Is Puff Sleeve Dress Trendy? A Complete Guide About It

puff sleeve dress

Women’s fashion is changed very frequently and comes up with new trends almost every week. If you are not updated with the trends and news, you might not be able to keep up with the changes. There is only some fashion available that is popular all around the year, and one of them is the puff sleeve dress. 

Many unique styles come and go after they are out of trend, but puff sleeve has managed to stay on the list for a long time. Of course, it existed for a long time, but recently, the demand for puff sleeves has increased a lot. As a result, you will find puff sleeve dresses in almost all the corners of the world. 

Also, it is very popular among girls due to its unique and attractive look. If you are reading this article, it means you want to find out more about the puff sleeve dress. We will talk about puff sleeves and the details about them in this article. Make sure to read till the end to find all the answers you are looking for. 

The History Of Puff Sleeves Dresses

History Of Puff Sleeves Dresses

No matter which fashion or style you are looking to pull, all of them become popular due to a reason. Either they are worn by celebrities or models that helped them become trendy. However, the puffed sleeves have been in the spotlight for a long time. The appearance of the puffed sleeves dress can be seen in Anne of Green Gables when Anna receives a baby blue puffed sleeve dress. There are plenty of variations available of the puffed sleeve. 

The puffed sleeve dress became very popular in 1930 in the Edwardian age. It was one of the hyper-feminine unique styles, which have gone through many transformations. Mostly, the puffed sleeves were used to be full length or short ¾ length. Later, the puff sleeve dress became popular once again with the new variation of the gigot sleeve. Since then, the puff sleeve top started to be on and off the spotlight. 

Now, you can get different variations available in the market, such as:

  • Puff sleeve blouse 
  • Puff sleeve denim jacket 
  • Puff sleeve midi dress
  • Puff sleeve wedding dress
  • Puff sleeve cocktail dress
  • Puff sleeve sweatshirt 
  • long puff sleeve dress
  • Puff sleeve cardigan
  • Puff sleeve crop top 
  • Puff sleeve mini dress 
  • Puff sleeve sweater
  • Puff sleeve shirt
  • Puff sleeve jean jacket
  • Puff sleeve top 

Now that you know the history of puff sleeves, we can jump to find out the best and trending puff sleeve dresses. 

Top Trending Puff Sleeve Dresses

Top Trending Puff Sleeve Dresses 

If you are thinking about getting a puff sleeve top or hop on the puff sleeve trend, here is the list of the best puff sleeve dress given below in detail. Make sure to go through them and choose the best one based on your requirement. 

1. Puff Sleeve Long T-Shirt Dress

Puff Sleeve Long T-Shirt Dress 

The first spot on this list is taken by the puff sleeve long dress that is very popular in the market. It is ideal for women who are looking for casual wear for the workplace and home. Made with cotton, this puff sleeve dress provides very good comfort and looks stylish as well. Available in different sizes and colors, this is one of the best puff sleeve tops that you can choose.

 2. Puff Sleeve Taffeta Dress

Puff Sleeve Taffeta Dress

Another very popular dress that comes with a puff shoulder and puffed sleeves is the Taffeta dress. The faltering neckline of the black puff sleeve top makes it perfect for a date or anniversary. You can pair this black puff sleeve dress with simple or layered necklaces. It is available in black and other colors, which you can choose for multiple occasions. 

3. Puff Sleeve Shirred Ruffle Hem Dress

Puff Sleeve Shirred Ruffle Hem Dress 

If you are looking for balloon sleeves in puff sleeve blouses, this is the perfect choice for you. It is a white puff sleeve dress that you can put on repeat for the season long. You can pair this white puff sleeve top with a skirt or long pants to look special at events and weddings. If you want the white puff sleeve blouse in other colors, you can get them as well.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Are Shirts With Puffy Sleeves Called?

A shirt with puffy sleeves was used to be known as the poet shirt or pirate shirt. However, women just simply call them pink puff sleeve top today.

Q2. Why Do Dresses Have Puffy Sleeves?

Dressers like to have puffy sleeves as it helps them move their hands without any obstruction. It is very easy to move your hand around in a puff sleeve dress. This is why many women prefer puff sleeve tops over the other ones.

Q3. Are Puff Sleeves in 2021?

Yes, puff sleeves sweaters, puff sleeve cropped tops, floral puff sleeve dresses, and many other types of puff sleeves are available in 2021. They are trending in 2021 and the favorite of many women.

Q4. Do Puff Sleeves Make You Look Bigger?

Yes, a puffed sleeve t-shirt or sheer puff sleeve top makes your shoulder look broader and puffed. So, when you are wearing the pink puff sleeve dress, you will look bigger.


There are plenty of women’s fashion styles available in the market, making it hard for them to choose one. Also, the fashions and trends change very frequently, which makes it hard for them to stick with a single fashion. However, that does not mean that there is no single fashion that has been popular throughout the years. 

Puff sleeve dress is one of the most popular and trendy styles that has been in the spotlight for a long time. Here are some of the things below about puff sleeves that will help you know more and find out some of the best ones. Make sure to go through all the different types to find out the details.

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