Best Twitch Build Guide For League of Legends  

Best Twitch Build Guide For League of Legends

With over 163 champions in Riot’s MOBA League of Legends, the game is slowly becoming more complex. In a match, you can equip six items out of 200. Therefore, each champion can have a variety of builds depending on your playstyle. However, this post is about our favorite venomous rat Twitch build.

Read this post if you main Twitch and want to carry all the games from the bottom lane.

Twitch, The Plague Rat From Zaun  

Twitch, The Plague Rat From Zaun

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Twitch League of Legends is a venomous rat from the gutters of the underground city of Zaun below Piltover. Armed with a crossbow that fires poisonous bolts, this champion specializes in dealing damage over time. Therefore, this makes him a musty pick if you wish to play as a long-range marksman in the button lane.

Twitch Abilities  

Twitch has several excellent abilities that have made him a God-tier pick for the bottom lane at a pro level. Since he is one of the best marksmen and ADC in the game, this venomous and filthy rat will surely poison you to death with damage-over-time dealing attacks and abilities!

His passive ability is:

Deadly Venom (Passive)  

Whenever Twitch lands a regular attack on the enemy with his venomous crossbow bolts, it poisons them for 6 seconds. This poison stacks (up to six times), slowly dealing damage over time. Therefore, his regular attacks deal true damage every second. In addition, depending on the number of stacks and your current level, the poison damage also increases.

His active abilities are

1. Ambush (Q)  

  • Cooldown: 16
  • Cost: 40 Mana
  • Cast Time: None

Since most League of Legends ADCs are pretty squishy, having an escape option is necessary. This is why Twitch has his signature Ambush ability. Pressing Q camouflages him for 10 to 14 seconds (depending on the level).

While in this state, he cannot be targeted by regular attacks and is invisible. In addition, he also gains 10% movement speed, which increases to 30% near enemies in a radius of 1000 units.

When he exits camouflage mode, his attack speed increases to a maximum of 60% (based on level) for 5 seconds. Also, whenever he kills a poisoned enemy champion with his passive in this state, the ability’s cooldown is reset.

2. Venom Cask (W)  

  • Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds
  • Cost: 70 Mana
  • Cast Time: 0.25 seconds

Twitch lobs a flask of exploding venom at your target location, which douses enemies in Deadly Venom. This has a target area-of-effect range of 950 units and gets hurled at a speed of 1400.

This causes all enemies (champions and minions) to be poisoned and slowed for 3 seconds. The slow effect ranges from 30% to 50% (based on level). In addition, you get sight of the area of impact.

3. Contaminate (E)  

  • Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds
  • Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 Mana
  • Cast Time: 0.25 seconds

Pressing Q makes Twitch hurl Deadly Venom at poisoned enemies, damaging them immediately and poisoning them. This deals 20/30/40/50/60 physical damage (based on level).

In addition, it deals additional physical damage with 30% AP magic damage per stack of Deadly Venom inflicted on targets. The extra physical damage per stack is 15/20/25/30/35 + 35% bonus AD (based on level).

4. Spray And Pray (R)  

  • Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • Cost: 100 Mana
  • Cast Time: None

Twitch’s ultimate empowers his regular attacks, making them wider (120 widths), with increased range (+300 units) and speed (4000). In addition, it makes them more powerful with additional 40/55/70 attack damage (based on level). This lasts for 6 seconds.

Here, Twitch fires 3 venomous crossbow bolts instead of one, which also travels through enemies. Naturally, it poisons them and can also critically strike them.

Best Twitch Builds  

Best Twitch Builds

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To best use Twitch in battle, learning which runes, summoner spells, and items to equip based on your ARAM Twitch build is the key to victory. Therefore, to contaminate and decimate enemies in the bottom lane, here is my favorite Twitch build.

Twitch Runes  

Regarding your Twitch Build ARAM, equipping runes before entering a match is crucial. Therefore, I recommend choosing these two Twitch Rune builds:

1. Precision  

As an ADC, it’s essential for Twitch to use Precision runes for more sustained damage. My favorite ones to equip are:

  • Lethal Tempo: Twitch gains 60% to 90% regular attack damage plus 24% to 54% attack speed after attacking an enemy for 6s. This effect can stack up to a maximum of six times. When fully stacked, your attack speed increases 2.5 times, and you additionally gain 50 attack range. This is perfect for gaining extra damage and attack speed to become unstoppable!
  • Triumph: Whenever you kill an enemy, you will gain 20 gold, along with restoring 5% of your missing health plus 2.5% of your max health. This is perfect for staying alive after getting a kill!
  • Alacrity: Whenever you kill enemies (champions, minions, monsters, etc.), you gain a legend stack. Here, you gain 3% attack speed plus 1.5% for every legend stack stacked. Therefore, the more you kill, the faster you attack!
  • Coup de Grace: This rune helps you deal 8% more damage to champions below 40% health. Therefore, the weaker they are, the faster they die!

2. Domination   

Your AP Twitch build should include Domination runes to get significant burst damage buffs upon defeating champions. These runes include:

  • Eyeball Collection: Whenever you kill champions, you can collect their eyeballs to get +2 ability power or adaptive +1.2 attack damage. Once you collect 10 eyeballs after 10 kills, you get adaptive +6 attack damage or +10 ability power. Therefore, the more you kill, the more lethal your attacks become!
  • Treasure Hunter: As a marksman, you collect Bounties by killing each champion once. Here, you will get +50 gold for killing each champion the first time. In addition, you will get +20 gold for subsequent kills. Therefore, in a true bounty hunter fashion, you get richer with each kill you get!

Twitch Summoner Spells  

On the League of Legends champion selection screen, you can equip Twitch with two extra abilities called Summoner Spells. The two I recommend are:

  • Flash: To get out of a pinch or to evade an enemy skill shot, your Twitch build must have Flash.
  • Ghost: Once you Ghost, you become ethereal for 10 seconds, being able to move through units. In addition, you will also get 24% to 45% movement speed (based on level).

Twitch Items Guide  

Now, we come to the essential part of this Twitch build guide – his itemization. Depending on what items you buy, you can either make or break games.

Starting Items  

For your Twitch Build lolking, these are the first items that you should buy when the match starts:

  • Health Potion (50 Gold): You should always have two health potions with you at all times. Each potion restores 120 health (5 health every 30 milliseconds for 15 seconds).
  • Doran’s Ring (400 Gold): This ring gives you +70 Health and +15 Attack power. Additionally, it also grants you two unique passives. One gives you +5 attack power while hitting minions (perfect for clearing minion waves). The other passive grants you +1 mana regeneration per second for 10 seconds, which increases to +1.5 when fighting champions. However, if your mana is full, you heal 45% of this value instead.


You need wards to gain a better vision of the battlefield. Therefore, Farsight Alteration will be the best choice for your Twitch build. This gives you vision in a 4000-unit radius for 2 seconds. Enemies revealed in this radius are revealed on the minimap for 5 seconds.

Its cooldown ranges from 99s to 198s to the average champion level of all champions. In addition, this ward is placed indefinitely and can be bought for free only after reaching level 9.


For increasing your movement and attack speed, Berserker’s Greaves (1100 Gold) is the best choice for this Twitch build. It grants you +45 movement speed and +35% attack speed.

Mythic Item  

You can only equip one mythic item. Therefore, the most potent item of this Twitch build that you build up over time is the Kraken Slayer (3400 Gold).  This gives you +65 attack damage, +25% attack speed, and +20% critical strike chance.

In addition, this item has two passives. Its unique passive is the ability to deal an extra 50 (+0.4 per attack damage) to enemies n hit. Its mythic passive is the ability to confer a bonus of 10% attack speed on other legendary items.

Legendary Items  

Apart from the items above, these are the core items in this Twitch build that you should build up over time:

  • Blade of the Ruined King (3300 Gold): This item gives you +40 attack damage, +25% attack speed, and +8% life steal. Its passive allows you to deal bonus attack damage of 9% (+15 against all enemies and +60 against minions and creeps) of the enemy’s current health.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane (2600 Gold): This item gives you +45% attack speed, +20% critical chance, and +7% movement speed. In addition, its legendary passive hits two enemies in front for 40% attack damage.
  • Infinity Edge (3400 Gold): This item gives you +70 attack damage and a +20% critical chance. In addition, its legendary passive gives you an extra +35% bonus critical damage if your critical strike chance is over 40%.
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards (3000 Gold): This item gives you +30 armor penetration, +35 attack damage, and +20% critical strike chance. Its legendary passive also allows you to deal a maximum of 25% extra physical damage against champions with more health than you. This percentage is based on your and their health difference.

Twitch Skill Priority  

Regarding Twitch skills, I recommend leveling up Ambush (Q) and Contaminate (E) first. Then, level up your ultimate Spray and Pray (R) and Venom Cask (W).

From Out Of The Sewers Comes Doom!  

If you like to whittle down your enemy’s health from a range using Twitch, the Twitch build I like to use is perfect. This is based on increasing your damage and attack speed, along with additional critical strike chances for even more damage!

For more league of legends build guides, check out my other posts! Also, if you want build guides for specific legends, comment their names down below!

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