How To Send A Snap With The Cartoon Face Lens?

send a snap with the cartoon face lens

Snapchat, the popular multimedia messaging app, constantly introduces new and creative features to keep users engaged. One such feature that has gained widespread popularity is the Cartoon Face Lens.

This playful lens transforms your face into an animated cartoon character, adding a touch of whimsy to your snaps. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to use the Cartoon Face Lens to create fun and entertaining snaps.

Step 1: Update Your Snapchat App

Update Your Snapchat App

Before you start cartoonifying your face, ensure that your Snapchat app is up to date. Developers regularly release updates with new features and improvements, so having the latest version ensures a smooth experience.

Step 2: Open the Snapchat Camera

Open the Snapchat Camera

Launch the Snapchat app and access the camera by tapping on the circular icon at the bottom of the screen. This opens up the camera interface, allowing you to capture photos and videos.

Step 3: Activate Lenses

Activate Lenses

Swipe left or right on the camera screen to access the various lens options. Keep swiping until you find the Cartoon Face Lens. It’s recognizable by its playful icon, often featuring a cartoon face or other animated elements.

Step 4: Align Your Face

Align Your Face

Once you’ve selected the Cartoon Face Lens, position your face within the frame. Snapchat’s face recognition technology will detect your facial features and apply the cartoon filter accordingly. Ensure good lighting for optimal results.

Step 5: Capture Your Snap

Capture Your Snap

With the Cartoon Face Lens activated and your face aligned, tap the circular button at the bottom of the screen to capture your snap. You can choose to take a photo or hold the button for a video snap, allowing the cartoon filter to animate your expressions.

Step 6: Customize Your Cartoon

Customize Your Cartoon

After capturing your snap, you can further personalize it. Swipe left or right to explore additional creative tools and filters. Add captions, doodles, or even use Snapchat’s editing features to enhance your cartoon snap before sharing it with friends.

Step 7: Share Your Cartoon Creation

Once you’re satisfied with your cartoonified snap, it’s time to share it with your Snapchat friends. Tap the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen to access the sharing options. Choose the recipients or add the snap to your story for all your friends to see.

Tips for the Best Cartoon Face Snap

  • Experiment with Expressions: The Cartoon Face Lens responds to your facial expressions, so try different smiles, frowns, and eyebrow raises to see how your cartoon character reacts.
  • Play with Lighting: Good lighting enhances the cartoon effect. Experiment with natural light or well-lit indoor spaces for the best results.
  • Combine with Other Lenses: Get creative by combining the Cartoon Face Lens with other lenses and filters. Create a unique blend of effects to make your snaps stand out.
  • Explore Regular Updates: Snapchat regularly introduces new lenses and features. Keep an eye out for updates to discover fresh ways to express yourself through the app.

“Cartoon Face lens is one of the most popular face lenses on mobile and that’s why it has many other different versions.”

“Of course, the cartoons are not just limited to a few, therefore there are many lenses available on the app. We have picked the four most popular ones that you can use while sending your next snap.”

Cartoon 3D Style

“Cartoon 3D Style is one of the viral Snapchat lenses of 2023. During the summer of 2023, many people including celebrities used this filter to post their snaps. The 3D style lens makes the user look like a Pixar character including your hair.”

“Along with the images, users can also select the music they wish to add to the picture. The picture can be applied to already saved images in your gallery.”

“With over 1.7 billion viewers, the Cartoon 3D style has been influenced by various celebrities such as Neha Kakkar, Dabboo Ratnani, Sunny Chopra, Adita Raval, Vishal Pandey, and more.”

Anime Style Lens  

“If you are a fan of Japanese anime, then the Anime Style lens is the best lens for you to try on Snapchat. It makes your face look like an old anime character. This filter was famous in 2020 as it became a Tiktok trend just a few months after its launch.”

“Not just the face but it also tweaks the audio and adds some effects to your video for giving it a neat touch. This makes it look like a cute 2D character with the help of an Augmented Reality (AR) tool. This lens was made specifically for Snapchat using Lens Studio.”

Cartoon Face Lens  

“Cartoon Face Lens on Snapchat is similar to the first lens we talked about in the article. But it over-smoothens the face to make it look cuter. It adds the eyes, eyebrows, and hair with oversized ones that make it look like a Disney character.”

“Launched in August 2020 by Snapchat, it is one of the most popular Cartoon face lenses on the app. To make your face look like a Disney-like character, you should try this lens.”

Sparkling Cartoon Style Lens  

“Want a cartoon filter that can give you a Pixar-like look with all the glitters? Then you should try the Sparkling Cartoon Style Lens.”

“The lens offers some realistic renders of Pixar-like characters that look absolutely amazing once you try it. Moreover, the filter also offers tons of sparkles, which are animated making it an ideal filter to take a video.”

Cartoon 3D Style Lens  

“This filter is meant for those who love to have a simple yet realistic cartoon face. The filter basically turns you into a 3D cartoon character, which looks magical.”

“Moreover, the filter also cartoonize your hair. Apart from this, one can also change the genders by simply tapping on the screen.”

Wrapping Up!   

The Cartoon Face Lens on Snapchat adds a touch of whimsy to your snaps, allowing you to express yourself in a fun and creative way. By following these simple steps and experimenting with different features, you can master the art of sending cartoonified snaps that will delight your friends and followers. So, open up Snapchat, let your creativity flow, and start sending animated masterpieces today!

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