will find that all the costume ideas explained here are pretty cheap (well, except one) and easy to make. You can make all these costumes from basic materials found in your household. So start preparing and have lots of fun!

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