How To Fix RAW Hard Drives To NTFS?

How to fix raw hard drive

One of the most common problems you can face while using hard drives is that they might become RAW. When a drive becomes RAW, it becomes inaccessible. If no relevant action is taken immediately, you might lose the data.

A RAW Drive means that the drive is a file system that is unrecognizable by the system or simply it does not have any file system. There are several reasons that contribute to converting the normal drives to RAW.

What Causes The Hard Drive To Become RAW?

When your drive becomes RAW, it indicates the following three possibilities.

  • Your computer system cannot recognize the file system of the drive.
  • There is no file system at all.
  • Or, the file system in your hard drive might be damaged or corrupted.

When you encounter your drive becoming RAW, the only way you can solve the problem is by converting the RAW file system of the drive to NTFS.

Why Do You Need To Convert RAW Drive To NTFS?

When your hard drive becomes RAW, you can be restricted from accessing the data for the RAW drive. Furthermore, you are not allowed the storage device to store any new data until you Convert RAW to NTFS.

But the question is, how can you do that? As we already know, reformatting the drive into a different file system can erase all the drive data. Hence, changing the format of the drive becomes impossible. 

Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can use to solve the problem. Read on to know what methods you can use to convert a RAW drive to NTFS.

Convert RAW To NTFS: Without Losing Any Data

The methods we are about to list below are tried and tested methods. This method will ensure a safe conversion of RAW to NTFS without losing your data.

Method 1: Using iBoysoft Data Recovery

Using iBoysoft Data Recovery

We believe that having a data recovery solution at your disposal all the time is one of the best practices, especially when you deal with sensitive data every day. iBoysoft data recovery software offers premium features and covers almost all data loss scenarios, including RAW partition.

Follow the steps to use iBoysoft effectively.

  • Download and launch the software.
  • Connect the drive with the system.
  • The software interface will show you all the attached drives.
  • Navigate to the RAW drive.
  • Scan the drive.
  • Preview the results and Recover.

Once the data is recovered, you can simply format the drive and convert it into the NTFS.

Method 2: Use Disk Management

If you don’t like the concept of using third-party software to help you with the RAW drives, you can always take help from Windows inbuilt utility feature Disk Management. 

  • Go to my computer.
  • Navigate to the Manage option.
  • Go to Computer Management.
  • Click on Disk Management.
  • Look For the RAW drive.
  • Right-click the drive to view its properties.
  • Navigate to Security > Owner > Other Users > Advanced > Find Now.
  • Choose the listed first.
  • Reboot the system.

Method 3: Convert Using CMD

Converting the RAW drive to NTFS might not work directly. However, if you use the CMD command, you can certainly do so. Follow the steps to carry on with the conversion.

  • Open the command prompt.
  • Select Run As Administrator.
  • Type: Diskpart, enter.
  • Now type: X: /FS: NTFS, enter.

This would convert your RAW drive to NTFS.

Method 4: Using System Recovery Option

Some user impacts use the system recovery method to solve the RAW drive problem. Follow the steps to use system recovery to convert the RAW drive to NTFS.

  • Open the system recovery option.
  • Choose startup repair.
  • Go to the recovery option.
  • Open the command prompt.
  • Locate the drive in question.
  • Type: chkdsk /f/r.

Seek Professional Help!

Experiencing a RAW drive scenario means, if you do not take care of the situation effectively, the same problem might arise in the future. Well, the methods we have discussed in this article will help you solve the problem. However, even after going through these methods, the problem remains; seek a professional’s help.             

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. How Do You Fix Raw Hard Drives To NTFS For Free?   

You can opt for several methods to fix the hard drives to NTFS for free. Let’s find out some of these methods. 

  • You can make use of Raw to NTFS for disk management.  
  • Using the file explorer you can repair the raw to NTFS. 
  • You can use the disk part for formatting the Raw to NTFS. 

2. How Can You Change From Raw To NTFS Without Losing Data?    

You can right-click on the raw Drive in my computer for making proper risk management. The second important step is to select and format. The last step is to set the NTFS file system for setting other information. You can use this step to format the other process. The last step is to click on the raw file to the NTFS file system. 

3. How Can You Fix The RAW Hard Drive?   

The first thing you need to do is to connect the Raw External Hard drive to your computer. 

After that you need to click on the search icon in the taskbar and then you can type CMD. 

You can make the connection to the raw external hard drive to your computer. 

After that you can go to “This PC>Manage> Disk Management. 

4. How Can You Fix A Hard Drive Without Formatting? 

There are multiple ways you can opt for fixing the hard drive without formatting some of them are as follows:-    

  • You can try your external drive to another computer. The reason is your computer may be in trouble.   
  • You may try a different USB port. 
  • If you wish you can replace the USB cable. 
  • Try to update the driver.    
  • After that you can convert the raw to NTFS. 

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