How Much Does Boris Johnson Earn?

How Much Does Boris Johnson Earn

How much does Boris Johnson earn? This question goes through the minds of so many people. This article will help you to get a precise answer to this question. It is always good to know what the global leaders take home as net salary. 

Boris Johnson is among the renowned prime ministers globally. He nets an annual salary of £161,401. He also gets an additional £81,932 by the virtue of him being a member of parliament. 

Johnson Boris and his partner Carrie Symonds also have the right of residing in the flat that is above the offices on the Street of Downing. They also enjoy the use of the official countryside residence of the prime minister that is located at Chequers in the region of Buckinghamshire. Chequers is the official prime ministers’ country residence. 

How Does The Salary Of The Prime Minister Compare?

The salary that Boris Johnson earns as the prime minister puts him in the top 1 percent of earners in the United Kingdom. However, his salary as the prime minister puts him in the 20th of the median take home pay of the United Kingdom’s top one hundred FTSE chief executives of companies. The salary is estimated to be £3.61 million dollars in 2020. 

As you know, the prime minister is a renowned figure in the United Kingdom and even beyond. However, the substantial earnings that he gets appear to be less and even more miniscule when you compare to the other renown celebrities.   

For instance, the salary of Boris Johnson is lower than a 17th of what Marcus Rashford, who is a political campaigner and footballer at Manchester United earns.  This personality nets £10.4 million. The salary of the British prime minister also compares less with what the other world leaders earn. Therefore, you should not blindly analyze how much Boris Johnson earns. You need to carry out this comparative analysis to get a clear picture of his earnings. 

When you convert the salary of Boris Johnson to US dollars, it comes to approximately $217,000. This figure is way lower than what the Canadian Prime Minister earns i.e., $267,041. It is also considerably lower than the $369,727 that is earned by the Chancellor of Germany. Thus, even though his salary appears to be high, it is much lower than what the other world leaders under that category take home. 

The earnings of the Prime Minister are only 50 percent of the amount that is paid to the president of the United States ($400,000). It is also half of what Ursula der Leyen, president of the European Union gets ($405,000).

Who Sets The Salary Of the Prime Minister? 

The salary of Boris Johnson is set by the IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority). However, Boris Johnson doesn’t claim his entire salary for the whole year. In 2020 – 2021, he decided to claim £75,440 from the possible £79,936 that was specifically earmarked for his duties as the Prime Minister together with his pay as an MP.  

During the 2020 crisis of Covid, Boris Johnson clearly stated that he didn’t believe in Government Ministers and MPs getting a pay rise. It is among the rare statements that you can get from global leaders. 

Concerns About The Earnings Of Boris Johnson 

There are so many concerns with regard to how much Boris Johnson earns. So many newspapers have indicated that the current Prime Minister of Britain is not happy with what he takes home. 

Recently, Boris Johnson divorced his ex-wife Marina Wheeler. There is an indication that the settlement of the divorce has made a significant dent in the net worth of Boris Johnson.   

There is a speculation that Boris Johnson worries about the costs of housekeeping as number ten. He needs to meet the ongoing financial support for his kids. This includes the schooling and childcare costs of the baby son, Wilfred. Therefore, there is so much that he has to do with his pay. 

Besides, Boris Johnson clearly took a big pay cut to enable him to become the Prime Minister. Therefore, there are so many things that come with how much Boris Johnson earns. 

Before Boris Johnson moved to Downing Street, and after serving as the Foreign Secretary, the records of the parliament showed that he was among the highest earning backbench MPS. The Evening Standard newsletter even speculated that Mr. Johnson was previously earning close to £275,000. This was from his daily telegraph column in the newspaper.  

Former Prime Ministers Earnings 

The good thing about Boris Johnson is that any reduction in his pay is most likely a temporal one. For speaking engagement, all his recent prime minister predecessors commanded substantial amounts. The current rate for a lecture from the recent Prime Ministers is believed to be over £100,000. 

From the time Theresa May left office, it is said that she has earned several of this lucrative engagement including the speech that she made at the University of Ivy League, Brown, Rhode Island, America. 

To add on these speaking engagements, former Prime Ministers can also anticipate signing lucrative book deals. It can help them get courted for several advisory style appointments. These are important considerations as you try to look at how much Boris Johnson earns. 

The longevity in the job and international recognition of former Prime Ministers also influence their earnings. If you are talking about a highly recognizable figure globally, this will go down well for Boris Johnson. You can expect so many changes on how much Boris Johnson earns as he lives office. 

How Much Does Boris Johnson Earn: Where To Get His Inspiration 

If Boris Johnson is looking for inspiration, he should cast his eyes over Tony Blair, the former Labor Prime Minister. Tony Blair is said to have been the highest paid former Prime Minister in the history of Britain

He has also been rated as the highest paid public speaker globally. After Blair left Downing Street, he secured highly paying advisory work with JP Morgan Chase and Zurich Financial services. At that point, Blair insisted that his net worth was lower than £20 million. 


If you have been asking yourself, how much does Boris Johnson earn? You now have the right answers with you. When you compare this amount with what the other world leaders earn, you will discover that it is not too much. However, Johnson has the potential of even earning more as he steps out of office. 

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