How To Disable Facebook? Here Is What You Need To Know

How To Disable Facebook

There are times when your relationship with Facebook might feel like your relationship with your Facebook friends. That is not bad, especially when the relationship has just begun. During this time, the relationship might feel great, but as things move on, things might change. Pressure and the need for some form of privacy might lead to people looking for a way how to disable Facebook and stay free and loose for some time.

Once in a while, some people might feel the need to get some reprieve from Facebook. In cases like this one, disabling Facebook has come in as the best choice for this purpose. Once you know how to disable Facebook, you will be able to get some rest in the end.

Is It Possible To Disable Facebook? 

Is It Possible To Disable Facebook

Before you start looking for ways how to temporarily disable Facebook, you need to first of all figure out whether this is possible or not. If it is, then better for you, but if it is not, you might have to figure out other ways to go about this process.

To set the record clear, there is no such thing as disabling your Facebook account. So, if you go checking the internet on ways how to disable Facebook, then chances are you are not going to find so many. In fact, you might not be able to find any means at all that you can use to go about this process.

What is there is the deactivation of Facebook, which is important to look at. Well, disabling and deactivating are not so far apart from each other. In fact, in the Facebook language, these two are the same or rather serve the same basic purpose.

Therefore, if you are looking for a break from Facebook, then the best way to go about this is by deactivating your Facebook account. This, actually, is what many of the people who seek to stay away from the hassles of Facebook do. If you wish to proceed with this process, then here is what you need to do.

What Happens When You Disable Your Facebook Account?

What Happens When You Disable Your Facebook Account

You might want to know exactly what happens when you deactivate or disable your Facebook account. Remember, you do not want to make a mistake even as you look for ways how to disable Facebook. Thus, it is essential to, first of all, make sure that you have an idea of what is going on before you can make any moves in this regard.

When you disable your Facebook account, you simply make it invisible. Once you have done this, it means that no one will be able to see or view your profile, including your friends. Being this way, people will no longer be able to reach out to you on Facebook.

It will not even be possible for them to track down your activities, given that nothing you do will be seen on Facebook. For a person who needs some sort of break from Facebook, this is the best decision you can ever make in this regard. However, disabling your account does not mean that you have completely done away with your account.

If you wish, you can still reactivate your account at an appropriate time. All you will need to do is key in your email address and your password, and that will be it. As per the duration of the deactivation, that is relative.  This means you can choose to deactivate or, if you like, disable your account indefinitely and get it back when you need it.  

How To Disable Your Facebook Account

How To Disable Your Facebook Account

Once you are convinced that you need to disable Facebook, it is now time to learn how to disable Facebook. This process is not quite complicated, and you can easily carry it out within a short period of time.  We all know if you want to disable your Facebook account, there can be hundreds of reasons. But if you are facing some of the issues and you can’t use Facebook. Then you will get only the option to disable the Facebook account or delete the Facebook account.

Here are the steps which you can follow to disable your Facebook account.

Step 1

Click on the upside-down triangle, which is located at the top right side of your Facebook page, then select the settings option.  

Step 2 

Once you get to the settings page, you should be on the general settings page as well.  If you are unable to locate the general settings page in the general account settings section, you can try looking for it in the toolbar located on the left side.  Once you have it, click on the general part.  

Step 3 

By now, you should be on the general part of the general settings section.  Once you are here, click on the Manage account option. This is one of the most crucial steps how to disable the Facebook process.

Step 4

To manage your account is such a fascinating place.  Beyond this section offering you the ability to deactivate your account, it also makes it possible for you to delete your account.  Other than that, you also get to choose who will control your Facebook once you die. 

If you think that is all, then you are very wrong. There is more to come.  Facebook also offers you the option of having your account deleted upon your death.  

However, the only thing that you are interested in right now is deactivating your account.  Select deactivate my account to carry on with this process.  

Step 5 

At this stage, all you need to do is confirm your intentions. Doing this is such a simple thing, and you only make this possible by entering your Facebook password and then clicking on enter.

Once you do this, your account will remain deactivated.  However, as said above already, making these steps does not mean that you have deleted your account; you can activate it back if you wish.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How To Deactivate Facebook Meta?

Open the Facebook account setting and privacy option. Then tap on the setting option to open the personal account information. Tap on the account ownership and control. Then tap on the deactivate option.

Q2: How To Delete A Facebook Account?

Here are the five easy, simple steps to delete your Facebook account.
Step 1: Tap on the top right of the Facebook account.
Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the settings option.
Step 3: Tap on the account ownership and control.
Step 4: Open the tap
Step 5: Then select the delete account option.


If you are looking for the best way how to disable Facebook, then the text above provides you with a way how to do this.  From the text, you will be able to find more about the entire concept of disabling your Facebook account and the things you need to know about the same.

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