British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns After 50 Ministers Do So Amidst Scandals

Boris Johnson resign

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the leader of the Conservative Party, signs from his post on Thursday, 7th July. He does so after he and his party ministers were involved in numerous scandals. 

Key Points:

  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK and leader of the Conservative Party, resigned on Thursday, 7th July, 2022. 
  • He was involved in numerous scandals, which includes cases like not following Covid protocols, and even tried to protect party members from sexual allegations made against them.
  • Along with him, more than 50 ministers also resigned. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns from his office as numerous scandals surfaced against him and his party members. He submitted his resignation after his scandals surfaced, causing 50 Conservative Party ministers of the parliament to resign too. 

Boris has decided to make an official statement shortly. However, he will remain in office until a new PM is elected and enters the office. 

Why Did Boris And His Ministers Resign?

This string of more than 50 resignations by Conservative Party parliament officials made Boris lose all support in the parliament. In the last few days, the truth about numerous scandals involving Boris broke out in the media. This caused outrage by citizens and the party members themselves. 

This string of resignations proved that the party members and ministers have lost faith in its leadership of Boris.

All of this started with the resignation of several top ministers of the cabinet, like the Chief of Treasury Rishi Sunak and Secretary of Health Sajid Javed. Both of them resigned on the same day. Following this, more than 50 of his other ministers resigned too within a span of 24 hours. 

Boris finally took this decision after his closest “ally” – Treasury Chief Nadhim Zahawi – recommended him to do so “for the good of the country.”

What Scandals Did Boris Face?

Over the last three years, Boris and his ministers faced several scandals. Some of the most infamous ones are the “Partygate” and various other sex scandals that came into the light.

In 2020, amidst the lockdown due to the Covid pandemic, Boris and his ministers broke Covid protocols and restrictions to party at his residence at Downing Street. This party was held on the eve of the funeral of Late Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth

This caused the police to fine him for breaking laws, making Boris personally apologize to the Queen for his actions. 

In addition, several of his parliament ministers also faced accusations of sexual harassment and assault, like Imra Ahmed Khan, Neil Parish, and Owen Paterson to name a few. Boris tried to cover up all these stories for the past two years.



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