Commercial Restroom Essentials: A Quick Buying Guide

Commercial Restroom Essentials

Your business is up and running, with customers streaming in from all over town. All products are in stock, and payroll is as smooth as can be. However, it seems that there’s something you’re forgetting, and then it hits you; you forgot to stack up on commercial restroom supplies.

Your commercial bathroom is just as important as your home bathroom. In fact, 64% of consumers willingly decide to buy from a particular business because it has a clean and well-maintained restroom. Check out if you need help designing your ideal bathroom with the functionality you need. A clean and well-stocked restroom could give you an edge over your competitors. This means having a clean and well-stocked bathroom could actually give you the edge over your competitor.

That said, shopping for commercial restroom essentials is a lot harder than most people think. Commercial bathrooms are a far cry from the bathroom you have at home. This makes it easy to overlook certain essential items while shopping for your commercial bathroom.

To ensure you don’t, today we’ll be compiling the ultimate commercial restroom checklist for your commercial bathroom.

Toilet Bowls

Let’s be real; no bathroom is a bathroom without at least one toilet bowl. Bathrooms need toilet bowls to fulfill their purpose. That’s why they should top your commercial bathroom shopping list.

However, don’t just waltz into the hardware store and pick the first toilet bowl that meets your eyes. There are tons of factors to consider before picking toilet bowls for your commercial bathroom. Some factors you need to keep in mind when picking toilet bowls include:

  • The type of flushing you want
  • Whether you want to save water with your flushing
  • The flushing rate
  • The toilet bowl’s design

It’s also important to check whether the shape of the bowl will fit your bathroom stalls. Consider stuff like the toilet height and the stalls’ width. Also, try taking a plumbing professional with you while toilet bowl shopping to make a better purchasing decision.


Any commercial bathroom without faucets is a health hazard waiting to happen, and completely unacceptable. Faucets are an absolute must for any public restroom. Ensure you fit your bathrooms with working faucets to guarantee the health of your customers.

It’s worth noting that not all faucets will be compatible with particular sinks. Make sure the facts you settle for can work with your current sinks. A professional plumber will help you buy faucets that are compatible with your sink.


There are numerous types of sinks to opt for when in the market for commercial bathroom sinks. They include a countertop, pedestal, under-counter, wall-mount, and corner sinks. You need to pick a sink type that matches your bathroom design for the best results.

Also, ensure the sink you get is compatible with your faucets and vice versa. Always keep this in mind when buying your sinks.

Hand Dryer

Most business owners are torn on whether to get sanitary towels or hand dryers for their restrooms. Not to sound biased, but hand dryers are hands down the better option. They’re easier to use, cost-effective, and a lot less messy.

You need to have a firm idea of what type of hand dryer you want before shopping for hand dryers. You can opt for a high-speed hand dryer or the typical warm air hand dryer. Consider how much traffic you expect in your restroom to decide how many hand dryers you should get.

You should also be specific with the hand dryer brand you get. Remember, you want the ultimate best for your customers. To get just that, you can check out high-quality hand dryers on

Soap Dispensers

After customers are done with the toilet, they’ll expect soap to wash their hands clean. Placing a bar of soap on the sink is old-fashioned and downright laughable. You need to install a liquid soap dispenser that you refill every now and then.

Automatic soap dispensers are always a good choice because they restrict the number of soap customers can dispense. This can avoid unnecessary wastage and save you a bundle in the long run. You can also get a foot pump dispenser, so customers don’t have to touch the dispenser with their hands.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Placing toilet paper on top of the toilet’s cistern is very unprofessional and won’t resonate well with your customers. You can save your reputation by installing toilet paper dispensers on your bathroom stalls. Of course, don’t forget about the actual toilet paper when getting toilet paper dispensers.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

These dispensers only cost a few bucks and can hold one or two large toilet paper rolls. They come in a variety of designs, so find a design that suits your commercial bathroom. It’s also important to keep the type of toilet paper you want while picking a dispenser.

You can pick a toilet paper dispenser that holds large toilet paper rolls. This means you won’t have to replace toilet paper as frequently as with a dispenser that holds regular toilet paper. Smaller toilet paper rolls are easier to purchase, but you have to replace them pretty frequently.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

If you don’t have toilet seat covers, you’ll have to contend with toilet paper messes in your bathroom. Save you and your customer the trouble by providing replaceable toilet seat covers.

If you don’t have toilet seat covers, customers will try to make their own using toilet paper. This is not only messy but also leads to a lot of wastage.  These days, you can find toilet seat covers that come with dispensers; put them on your wishlist.

Trash Bins

If you don’t want your customers to flush weird items down your toilet, you best get trash bins for your restroom. You can consider having separate bins for compostable and non-compostable products. This will make it much easier to sort the trash for the environment’s benefit.

Don’t Skimp on Your Commercial Restroom

This checklist should help keep all your commercial restroom tools and supplies in check. Remember, it’s never a good idea to skimp on these commercial restroom essentials. Your reputation depends on it.

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