Top Crypto Careers that are In-Demand

Crypto Careers

The secret code behind the digital currency called cryptocurrency is called cryptography, which is used for enhanced security purposes. Unlike other currencies, cryptocurrency doesn’t need any third party.

It is neither tangible nor financed by any bank or government. Instead, crypto uses a decentralized public ledger called the blockchain. With every passing year, new cryptocurrencies have come into existence with Bitcoin being the most widely used cryptocurrency.

The reason behind the popularity of cryptocurrency is that it is cheaper and everyone can understand how it works. While the traditional stock market is tougher to understand for some people.

Not only has it become the talk of the town, but its demand has also increased and consequently increased the number of job listings in the crypto market. Don’t believe us? Search on any platform like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Monster, you’ll be surprised to see multiple openings with the keyword “bitcoin,” “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain.”

1. Content Writers 

Look around you, and you’ll see plenty of websites hunting for good writers to bring traffic to their websites. Apart from that, Q/A platforms also require writers that could help answer others by solving their queries. Answerly is one such platform, built on Blockchain technology.

The content writers not only can earn in crypto but the questioners too. The users earn rewards in the form of Answerly tokens which can be exchanged for crypto or fiat. Being a technical writer at Answerly can help you earn good money.

The numbers for the new cryptocurrency are increasing at a good rate, so Answerly needs and other platforms need qualified writers to explain the technology and how it can be beneficial for them.

Moreover, the technical writers on different websites will also help in explaining that how a company plans to develop and introduce it to attract investors. Like every other content creator, technical writers must engagingly craft words to attract the relevant audience.

It can be a little tricky to become a good writer in the cryptocurrency world. Individuals must have good knowledge of how blockchain technology works as well as research skills

2. Chief Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An AI engineer is the brains behind the programs and algorithms that make up AI. Without these people, no website would be functional, not even Answerly!

Artificial intelligence works to enhance cybersecurity to protect crypto exchanges. Plus, technical analysis is also the work of these engineers that would help investors to make better decisions in the crypto world and solve any problem that users might face with the AI technology.

To have a smooth-running system, companies hunt for people who have adequate knowledge about programming languages, like Python, robotics.

3. Account Executive

Any cryptocurrency company hires an account executive to manage its business development and sponsorship sales. These employees don’t reach this position directly, instead, they need 3-5 years of experience in the sales department.

These people must keep themselves updated with cryptocurrency market conditions, invest time in social media, and make connections to cultivate partnerships and new business opportunities.

They must have experience in collecting data from sales figures and marketing campaigns so that higher authorities can be informed regarding the development of new products.

4. Product manager

Currently, there is a high demand for product managers in the crypto business. The reason is that they are an asset to such companies because they design, launch innovative crypto products like NFT’s and encode healthcare records.

The competition in the market is tough, and every company wants to offer unique products which are different from its competitors. Hence, they look for potential candidates which can prove themselves to be an asset to the company. Having solid knowledge about crypto and previous experience for this job is crucial.

5. Financial analyst

More and more private investors and insurance agencies have gained interest in invest cryptocurrencies. This is very evident with brokerages like eToro that offer cryptocurrency trading (if you want to know more about trading crypto with eToro then you can read this guide from Wikitoro). This has also led to an increase in jobs for financial analysts. They play a vital role in suggesting to the companies where they should invest.

They are also responsible for creating investment strategies, evaluating risks, and maintaining investment portfolios. Nobody can enter this profession without having a professional degree in finance. To be fit for this position you also need a license from the Financial Industry Regulation Authority.

Being Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certified will land you a better job with good pay. However, every financial analyst must possess exceptional computer and math skills and must have analytical thinking. They must stay updated with the new policies and economic trends that may affect investment

6. Research analyst

Researching is a major part of any business setup. As cryptocurrency is gaining popularity, more and more opportunities to develop new products have risen. Here is when a research analyst comes into play as they look for areas for development in the cryptocurrency industry to teach people so they can make better choices.

A research analyst is nothing if he doesn’t have strong analytical skills, strategic thinking, and written communication skills. To compete with the competitors in the crypto world, research analysts must know how this technology works including trading platforms, applications, etc.

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