Celebs, Gossip & Outfits: Here’s What Happened At MET Gala 2024!

Celebs, Gossip & Outfits: Here's What Happened At MET Gala 2024!

May 6, 2024, was the night of the biggest stars coming under one roof. But met gala outfits and celebrity gossip aren’t the only things to discuss. 

Did you know that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC conducts the Met Gala event every year? This is basically a fundraising event which is conducted on the first monday of every May. 

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to be up close and personal with met gala celebs, what they wore and what was the theme of the event. So, if you think you might wanna know these details, keep reading it. 

MET Gala 2024: Every Little Detail You Must Know

MET Gala 2024_ Every Little Detail You Must Know

It’s time to give rest to all theories regarding the event and discover the actual truth. Check out what happened on 6th May 2024. 

The Concept Of Met Gala

Met Gala is basically a fundraiser and a charity event for The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Conventionally, it is scheduled to mark the beginning of the annual fashion exhibition. 

No one can really tell what happens at the Met Gala because it’s a top secret. Guests are not allowed to use their cell phones. All in all, the event is generally based on a high-profile performer. 

The Hosts 

Let’s quickly begin with the hosts who turned the event into a fun-filled night. The 2024 Met Gala was hosted by Zendaya, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lopez, and Bad Bunny. 

They also followed the star-studded group of last year’s hosts- Roger Federed, Penelope Cruz, and Dua Lipa. Anna Wintour of Vogue has also been a significant part of Met Gala’s celebration since 1995. 

Dress Code

Met gala outfits are always a hot topic of discussion. Hence, “The Garden of Time” was this year’s theme. It was basically inspired by J.G. Ballard’s short story with the same title. 

Have you seen the pictures already? If yes, there were a lot of botanical and floral looks this year. 

Met Gala’s Location

The event takes place in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum every year. Every single guest that has been invited attends the ceremony as it is highly prestigious. 

They most likely stay in nearby hotels, among which The Standard and The Beekman are very famous. It was the Mark Hotel last year where most celebrities stayed. 

Invitees at the Gala

Hush, hush, hush- it’s a top-secret list. Nobody actually knows it before the guest list goes viral. Big names like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Madonna, and Beyonce are some regular attendees. 

It’s not regular, but most designers attend the event with their muses. For instance, we’ve seen Kate Moss accompanying Marc Jacobs or Nicolas Ghesquière accompanying Emma Stone. 

Let’s Revisit Who Wore What In 2024 Met Gala? 

Let’s Revisit Who Wore What In 2024 Met Gala_

All Met Gala outfits complemented the theme which was “The Garden of Time.” Each one of them, from Jennifer Lopez to Alia Bhatt, looked ravishing in the event. Let’s have a look at them:

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

The duo slayed in Tom Ford when they arrived at the Met Gala event, coordinating in champagne ensembles. All eyes were on the pair for looking extraordinary, as usual!

Ashley Graham

This plus-size model is no longer an unknown name in the world of fashion. She rocked the event by donning a black Ludovic de Saint Sernin outfit with subtle floral intricacies. What people talked more about her outfit was the Swarovski crystals. 

Bad Bunny

As funky as his name is, Bad Bunny left no stone unturned in his fully custom look. His Maison Margiela wear featured a statement hat, pants, and a deconstructed blazer with a red pinstripe. 

Emma Chamberlain

Smokey eyes, a custom Jean Paul Gaultier gown, and a gothic look- that was Chamberlain’s style statement this year. It also featured gothic sleeves that represented barbed wire. 

Gwendoline Christie

Christie donned a vampiric Maison Margiela gown that was blood red in color with a sheer tulle cape. 

Luciana and Matt Damon

A timeless black tuxedo was Matt Damon’s favorite wear this year, while Luciana, his wife, wore a necktie on a ruched strapless gown. 

Alia Bhatt

This Indian actress graced the Gala 2024 wearing a mint-green Sabyasachi saree. “Ravishing” would be an understatement of the beauty of this queen. Alia’s saree took 1965 man-hours to complete every embellishment on it. 

From precious gems to a 23-foot train, all eyes were on her saree. Being unique and graceful, Alia also managed to fit into the ‘botanical’ garden. Eventually, she became the highest Met Gala searched store, followed by Kendall and Kylie Jenner. 

Mona Patel

The Forbes CEO made a mesmerizing debut by donning an Iris Van Herpen Gown. Out of all the Met Gala outfits, Mona’s gown was among the best ones. 

It was a body-hugging, off-shoulder gown taking inspiration from fluttering butterflies tuning with the event’s general dress code. The sleeves had a magical touch in him that left viewers awe-struck. 

Anna Wintour

Wintour, another celebrity guest, attended the event in a white gown covered by a black floral blazer. The latter was crafted with topical flower appliqués. 

Mindy Kaling

Finally, we have Mindy Kaling on our list, who set the ball rolling in a stunning Gaurav Gupta gown. The design, colored in nude couture, was a cape beginning from the shoulders to the ground. 

It was so beautiful that it was aptly called “The Melting Flower of Time.” It shows how a bud grows into a blossoming flower, thus blending garden and time together. 

Where To Livestream Met Gala? 

Where To Livestream Met Gala_

The Met Gala 2024 was hosted by many stars, but you can see the live broadcast only on a few digital platforms. Some of them are Youtube and TikTok where you can see the repeated live videos. 

Secondly, the Met Gala Livestream has already taken place on May 6, Monday, 6 pm onwards. But in case, you missed it, you can check out a few fashion pages like Vogue and replay it. 

Jennifer Loper, along with Zendaya, were the co-chairs of the evening. The honorary chair for the evening was Jonathan Anderson, who was Loewe’s creative director. Also, Shou Chew was honoured as the chairman who is also the CEO of TikTok. 

Met Gala Theme and Its Relation To Clothing

Met Gala Theme and Its Relation To Clothing

Here comes the most interesting part of the entire discussion. Met gala outfits aren’t just a fair of fabrics; it has culture routed deep into the costumes of celebs. Every single artist attending the event wants to disclose something new and uncommon through their clothes.

So, now you might understand the relation. Here’s more to it:

2024’s Theme and Contribution of Stars

The content creator and infamous fashion critic Nicky Campbell had already said that the theme for this year’s Gala will culminate in “the best red carpets seen on Met Gala.” 

She further adds that the exhibition is all about personalizing archival fashion, which has a huge impact on the bold red carpet. Multiple looks of celebrities were rarely seen, whether it was Zendaya’s royal blue and emerald green John Galliano gown or Gigi Hadid’s Thom Browne outfit. 

The theme for Campbell is “jaw-dropping,” which is a unique push to the envelope of dressing. 

Sleeping Beauty, The Garden of Time, and How Celebs Stuck To The Theme?

When Kim Kardashian wore one of Marilyn Monroe’s outfits at the 2022 Gala, people called it ‘controversial.’ Kim said she lost 16 pounds just three weeks ago which let her fit into the gown. 

There were speculations, too, that the dress got damaged after the celebrity wore it. However, the “Garden of Time” dress code expected celebs to show some greenery, floral, and other designs inspired straight from nature. 

Some of them were successful in keeping the expectation of this literal interpretation as they wore trees, florals, and botanic patterns. 

Designers dominating the Met Gala 2024

Met gala outfits were surely showstoppers. But who were the craftsmen behind them? These superheroes without a cape turn models into a captivating figure. 

The media and the people cannot get over these celebs and their looks over the years. So, let’s have a look at the designers who dominated the Met Gala red carpet in 2024. 

Philip Treacy, who designed Zendaya’s magical outfit, bagged the 1st position. Lana Del Rey, who apparently wore Seán McGirr, also turned quite a few heads. 

This year’s red carpet was unique as South Asian designers like Sabyasachi, who designed Alia Bhatt’s saree, and Rahul Mishra also received compliments for their work. All in all, the star-studded night wouldn’t be possible without these competent designers!

The Bottom Line

Here comes an end to this article, which pretty much sheds light upon Met Gala outfits, stars, and everything else. I’m sure you couldn’t just sit with your popcorn in front of your TV all day. 

These outfits have surely mesmerized you, and now, you’re searching for them.

Well, you’re not alone. That’s the beauty of the MET Gala. And 2024’s red carpet simply left us awestruck. 

Having said that, it’s a wrap. Do not forget to follow us for more. Also, share your thoughts in the comment box below. Happy reading!

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