How Much Does an Excavator Cost?

How Much Does an Excavator Cost

If you own one of the nearly 4 million construction companies in this country, you’re well aware of just how essential excavators are. They’re used to dig up large amounts of soil so that it can be moved around.

Your construction company might be able to get away with renting an excavator whenever you need one at first. But eventually, you’ll need to bite the bullet and go through with buying an excavator.

So, how much does an excavator cost? Well, excavator prices tend to vary based on a number of different factors.

We’ve put together an excavator guide that will give you a better idea of what your excavator cost will be when you buy one. Learn about the factors that will impact the cost of an excavator below.

The Type of Excavator You Want

When you’re initially shopping around for an excavator, you might be surprised to see how many different types of them there are. Some of the most popular kinds of excavators are:

  • Crawler excavators
  • Long-reach excavators
  • Wheeled excavators
  • Dragline excavators
  • Skid-steer excavators

You should do your homework on each of these excavators to see which ones will fit your needs. You should also give some thought to which excavator transport services you’ll need to invest in to move different kinds of excavators around.

The Excavator Manufacturer You Choose

Another thing you should consider when you’re wondering “How much does an excavator cost?” is which manufacturer you’re going to trust to sell you one. There are so many manufacturers that specialize in providing construction companies with excavators.

Your goal should be to search for a manufacturer that has earned a reputation for producing high-quality excavators. You’ll feel so much more comfortable when you’re using one of their excavators as opposed to one created by some no-name manufacturer.

The Condition of the Excavator You Buy

The price that you pay for an excavator could come down to what kind of condition it’s in. You’ll have the option to purchase either a brand-new excavator or one that’s been used.

There is nothing wrong with buying an excavator that has been used by another construction company in the past. But you should make sure you give it a thorough inspection so that you don’t end up with an excavator that’s going to conk out on you much sooner than expected.

How Much Does an Excavator Cost? It’ll All Depend

As you can see, there are lots of different factors that will affect your excavator cost. You should carefully consider each one when you’re trying to answer the question “How much does an excavator cost?”

You should also make it your mission to shop around for an excavator that you know will fit nicely into your construction company’s budget. This excavator guide should lead you in the right direction and help you land on an excavator that you’ll love.

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