Easy Instagram Story Ideas for Travel Instagrammers

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Instagram stories are a great way to overcome monotony and give the world a sneak peek into your life. With nearly 1.3 billion active users at the moment, Instagram has emerged as one of the most widely used social networking platforms. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly features make it a perfect place to share visual content.

Travel enthusiasts around the globe are leveraging the social platform to share fun-packed travel experiences via pictures and videos. Since the social media space is flooded with a plethora of destination marketers, new creators may initially find it somewhat challenging to get noticed.

Revamping your approach and thinking outside the box is vital for keeping up with ever-changing content demands. For this purpose, you must employ a catchy Instagram story idea that can spark audience interest. If you have lately been running out of creative juices, you are in the right place for advice.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 7 Instagram ideas that can widen your content’s reach and inspire travel action.

1. Increase audience interaction with stickers

Incorporating stickers into your Instagram stories is a fun and easy way to boost audience interaction in a brief time span.

An interactive poll sticker is a perfect tool to garner feedback from your followers regarding their travel preferences, whereas the quiz sticker can come in handy for maximizing user engagement. You can create multiple-choice questions asking about popular travel trends or places to test your audiences’ knowledge.

As people participate in the quiz and vote for different options, you will be able to track the results and see how many of them get the answer right. Increased participation in quizzes will boost engagement levels and eventually enhance the visibility of your profile. Hence, this will automatically bring your stories on top of the follower’s feeds.

2. Feature your followers’ submissions in your stories

You should also use feature submissions received from your followers. If you don’t have enough submissions at your disposal, there is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to initiate a hashtag trend or run photo contests that will encourage your audience to submit travel-inspired content.

The user-generated content (UGC) submitted by your followers will enable them to show off what sets them apart from the crowd. Once you get sufficient content submissions, you can post the best ones in your Instagram stories. Always ensure you tag the user whose submission you share on your profile.

Giving people a chance to get featured on your account will provide them with massive exposure, which will, in turn, end up boosting your appeal in their sight.

3. Cover a local attraction every week

Throwing light on local attractions can arouse the travelers within your audience. You can cover famous spots that they can add to their travel bucket list for the weekend ahead. It may be a nearby neighborhood, street mural, restaurant, children’s park, etc. Consider using lively templates and motivational words to inspire your audience to tap into their inner tourist.

4. Merge multiple compilation videos

There is no doubt that videos are the most preferred form of content in today’s age where people are constantly glued to social networking sites for entertainment. Videos on social media platforms tend to generate a lot more interactions than all other types of content combined. Compiling travel videos is easy; you just have to stitch together relevant content pieces and post them in your story.

5. Share Instagram guides and reels

You can grab the audience’s attention in a trice by sharing Instagram travel guides and reels in your stories. Instagram guides can be used to share curated recommendations and tips related to travel. Given the steep rise in the demand for short-form video content, reels can also go a long way in uplifting engagement.

You can further enhance your reels by complementing them with engaging captions and cool visual effects.

6. Communicate valuable travel information

Another fantastic Instagram story idea is to communicate valuable information related to your past trips, helping people learn from your experiences.

You can utilize the swipe-up feature and add a call to action (CTA) directing people to your travel blog where they can find useful vacationing tips, guides, etc. The highly coveted swipe-up feature is only available to profiles that are verified and have at least 10K followers.

7. Create stories with a video editor

Leveraging a feature-packed Instagram Video Editor is a sure-shot way to infuse life into story content and leave a lasting impression on your followers. Leading video editors boast a huge array of readily available templates that make it possible for users to create quality stories faster.

In addition to using attractive templates, you can enrich your stories with trendy transition effects. This will help drive engagement, thus keeping your followers hooked to your Instagram profile.

The best part is that video editors offer an expansive audio library, which features plenty of cool soundtracks. Based on your travel theme, you can pick sounds and audio effects that add zing to your stories. You can personalize your content with stylish fonts, background images, and well-written texts to deliver stories that resonate well with your audience.


Instagram stories have become super popular among budding travelers who seek virtual experiences of interesting places while being home. Recent research has proven that Instagram plays a pivotal role in influencing the travel destination choice of people. In fact, a large percentage of people rely on Instagram stories to draw inspiration for upcoming travel plans.

The best part about Instagram is that it equips travelers with the ability to seamlessly share glimpses of their trips from literally any corner of the world. Given the rising competition online, travel Instagrammers must get creative with their story content to stand out from the pack.

So, make sure you implement the aforementioned Instagram story ideas to keep your audience engaged and boost overall follower count in less time.

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