H4 Visa: Everything You Should Know

H4 Visa

When it comes to getting a visa, there are a number of options in front of you. But there are also some limitations at the same time. Everyone can not apply for any type of visa. There are some particular criteria and many more things you should consider before applying for a visa.

Here in this article, we will talk all about the H4 visa. You will get all the essential detailed information you need to know in case you are thinking of applying for this visa. Let’s start with the basic details.

What Is An H4 Visa?

What Is An H4 Visa?

Have you heard of the H1B visa? We hope you have. H4 visa holders are the immediate family members of those people who hold H1B visa holders. You can read more about it here.

In most cases, H4 visa holders are the spouse of H1B visa holders who are willing to join their partner in a new country. With some certain limitations, H4 visa holders are able to get several benefits of living in the USA. This is why H1B visas are better than H4 visas.

The Rights Of The Visa Holder

The Rights Of The Visa Holder


Here are the rights or advantages of having an H4 visa.

  • The H4 visa holder can live in the USA for an elongated time period.
  • Whenever needed, they can easily travel to and from the country.
  • Visa holders can choose to move with their spouse just after getting the visa or later.
  • Vida holders can enroll themselves in any college within the USA. In some cases, they also can avail discounts for tuition.


The only persons qualifying for this H4 visa are the dependants. In the USA, these people are spouses or unmarried children under the age limit of 21 years.

Time Duration

When it comes to H4 visas, there is no official termination date. However, the primary visa holder, who holds the H1B visa, will decide the length of stay. When the H1B visa expires, both the holder of HaB and H4 visa holder can no longer live in The United States Of America.

How To Apply For An H4 Visa?

As you know the basic details of H4 visas, now is the time to get a little deeper and check how to apply for this specific visa. Usually, both the applicants of H1B visa and H4 visa apply together. Otherwise, the paper world will take different times to get finished.

The potential holder is required to fill up an application form. It includes several passport information. The person also needs to stamp the information of their spouse on the passport also.

Beyond the date of the intended visit, the expiration date of the passport must extend. The last name of the applicant’s spouse is another concern. If the person has legally adopted the spouse’s last name, the passport should reflect the same.

For spouses, proof of marriage is needed. Here the officials will also accept a wedding album. But it should have several photos in order to prove that the wedding actually took place. A marriage certificate is the best document for spouses. For children under the age of 21, a birth certificate will do the work.

Required Steps When The H4 Visa Arrives

To skip any issues with any government officials, the new visa holder should go for verifications of major information. Those pieces of essential information involve the following things.

  • The appropriate name and surname spelling of the applicants.
  • Same for the spouse.
  • The right date of birth.
  • Valid date of visa issuance.
  • Correct listing of visa type.

A single mistake can result in severe problems. In case any issues or mistakes are there, the holder should point them out and seek correction on an immediate basis.

Benefits Of H4 Visa

Let’s check the benefits or facilities you can utilize when you have the H4 visa in the United States Of America. The holder will be able to get some of the benefits, which are available for American citizens. Here they are.

  • Get a tax ID.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Go to college.
  • Get a state license for driving.

Final Talks

We hope we have covered the necessary details about the H4 visa. In case You have any further doubts or questions, you can contact us or seek help from an expert. Taking the help of an expert from the very beginning is indeed a smart choice.

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