Functional Reasons Why You Need a Blender in Your Kitchen: Buyers Guide

Blender in Your Kitchen

Let’s say you are tired of having coffee in the morning, and you would wish to turn the contents of your market’s produce section into a bubbly breakfast.

Or maybe it’s summer, and you wish to combat the heat by craving a refreshing frozen cocktail. In the kitchen, a blender is a must-have kitchen appliance in your home. It has various functions that should attract you. If you want to turn your solid contents into liquid deliciousness, from shakes and smoothies to salad dressings and soup, then shop for a blender in Singapore now.

Benefits of Using a Blender

Blenders have many advantages such as:

a. Versatility:

Drinks, snacks, dressing, soups, sauces, and frozen desserts can be made in a blender. With the increasing demand, companies are equally launching accessories to create foams for dishes and beverages. Interestingly, the new blenders have been incorporated with preset programs that avoid guesswork during the processing or blending time.

b. Speed:

One of the biggest advantages of blenders is their relative speed while processing the products. In a few minutes, you can make your recipes into smooth purees.

c. Health:

Blenders are appliances used to mix all the nutritional vegetables and fruits to make healthy concoctions and juices.

Factors to Consider When Shopping For a Blender

1. Function:

While some blenders can crush ice, process dense foods, or cook soup, others wouldn’t. Also, some models come with pre-programmed functions to avoid guesswork during the processing period. So, before you consider buying a blender, ensure it meets your demands. Sometimes, online outlets lure customers with features that don’t exist in the appliances. You should do some proper research by going through the reviews about the model to make informed decisions.

2. Parts:

Unlike other kitchen appliances, blenders have specific parts, including a jar/cup, base, lid, base, a lid plug, and a tamper. If you are not familiar with the parts of a blender, ensure to do some good research to avoid buying fake items. If you are grinding and chopping, ensure the blade is included. Ultimately, since chopping entails much work, ensure you go for a blade made of stainless steel to increase durability and performance.

3. Power:

Blenders use electricity, and depending on the size, they have different capacities. For instance, the large countertop blenders use 500 watts or more while the immersion blenders use 100 watts. Before purchasing your blender, especially via online outlets, ensure you are keen on the power factor.

4. Cost:

This is directly proportional to the added functions, quality of materials, and power capacity. In Singapore, blenders start from SGD 39.00 to SDG 69.00. In the trusted online outlets, mid-range and more affordable options are available. You should compare the item with your budget to make good decisions.

5. Speed:

The performance speed of a blender depends on the model. Typically, a blender should have a variable speed from 1to 10. While analyzing the speed, ensure you go for a blender that can withstand continuous processing to avoid holding down the blender manually when adding ingredients to feed the tube simultaneously. Speed is a crucial factor when buying a blender or any appliance because it makes work easier.


A blender is a must-have kitchen appliance, and whatever your intent, Singapore is the home of various sizes and types of blenders that will fit your needs. Also, before buying a blender, ensure to follow the factors mentioned in this article to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

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