How To Turn On Chrome OS Developer Mode?

how to turn on chrome os developer mode

The fame of chromebooks as well as chrome os have all been on the rise. This popularity has been due to a number of factors but key among them all has been the simplicity these two platforms offer.  Other than just this one alone, chromebooks also come with such an incredible surfing the web and also ease of performing basic tasks.  This is exactly why there have been so many people looking to shit to chrome and asking how to turn on chrome os developer mode.  

There is more to chromebook which makes it even much better.  For instance, Google takes a keen look and control of what one can install on chromebook.  This move by Google has made Chromebook even much better in terms of security given these radical checks by google.  

However, you do not get such good things at no cost.  That is not true at all, all these things come at a cost which you need to brace yourself for.  For you to perform more complicated tasks on these platforms you have to enable the developer mode right on chrome OS.  

Turning On Chrome OS Developer 

There is so much to the process of turning chrome into developer mode. However, before looking into this issue more than what many people know. First, this process can never go on without you knowing what chrome os developer is.  As such, it is essential to start by looking at exactly what os chrome is before looking at how to turn on chrome os developer mode.  

What Is The Chrome OS Developer Mode?

The term chromebook developer mode simply refers to a mode that is specially designed for developers.  This special mode allows all the developers to access the OS code and then after that load their preferred version of the chrome OS.  What this simply means is that it is possible for you to run your preferred parallel OS right on the chromebook which has the developer enable right on it.  

In simple terms, the developer mode offers you some form of freedom that you would have otherwise not had on chromebook.  With the use of this approach, you gain a much higher control over your chromebook.  Therefore, if you would like to explore the chrome OS features then you need to learn how to turn on chrome os developer mode.  Doing so will enable you to do things that you could not have easily done.  If you wish to go well beyond the capabilities that chromebook offers then you have to find a way on how to turn on chrome OS developer mode.  

This is why it has become essential to find the best ways on how to turn on chrome OS developer mode. This is exactly what this text is all about.  The text looks at what the best ways that you can use to carry out this process and more so in the best way possible.  

Steps You Need To Follow On Turning On Chrome OS Developer Mode 

The process of installing a chrome OS developer mode is fairly complicated but with the right guidance you should be able to do this with much ease.  The good thing is that for you to install a chrome OS developer mode you do not need a 3rd party Software.  Other than that, you also do not need any complicated commands to actualize this process.  

For you to turn on your chrome OS developer you only need to press some keys.  However, if you do not know what are these keys that you need to press then this process might be somehow complicated for you to carry out.  This is why the right and precise information on how to turn on chrome OS developer mode is so essential.  

If you have been having this problem then worry no more, this is exactly what this text is here to help you do. Before you even get going with this process it is important for you to start by backing up all your essential information.  By enabling the developer mode, you will technically wipe all your login information.  That is not all, any other pieces of information that are stored locally on your computer will also not be spared as well.  

Step 1: Shut Down Your Chromebook

Carrying out this process is not that complicated.  All you need to do is press the power button and hold onto the esc key plus the refresh key. To do this in a much simpler manner press the F3 key on your computer. Once you have done this, move ahead and release the power button.  

Step 2: The Recovery Screen 

Once you have completed the initial process you will then be able to see a recovery screen.  Here all you need to do is press the control plus D keys which will then see you enable the developer mode.  However, you need to know doing the process will not be automatic.  In many cases, the procedure is known to take time which is why you need to wait for it to complete.  

Step 3: The Booting Of The Device 

Once you have completed these first two steps the device will then reboot.  When this happens, you will be able to see a screen full of instructions which you will have to follow in setting up chromebook which is developer mode enabled.  

However, you need to be informed that these steps might in some cases not be an ideal solution on how to turn on chrome OS developer mode.  There are times when they might not work for you at all hence the need to try out something else.  


The text above brings out the best way you can use to turn on chrome OS developer mode. If you have been looking for a way on how to turn on chrome OS developer mode on Chromebook then the text above offers you the best suggestion for this process.  By reading this text, you will be able to carry out this process with much ease.  

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