How to Get Started With Freelance Art

Freelance Art

There are currently 57 million freelancers in the United States. Leaving that 9 to 5 and becoming your own boss has never been more popular, especially as the pandemic changed how everyone worked.

If you are thinking of dipping your toes in the freelance art world, you first need to learn how you can get started, and we can help.

Read on to learn more.

Build Your Online Presence

If you want to become a freelance artist, you must build a solid online presence. This is how you will create your client base and continue to get gigs.

Because you are freelancing, it is completely up to you to find work. There is no boss handing out assignments or consistent work.

Instead, you should have a business website and social media profiles so that clients can find you and your work.

Because you’re an artist, your website and social media profiles must have examples of your work. Even if you have no clients, you should be creating tons of examples and have a solid portfolio that you can show to demonstrate the quality of work that you do.

You should be posting consistently on these profiles so that the social media platform’s algorithm promotes your profile. You can reach out to potential clients and always respond in a timely manner to anyone that reaches out to you.

Create Your Physical Space

While building your online presence, you should also build a physical space where you can work. There is no office area or art studio. It is up to you to create a place that inspires you and allows you to make art.

One of the most important tips for freelance artists to follow is prioritizing and valuing your work. Since you are your own boss, no one will be there to motivate you or ensure you get your work done.

You have to do it yourself. So, having a designated room in your house that is only used to create art is essential.

This will help you be consistent because you know when you step into that room, you are working.

Plan Your Days

When learning how to be a freelance artist, it is essential that you plan out your days. As said before, you must be the worker and the boss, which means you have to have a plan for how you will meet deadlines.

Create a solid plan that you feel you can stay consistent with throughout your workweek. You may choose to be more creative at the beginning of your day and then work through invoicing your clients in the later part of your day.

Breaking it up can help, or you may choose to make art all in one day and do your accounting using a free invoice template on a separate day. Whatever you choose, stick to the plan.

Use This Freelance Art Guide to Get Started

Doing freelance art is a rewarding career to embark on, but it requires preparing to get started. Use this guide to help you in the beginning, and you’ll find your clients beginning to pour in.

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