The Best Clean Perfume Scents: Fresh Fragrances That Are Good for You

Clean Perfume Scents

Did you know that most fragrance brands are allowed to withhold some of their ingredient lists because it’s classified as a “trade secret“? That means that you could be putting toxic ingredients on your body without even knowing it. However, many fragrance brands have dedicated themselves to creating scents that will not cause skin or photo-sensitivity.

These are fragrances that are typically plant-based and are free from parabens, sulfate, and phthalate. Wondering what the best clean perfume scents are? Read on!

Ellis Brooklyn Sweet Eau de Parfum

Ellis Brooklyn’s Sweet perfume is described as a simple, light, and charming scent. It has notes of juicy pear, bergamot, marshmallow, cashmere, ambrette, and white amber making it one of the best perfume scents.

Reviewers say that it is elevated and potentially unisex. They also add that it wears off a bit faster than others. Many may classify this as a “foodie” scent but it is much more simple and elegant.

Clean Classic Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum

This classic scent is clean and floral with notes of citrus, amber, orange flowers, and musk. It’s inspired by fresh clothes straight from the dryer. For those who aren’t able to use scented laundry products due to skin sensitivity, this is an amazing choice.

This is one of the best light clean perfume scents which smells a bit more on the soapy side for some. They’ve also created eco-friendly packaging so you can put your environmentally conscious mind at ease.

Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil

One of the best women’s perfume scents comes from Maison Louis Marie with the No.04 Bois de Balincourt. This scent is great for warm woodsy fragrance lovers. It has notes of vetiver, amber wood, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sandalwood.

Their website describes it as romantic and spicy. The perfume oil is the clean version of this product, as their spray is alcohol-based.

PHLUR Hanami

PHLUR is a certified B-corp which means that it has committed to upholding rigorous environmental standards. Hanami is their minimalist scent that smells of fig, white florals, sandalwood, and hazelnut. All of the ingredients are environmentally sourced and hypoallergenic.

Lake & Skye Echo Lake Eau de Parfum

Lake & Skye’s Echo Lake is a blend of floral and woody notes including bergamot, juniper, and sandalwood. This is also classified as a unisex perfume.

This perfume is somewhat similar to some of the best smelling perfumes from Issey Miyake. However, some reviewers note that it does fade quickly.

Better Health With Clean Perfume Scents

Choosing a clean perfume scent is better for you and our environment. It’s time to support companies that care about their consumers! There are many clean perfume scents out there and it’s always best to take a look at the ingredients before you make your purchase.

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