10 Easy Makeup Looks To Appear Bold And Confident Everyday

easy makeup looks

Being Perfect Isn’t Normal, But Putting On Makeup Definitely Is

Not everyone is born beautiful. It is something that you get blessed with having good genes. Or, you make yourself look bold and beautiful by putting in the effort yourself before stepping out of your house.

You are at the right place to get the best easy makeup looks in a few short steps and do them every day. Below, we have given some great makeup ideas to make you look the prettiest version of yourself. 

The Best Easy Makeup Ideas To Spend Less Time Looking Good

If you want to get the best simple makeup looks, then here are some easy to follow simple makeup tutorials:

1. The All Natural

The All Natural

Having all-natural makeup looks fantastic. Unfortunately, it is also the hardest to pull off. Being a naturally good-looking woman is pretty rare, and you should be fortunate to be one.

However, you can pull off these easy makeup looks by applying a little bit of foundation to even your skin tones. So that’s it, you finish, and now you look naturally beautiful like Jennifer Connely in the 90s with simple eye makeup.

2. The Corporate Boss Lady

The Corporate Boss Lady

It can be difficult to keep your look steady and consistent on the weekdays as a working woman. In addition, going from place to place and from your house to office early in the morning can ruin your makeup. 

However, you can get these easy makeup looks for makeup for beginners by:

  • First, apply some primer to moisturize your skin.
  • Follow thin by applying some lightweight foundation cover with a makeup brush.
  • Next, put some concealer to hide dark lines, wrinkles, and dark circles near your eyes and your cheeks.
  • Finally, use an eyebrow pencil to shape your eyebrows in the way you want.

3. The All Night Party Monger

The All Night Party Monger

Do you party hard all night during the weekends? Then get ready to set the dancefloor on fire with some makeup that will woo everyone in the club. 

To get these sexy easy makeup looks with the right makeup, you need to:

  • Apply a little bit of primer to get your face ready for the night.
  • Use a foundation that matches your natural skin color.
  • Apply concealer to hide anything you don’t want to show other men. 
  • Put some powder to reduce oil buildup on your face.
  • Apply some color in the form of a bronzer to have some contour on your face.
  • Choose any light color of your choice and apply some eyelid primer and eye shadows. 
  • Don’t forget to highlight your eyes using eyeliner.
  • For the final touches, add some dark mascara to your eyelashes.
  • Go with a bold lipstick color for your lips, and add some lip liner beforehand.
  • If you want, you can use makeup setting spray at the end. 

4. The Influencer

The Influencer

Being a social media influencer is not an easy task. First, you have to ensure that you always look comfy yet bright whenever they appear for a photoshoot.

Therefore, get their easy makeup looks by following these tips from model and makeup artist Edward Cruz:

  • Your neck complexion is essential. Make your color look seamless using the right shade of concealer or foundation.
  • Use the correct eye brush and eye mascara to make your eyes look natural.

5. Back To The 80s

Back To The 80s

You are absolutely right if you think of the 80s as the era of rock bands with long-haired men and pretty ladies with glamorous makeup. However, even though the makeup looks easy, it’s not so simple. 

The 80s were all about your eyes. Therefore, to make your eyes look glamorously gorgeous like 80s makeup looks, you need to:

  • First, apply multicolored eyeshadows to make your eyelids look bold.
  • Next, use blue and black mascara on your eyelashes. This gives off a soft yet warm tone.
  • Make your eyebrows look neat and crisp using thinner eyeliner.
  • Fourth, use blush to contour your skin.
  • Finally, add some bright lipstick and lip gloss. 

6. The Summer Tan Fan

The Summer Tan Fan

The best summer makeup look would be to get a tan on your skin by heading out to the beach. However, even though that is easy, you need to do a bit extra to get your look right. 

For this look, you need to:

  • Don’t apply any foundation at all.
  • Use light-colored eyeshadows.
  • Use some cream to color your cheeks and highlight the area.

7. Miss Ethnic

Miss Ethnic

Sometimes, dressing up in the most ethnic way possible is the right way to go. It makes you look different and helps build appreciation around your culture if done right. 

To get such easy makeup looks, you actually need to go back to your cultural roots to get such easy makeup looks. Unfortunately, there is no definite guide because you can have any cultural background.

The best way to get perfect simple makeup looks is to ask your mother or some elderly lady from your family. They always seem to know what’s right for you.

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8. The Lady In Red

The Lady In Red

Red is one of the hottest colors that a woman of any race can rock. No matter your skin color, you will look good in red. This is also one of the best Christmas makeup looks because Santa is red too. 

To rock this look like Gal Gadot from Red Notice, you just need to do what you do best instead of being like Santa. Just add a little more red to every color you use. This includes your eyes, lips, cheeks, and even your dress.

9. The Goth Chick

The Goth Chick

Being a goth, an emo-chick has many perks. One of them is attracting younger high school boys who have hit puberty and are looking for intimacy. 

Even though this is an easy Halloween makeup, it is also one of the best Halloween makeup ideas. 

To get this e girl look, you need to:

  • Prime your face before starting. 
  • To get flawless skin, apply a bright foundation.
  • If you want to get an icy glow on your face, use a highlight powder.
  • Put some black eyeshadows to get the dark, smokey eyes.
  • Use the most dramatic eyeliner you have. 
  • Add some volume to your eyelashes with dark mascara.
  • Top it off with a lipstick of dark shade, preferably black or dark purple. 
  • Also, don’t forget to apply some setting spray. 

10. Purple Is The New Black

Purple Is The New Black

Yes, you heard that right. Purple has become pretty trendy recently because of its use by many celebrities and Twitch thots. 

Similar to the ravishing lady in red look, just add more purple to your eyelids, lips, and your cheeks. Use black mascara, and color your hair with purple highlights. Also, use glitter on your eyelids to make them sparkly. This compliments purple makeup looks a lot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. How Do You Do Simple Makeup Look?

Ans: You can do simple makeup looks by following what makeup celebrities wear when they are out for a casual outing. Also, just try to look pretty with a bit of lipstick, primer, and a foundation.

Q2. What Makeup Should Beginners Start With?

Ans: Beginners should start with these three makeup ingredients:
⦿ Bronzer
⦿ Blush
⦿ Highlighter

Q3. What Is A Basic Makeup Kit?

Ans: Your basic makeup kit should consist of:
⦿ Primer
⦿ Foundation
⦿ Concealer
⦿ Eyeliner
⦿ Mascara
⦿ Bronzer
⦿ Eyeshadow
⦿ Blush

Q4. How Can I Look Pretty Naturally? 

Ans: You can look pretty naturally by maintaining a healthy diet and moisturizing your skin every day.

Love Of Beauty Is Taste. The Creation Of Beauty Is Art

There are lots of easy makeup ideas that a woman can search for on the internet. From opting for a goth look to even dressing up all in red, beauty has no standard – it’s creative and subjective to what you desire. 

However, you can glimpse the modern “standardized” beauty by following artists and celebrities on Instagram. These influencers are one of the best sources for creative makeup looks.

If you want to up your makeup game a notch higher, check out our other makeup guides here at News Stoner!


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