How To Use The Chrome Task Manager?

chrome task manager

If you are looking for a reliable google browser that you can use for various purposes then chrome task manager is it. Google chrome task manager is very reliable and also allows you to run separate processes with much ease. These processes are very much independent of the google chrome main thread.  

This, therefore, means that any crash hang homepage does not result in the shutdown of the entire browser. In some cases, you might find chrome lagging behind or even acting strangely without you knowing the culprit tab. This is exactly where the chrome task manager comes in very handy.  

What Is A Chome Task Manager?

The chrome task manager serves various roles in the systems. For instance, it displays the network usage of each one of the open tabs as well as the plugin. Other than that, it also makes it possible for you to kill individual processes with the ease of use of a mouse. This is the exact case with macOS activity which is synonymous with windows.  

The functions of the chrome task manager are similar to the Windows Task Manager. The crome task manager not only displays the CPU and the memory. This task manager also operates the whole CPU and network utility activities. Each of the open tabs and the plug-ins is operated by this task manager.

What Are The Functions Of Chrome Task Manager?

The chrome task manager individually displays the CPU memory space and the network utilities. Through the Chrome task manager, you can eliminate any of the running or the ongoing processes with a single click of the mouse.

We are using the chrome task manager for handling the ongoing processes. How? First, open the manager. See what the running process in the systems is. Then start to eliminate or discard the processes. Many times these ongoing processes are making your system slow. This is the time when you should eliminate the processes. And fasten the system process running.

How To Use The Google Chrome Task Manager?

There is no doubt that google chrome task manager is one of the best tools you will find at any given time. With many benefits coming in like those listed above, you can never find a better option. However, using the chrome task manager is something that is not known to many.  

The truth of the matter is that many people admire the use of task manager google chrome but do not know how to do so.  This is exactly why it is essential to find out the best way to go about the use of google chrome task manager.  

This is exactly what this discussion is all about. The discussion takes a look at some of the ways you can use google chrome task manager. As you look set to take on this task, you will find great value in this text in the long run. 

1. Through Google Chrome Task Manager 

When you open a task manager chrome you will be able to see a list of every tab that opens the extension as well as the processes. Other than that, you can also view other essential statistics regarding your CPU memory and its use as well.

Other than that, you can also have an opportunity to look at the CPU usage together with the network activity as well. When you realize that your browsing activity is slowing down significantly you can check the chrome task manager. Looking at the task manager will enable you to know whether the website you are using has crashed or not.  

To end any such process, you only need to select its name and the process will come to a standstill in a short while. Other than this, the screen also offers you a display of the memory footprint for each one of these processes. If by chance it happens that you have added a lot of extensions to chrome then you might have many of them running at once.  

In some cases, you might have to assess all the extensions you have attached to your browser. If you are not using some of them then you can remove them to free up the memory for your browser. Doing so will enable you to browse with much ease due to the memory storage offered to you.  

2. Through The Task Manager Expansion 

There are cases where you might want some more information about how chrome task manager is affecting your system performance.  However, not having adequate knowledge on how to do this might leave you a stranded person in the end.  To get more information about how chrome is affecting your performance in windows do the following.  

Go to the task manager screen and right-click an item and then select a proffered category in the menu that comes up.  From there, you can be able to obtain any information that is required about your system performance.  

3. Extensions Is A Greater Way Instabilities And Malware 

One thing you need to do at all times keeps your various installed extensions under watch at all times.  These extensions are such a proper way of introducing instabilities and malware into your system.  Thus, it is very important for you to always check your extensions to stay on the safe side of things.  

If by this process you realize that the kind of extensions you have are eating up so much of your space, remove them right away. Uninstalling and disabling the extensions might help you from any unnecessary instabilities as well malware that comes from the same.  

In doing so or carrying out this process you might realize that the end process tab is unresponsive. There are such cases but that is due to the fact that the button could be frozen. In such a case, it might be so hard for you to click on the button to close some of these sessions.  

4. You Might Need A Task Manager 

When trying to end a process without success due to a frozen button then you can make use of a chrome task manager.  This tool will make it easy and possible for you to close a tab without having to shut down an entire browser.  Doing so will save you from having to shut down the entire browser and risk losing all your unsaved work from the browser.  

By removing all the extensions, you will be able to save your browser a big time.  In the end, you will be able to have a healthy and well-working browser that will not cause you any problems.  However, having extensions on your browser might slow down your browser.  


If you intend to use chrome task manager and you do not know how to do so consider the text above.  The text contains the best and exact ways that you can use google chrome manager. If you want to fasten your systems this is the process that you can apply.

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