How To Delete A Discord Server Step By Step Guide

How to delete a discord server

How does one delete a discord server if they need to? This question has been bothering so many people who ask how to delete a discord server. Despite the fact that there has been so much information provided in this regard, still, some people have problems with this procedure.

As such, they tend to reach out for help where they feel they need some sort of assistance. With so much information provided already on this issue, one might wonder why people still ask the question of how to delete a discord server.  Well, there are many reasons why this is the case and if you care then you need to listen to them.

However, that is not important but for the purposes of this debate, emphasis will be laid on other things, not these reasons.  For this discussion, you are going to find ways that you can use to delete a discord server.  If you have been asking yourself how to delete a discord server then this text is going to help you with that in the end.

Is It Possible To Delete A Discord Server? 

Before you even look for a way how to delete a discord server it is important for you to ask yourself whether this process is possible or not. This process is very possible and people have been carrying it out in the past before.  Therefore, if you are looking for a way how to delete a discord server then you are not wrong, it is possible.

Provided you have the right formula, this is one process you can carry out so well and on time. However, if you do not know how to delete a discord server then you might find it a bit harder to carry out this procedure.  In this text, you are going to find the right process that you can use in deleting a discord server in case you need to.

Make Sure You Are Ready To Delete A Discord Server 

People have made the mistake of deleting a discord server and then coming back to look for the same servers again after some time. This is without any doubt not the right thing to do and you need to be careful as you go about this process.

Before even asking how to delete a discord server, you need to be sure that you intend to carry out this procedure in the first place. Why this you might want to know, the reasons are quite simple, and here is why.  Once you delete your discord server you will not be able to recover it for a long period of time.  This is why you need to make up your mind before carrying out this process.

If you are not so sure that you wish to delete your discord server then better avoid this procedure.  Once your discord server has been deleted then that will be it. You will not be able to recover this server no matter how much effort you put in for this course. This is exactly why emphasis is laid on the need to carry out this process before you can do anything in this regard.

Deleting The Discord Server

If you have been asking how to delete a discord server, then here you are. This is the process you need to stick to. It is also worth noting that this procedure is not so complicated to carry out and also takes a short period of time, provided you know what you need to be doing. To short out any kind of discord server issues, you have two options one makes your discord account disabled, and another one is just deleting the server.

Step 1

Make a choice of your server from the left-hand side of your sidebar.  Once you identify the server you need, click on its name located at the top side on the left.  After getting there, you will be able to see the server settings which are located on the drop-down menu.

Step 2

From the settings page, take a look at the left sidebar.  From here, you will be able to see an option identified as the Delete server right at the bottom.  If you wish to delete your discord server then click on this option and you will be well on track with this process.

Step 3

Once you have completed the above procedures, you will be able to see a confirmation box.  This confirmation box will be asking you to double-check your action.  The intention of doing this is quite simple, it is only intended at helping you make up your mind on deleting a discord server or not.  If you wish to delete your discord server then click on the delete option.

Step 4

At this point in time, you will be able to get two-factor authentication.  If you have a 2FA enabled then you will be required to provide a six-digit code.  In this case, the kind of direction you take depends on the kind of authenticator you choose for yourself. Just open it and provide the required code in this case.  By doing this, you will be in a position to delete your server.

Step 5

Once you have done this, you will be able to see a small feedback box.  You can choose to fill this box if you like or if you do not you can leave it alone.  No matter what you choose to do in this case, you will be able to delete your discord server.  Once you delete your server, you will be able to eliminate it together with its messages as well as data.

Frequently Asked question:

Q1:How to delete servers on discord mobile?

Ans: Here are the steps which you can follow to dlete the serves on the discord mobile phone.
➼ Open the discord from your Mac Pc the redirect top the server which you want to delete.
➼ Click on the drop arrow icone which is located in the top left corner of your screen.
➼ Then select the server settings from menu.
➼ Enter the server’s name. It will going to asdk you the six digit authentication code.
➼ Click the delete server options after folowed by the authetication process.

Q2: Can you delete a discord server that isn’t yours?

Ans: You canot delete a discord server which is not yours. You can leave the server but cannot delete it.


If you have been asking the question of how to delete a discord server then you need to be reading the text above.  From this text, you will find all the information you need in this regard.  However, you need to be reminded that deleting the server leaves you with no chance of getting it back.

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