The Most Iconic Tennis Outfits of All Time

Tennis Outfits

Tennis is a game where it’s all about the player’s skills… and their fashion sense.

After an important tennis match, people talk about the player’s outfits as much as they do the actual game! Over the years tennis has seen some pretty memorable outfits.

Some were considered exceptionally stylish while others were seen as just plain old controversial.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic outfits in tennis. Good or bad, these are the outfits that people are still talking about to this day!

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1. Federer’s Gold overcoat

Tennis Outfits

Wimbledon is about as elite as tennis gets. Wimbledon is the oldest and biggest Grand Slam in tennis and it also provides the most fashion rules that players have to follow. This includes players dressing in all white to compete on the grass playing fields.

That’s probably why it was so controversial when Roger Federer showed up in a white tracksuit lined in gold. Even his bag was controversial since it featured a large gold checkmark to show off his brand sponsor, Nike.

While many critics panned Federer’s outfit his fans loved this bold take on Whimbeldon’s white dress code.

2. Annie White’s catsuit

In 1985, Annie White wore an all-white catsuit to her Wimbledon match. While today this outfit would be seen as pretty ordinary, it was an extremely controversial choice for the time.

In fact, tournament officials actually urged her to change out of her outfit when the game was paused due to weather conditions!

To this day White’s catsuit is considered to be one of the most iconic, and controversial, tennis outfits of all time.

3. Serena’s Black catsuit

Tennis Outfits

Serena is usually known for her great fashion sense both on and off the court, but this next look caused quite a stir. At the 2018 French Open, Serena wore a Wakanda-inspired all-black catsuit to her match.

Serena had recently given birth and stated that she wore the outfit to help her deal with some post-pregnancy health issues she was having. The French Tennis Federation actually banned the outfit which caused a political and social uproar all over the world.

To this day, Serena’s outfit remains one of the most iconic tennis outfits in recent memory.

4. Bethanie Mattek-Sands’ Leopard Ensemble

American tennis players have always had a joyful relationship with on-court fashion. It’s normal for American tennis players to wear bright colors, bold prints, and some other risky choices like knee-high socks and even face paint.

This love for bold fashion came to a head in 2007 when Bethanie Mattek-Sands wore a full-body leopard print outfit to the US Open. The critics are still out on whether this was the most iconic, or most controversial, tennis outfit of all time!

5. Maria Sharapova’s Swarovski Dress

Maria Sharapova is often considered to be the queen of on-court glam, and this last outfit is no different. In 2017, Sharapova wore a black dress bejeweled with Swarovski crystals that had been specially designed for her by Nike and Riccardo Tisci.

The dress was certainly glamorous but considered to be too risque by some critics.

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