7 Reasons Why Men Need To See Urologist


Most people take the ability to urinate, process food, and reproduce for granted. Unfortunately, this stops men from taking good care of their health, especially their private parts. As men age, problems with the urinary tract and reproduction become more prevalent.

The symptoms are quite common and are considered the natural part of aging. However, there are times when these problems have their roots in some severe underlying problems.

Hence, you must visit a urologist to have a regular checkup and uncover any underlying problems.

Who Is A Urologist?

Who Is A Urologist?

We will go to the center topic a bit later. Before digging into some deeper discussion, let’s develop some basic ideas about a urologist. Who is a urologist? In simple words, urologists are the doctors who treat any issues related to urinary organs.

To be more specific, specialized physicians of the genitourinary tract, involving the urinary bladder, male reproductive organs, male fertility urethra, adrenal glands, and kidneys, are urologists.

7 Reasons Why Men Need To See a Urologist

Urinary Issues

After knowing the basic idea about urologists, the time has come to discuss the central topic of this article. As we have mentioned earlier, there are some serious issues when a man should or must visit a doctor. Here are some reasons why men should visit the best urologist at GMCClinics in Dubai.

1. Urinary Issues

In men, urinary issues are quite common. Especially with the growing age when you will get old, these issues will arise more and more. These issues commonly include the following things.

  • Getting up more at night to urinate.
  • Feeling you are not emptying totally.
  • Slowing of the urinary stream.
  • Having the stream start and stop.

2. Blood In Urine

There can be many sources of blood you are seeing while urinating. The following can be the reason behind it.

  • Kidney stone.
  • Enlargement of the prostate.
  • Tumors of the bladder or kidneys.

If you find blood in your urine or your general doctor finds it in any microscopic tests, never wait a single day to consult with a urologist.

3. Testicular Pain Or Changes

A large part of total male counts on this globe do not go for a monthly self-testicular exam. However, you might not need to realize something is not right.

In case you feel any kind of pain or a change in that particular area, you should consult with a urologist without wasting further time. It is crucial. Never wait for long for things to settle down.

4. Kidney Stones

In case you find that you have kidney stones in an ultrasonography report, you should visit a urologist on an immediate basis. It does not matter whether you are having any pain or other issues or not.

Stones, which are not bothering you today, might put you in serious condition tomorrow. So, do not ignore it at all.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

Another really common issue most men experience is ED or erectile dysfunction. When men get older or develop any health issues, it becomes more common. The reason beyond it can be psychological and physical issues or of them. But at the same time, these health issues are treatable.

Due to embarrassment, most men usually ignore these issues and do not want to discuss them. However, when it is affecting your health, you should visit a urologist.

6. Vasectomy

If you do not want any more babies or any babies at all, there is a simple process to prevent future pregnancies. This simple procedure is performed by a urologist in his office and takes around 10 minutes only. This process is much faster and also less risky than

7. Prostate Cancer Screening

Among men, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers. That is because, before reaching the advanced stage, it does not show off any symptoms.

Only through a prostate cancer screening will you be able to find out the result. So, visit your urologist on a regular basis for prostate cancer screening.

Consult With A Urologist

In case you are experiencing any of the health issues mentioned above, you should visit a urologist. You should not feel embarrassed about visiting your doctor. Living with a serious disease and suffering for the rest of your life is much worse than facing embarrassment.

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