How To Stream On Twitch Like A Pro Step-By-Step Guide

How To Stream On Twitch Like A Pro Step-By-Step Guide

When you think of live streaming, I know what comes first in your mind.


With more than 2 million daily viewers and also a whopping 64% year-over-year increase, Twitch is undoubtedly the leading platform for streaming. You will get millions of content creators whose first and favorite choice is Twitch.

If you are also thinking of trying Twitch and looking for how to stream on Twitch, you are in the right place. Here, I will guide you on that.

What Is Twitch Streaming?   

What Is Twitch Streaming
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The year was 2021 when the Twitch streaming software was leading the pack in live broadcasting of almost anything. You might be surprised to know that around three-quarters of all streams are hosted on Twitch.

In the year 2011, it started its journey as Justin TV. In the beginning, Twitch was free and quickly caught the wave of popularity along with the increasing interest of people in streaming as a medium.

Then later, in 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch, and as a result, the platform got nearly unlimited resources for scaling its streaming infrastructure.

Prepare To Broadcast On Twitch  

Prepare To Broadcast On Twitch
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It is really easy to start a stream on Twitch. It comes with a straightforward, simple broadcast process. It is one of their major features. It’s completely fine if you don’t have any technical knowledge. Still, you will be able to run on their platform really easily and conveniently.

In case you are looking for different genres of streaming, Twitch is also there to fill your wish as it is more than just games. From cooking channels to Dungeons and Dragons, you will find a community for almost everything.

You just need to find a couple of streamers to inspire you and then take significant pointers from them.

Account Creation On Twitch  

Account Creation On Twitch
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Now you know the basics of Twitch, let’s have a look at how you need to create an account on Twitch. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can create an account using the following steps, and the process is really simple.

#1 Review The Community Guidelines  

First, you need to start by going through the Twitch community guidelines prior you are signing up for or agreeing to anything. In order to check back on the occasional updates, it is best to bookmark the page as well.

#2 Create An Account  

You need to open Twitch on your desktop or computer and click on the Sign-Up option. A form will open; fill it up. In case you want to get Twitch on your mobile, just download and install the Twitch mobile application.

Now, after filling up the form, you are required to pick a username along with setting a password. Now just enter your date of birth and email id.  

Now, in case you are signing up on mobile, Twitch will always recommend using your phone number first and verifying it, and later it will check on the email address you’ve provided.

#3 Enable 2-Factor Authentication  

For proper security measures, Twitch does not allow broadcasting until and unless you enable 2FA or two-factor authentication. In your Twitch accounts Security and Privacy settings, you first need to verify your email address.

From the same settings, you can enable two-factor authentication. In case you haven’t already saved your phone number to your Twitch account, you have to do so in order to enable two-factor authentication.  

The Hardware Requirement For Twitch Broadcasting  

The Hardware Requirement For Twitch Broadcasting
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Here is the list of Hardware devices that you need in order to start broadcasting on Twitch.

  • A device for streaming from.
  • Proper CPU.
  • Proper GPU.
  • Suitable Operating System.
  • A microphone.
  • A webcam.
  • Additional lighting.
  • Green screen.
  • Capture card.

How To Stream On Twitch From Your Desktop  

How To Stream On Twitch From Your Desktop
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Streaming from a computer is the most popular option, and that is why I am first covering how to stream on Twitch from your desktop. Here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: Connect And Set up Your Gear  

Before setting up the streaming software, you need to ensure that all the hardware pieces are connected. Connect your microphone and webcam along with other additional monitors to your desktop. In case you are thinking about using a green screen, connect that as well and get your studio ready.

Before going live, have a test run. Also, set up and position your webcam at a great angle and also test the audio levels on your mic. The room you are going to use for streaming has to be soundproof. In case you are using lights, you need to adjust the lighting as well.

Step 2: Connect Your Streaming Software  

You also need software for Twitch screening. Here are some options for you.

  • Restream Studio.
  • Streamlabs.
  • OBS Studio.
  • Twitch Studio.

You just need to download and install any of this software. But in case you are planning to go live really easily and quickly without having to install anything. You need to follow the on-screen instructions for connecting your streaming software.

Step 3: Add Your Sources  

Once you are done setting up the streaming software, it is time to add a source to the streaming software. Here are some examples of sources.

  • The audio from your microphone.
  • Your webcam feed.
  • The game you are streaming.

Always remember that you might have 2 devices for audio. The first is the desktop sounds that you are playing on the computer, and the other for the sounds that come from the microphone, which is your voice.

You also can add a slideshow, second camera, background music, and local video, or you also can bring another stream in the form of tools like Zoom.

Step 4: Find The Perfect Streaming Settings  

By saying streaming setting, I mean to say the following.

  • Audio bitrate.
  • Bitrate.
  • Frame rate.
  • Resolution.

On the basis of the available upload bandwidth, you need to choose the best quality stream settings for Twitch. You also need to consider the type of content you want to broadcast, along with the power of your encoder.

A powerful processor, higher bandwidth, and the ability to dedicate your processor to encoding only high-quality settings. You also can go through the recommendations of Twitch for ideal stream settings and check whether that will be possible to set up or not.

Step 5: With Additional Features, Customize  

By adding custom backgrounds, graphics, and many more things, you can make your Twitch stream completely your own. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps on your streaming software.

  • Pick a screen layout and toggle the char overlay off or on.
  • Now, all your captions have to be queued up and add scrolling text.
  • For all those links which you want to show on the screen, add QR codes.
  • Now it is time to invite guests by sending a secure and simple link/
  • This time, you need to play local video files on your screen.
  • Always remember to add only copyright-free background music.
  • You are also required to manage a multi-channel live chat.
  • From one platform to another, relay chat messages.

Step 6: Multistream To Some Other Streaming Solutions  

In case you are willing to increase your exposure along with Twitch, you need to go live from other platforms as well. Here, I will recommend using the streaming software that will let you mainstream to as many channels as you can simultaneously.

Check whether the solution offers to relay chats between different types of broadcasting pre-recorded content and platforms. You also can aim to become a Twitch affiliate and start earning revenue from your streams on Twitch.

How To Stream On Twitch PS4  

How To Stream On Twitch PS4
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Now as you know how to stream on Twitch, it is time to check how you can stream from your PS4. For this, you obviously need a Twitch account along with enabling 2-factor authentication.

Step 1: For Live Streaming, Set Up Your PS4  

Before you tune into your game and connect the console to your Twitch account, you need to do a few settings.

  • You need to go to the Settings option and then System. Now when you are watching content from any type of service like Netflix on your Play Station 4, you need to turn HDCP on. But while you are streaming, you have to ensure it is off.
  • Now, again go to Settings and then Devices. Here, you will find several options for audio devices along with PlayStation Camera. Here, you need to adjust the levels for both your headset and microphone. Remember, other than the PlayStation Camera, PS4 doesn’t support any other webcams.
  • When you are launching the game on the controller, press the Share button. Now, go to the Sharing and Broadcasting Settings. Here you will find Broadcasting Setting, and within that option, search for Advanced Settings. Within that, you will find Audio Sharing Settings. Here, from your microphone, you need to enable the sound for your broadcast.
  • Now, it is time to enable the chat. Again you need to open the Sharing and Broadcast Settings and then go to the Broadcast Settings. Here you need to look for Advanced Settings. There, check Display Messages to Spectators and Spectators’ Comments in order to enable the chat.

Step 2: Connection Between Your PS4 And Twitch Account  

On your controller, you need to click on the Share button. There a broadcast gameplay option will open. Now, your PS4 will ask you which platform you wish to use, so select Twitch there. To the account, you need to connect the console to your account. There are two ways of connecting.

  • You will see a QR code on your screen; you just need to scan that.
  • From your computer, you also can go to and then enter the code you will see on your screen.

Step 3: Do A Final Check And Start  

Once you are done with the connection between the console and Twitch, you can always pick a title for the stream. If you have connected the camera, you need to enable it. Now, you are ready to broadcast to Twitch from your PS4.

This is a super easy process, and the best part is that you do not need to install the Twitch app in order to do it. In case you want to watch streams of other people on your PS4, you need the Twitch app.

Final Talks  

Now, you know how to stream on Twitch from your desktop and also on your PS4. Now, do the setup and enjoy. In case you have any queries or questions, feel free to leave them questions in the comment section. I will try to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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