How To Start Herb Farming In 2021? Best Guide

herb farming

With an increase in population, there is a rise in the demand for food. As a result, the market for hub farming continues to increase. The situation has even been more real after the pandemic that hit the whole world.  It tells you why it is important to start herb farming. With the right strategies, you will be able to make significant profits from this venture. Learn more about herb farming by going through this article. 

Why Herb Farming?

herb farming

Currently, herb farming is among the most profitable farming ventures within the industry. No wonder companies and enterprises are helping firms to enhance the quality of the herbs that they grow. 

However, the process of opening an herb farming business is not as easy as you may think. This guide will walk you through the process of herb farming. You will discover that it is something that anyone can do. 

The Approach Of The United States To Small Herb Farming

The United States considers small farms as the backbone of its agricultural industry. The reason is that the family members of the US own over 97 percent of the farms in the US. 

To qualify to be a small farm, you should be grossing less than 350 US dollars. You will be surprised to learn that the United States alone has over two million small farms. 

Starting Herb Farming Business

If you haven’t been to such a farm or don’t have any connections with the farming families, you could be wondering how you will be able to turn your dream of herb farming into a reality. It has become a real concern among prospective farmers. 

As you come across the reality and walk through the path, it is tempting to change your course of hub farming into laborious and hard work. However, if you have a passion for herb farming and would like to actualize your dream, stick to it. You are going to learn each step in the next section. 

1. Experience Some Farming Work

If your family has been in the farming business for some time, they pass on the necessary skills from one generation to another. The case is not similar to those small farms that are just entering the industry. 

When joining the agricultural industry, you have to learn the relevant farming skills. You can only do this through the experiencing of first-hand farming and becoming an apprentice. 

You need some level of hands-on experience to understand the nature of farm work. With the right training, you can go ahead to grow your herbs. 

2. Are You Pursuing Herb Farming As A Hobby Or Career? 

This question needs an answer before you start engaging in herb farming. If you love to design your garden in order to experience farming, you’d rather begin hobby farming in the backyard. It is a great way of easing your mind from the bustling life. 

When it comes to hobby farming, you may begin a small farming business over time. You have to make sure that your decision is very professional. Failing to do so can lead you to hefty losses. 

3. Get The Right Piece Of Land 

Once you are serious about the idea of herb farming, you need to find the right piece of land where you will grow your crops. It is better to buy and not lease the land as this gives you total control over the land. 

However, if you own the land completely, you risk a lot if the farming business fails. Make the right decision as to whether you should buy the land completely or lease it. In case you wish to purchase the land, speak to the individuals who own farming land and would like to sell it to you.

There are so many things that you need to consider when buying land. Here are some of the aspects that you need to familiarize yourself with certain aspects. These include but are not limited to: 

Market Proximity: As you consider the physical location of the land, it should be within the proximity of the market. In case the market is hundreds of miles away, it will be hard for your products to reach the market when they are still fresh. 

Water Accessibility: When purchasing farming land, water remains to be a critical factor to consider. Make sure you are choosing land that has an efficient source of water. In case the land has a well, you need to confirm the quality of water that the well produces. 

Soil Quality: Just like water, you cannot neglect the need for high-quality soil. Such soil will give your crops higher yields. 

Facilities and Infrastructure: You can also look for various types of buildings depending on the type of farm. It can include inventories, cold houses, livestock buildings, and many more. 

4. Get Finances 

Unless you have inherited some family land, the core part of your plan is to find money to help you actualize your dream. You need to plan your finances well before investing in farming. 

One of the options that you have is getting a loan but it is not the best. It is better to finance your business without going for a loan on your credit card. 

With this in mind, you should have realistic financial goals for your business. Begin with the necessary things and then buy the other things that you need for your herb farming business slowly. 

5. Sell And Market Your Products 

There are so many ways of marketing your products in the market. There is always an option for the farmers’ market but there are other places where you can sell your products. 

If your farming land has enough traffic, there is no need to worry about the market. However, if this isn’t the case, you need to get a market to sell your products. 

What Are The Best Locations For Herb Farming?

You need to have an idea of some wow herb locations before you get started on herb farming. That’s because if your location is not ideal, it will end up flushing all your efforts down the gutter no matter how much time you spent reading the herb farming guide.

Choose A Sunny Area

Your herb farming location must receive 6-8 hours of sunlight per day in order to grow, and reach its maximum potential. If your herbs don’t end up their daily amount of required sunlight, they will become leggy, and unproductive.

Choose A Well-Drained Soil

The soil must be easy to dig into, and lightweight for letting your wow herbs grow. You can run a hose for several minutes at the location. If you see the water puddling up, you will need to add some compost or sand it to make it perfect for your herb farming.

Choose An Accessible Location

You must select a location for your herb garden that will be used, and admired by you every day. That’s why choosing the front yard, or backyard of your house should be the best location for herb farming. It will be easier for you to prune, tend, and water the herbs if it’s close to your place.

What Equipment Will You Need For Herb Farming?

The herb farming guide will be incomplete if we don’t talk about the equipment one needs in getting started with it. so, let’s learn about them now;

  1. First, and foremost you will need a good chunk of soil. If you have got your own land that’s good. If not, you should look for power companies with fallow land underneath their towers or unused lands in a county that you can rent at a cheap price.
  2. Secondly, you will need growing supplies, and seeds. If the area where you live has a cold temperature, make sure you use a greenhouse to grow wow herbs.
  3. Thirdly, you will require a few handy tools to dig the soil and fertilizer and compost for wow herb farming.
  4. Finally, you will need a pickup van or a pickup truck for transporting your herbs to customers. It will also bring your essential supplies from the market to your herb farming land.


As we have covered so many topics on herb farming, we feel it’s almost time to end this discussion. But, we have handpicked a few extra questions here to guide you more comprehensively about herb farming.  Let’s take a look;

1: What Herbs Are The Most Profitable To Grow?

Ans: Basil is the most profitable herb to grow because it is required in many culinary dishes. You can also grow chives because they are a steady seller, and have an up-and-running demand always in the market. Cilantro, parsley, oregano are some of the most other profitable herbs because of their values in cooking.

2: Can You Make Money Selling Herbs?

Ans: Growing, and selling herbs can be extremely profitable if you follow the right business approach. You don’t even need a large area to get started because just a small area of your backyard garden will be enough to grow herbs in small amounts. Herbs can be used in multiple ways such as culinary, medicinal, fragrant, cosmetic, ornamental, etc, so you can definitely make money by selling herbs.

3: How Can I Sell Herbs Online?

Ans: For those of you who are interested in herb farming, but don’t know where to find its buyers, we have some great online platforms for you. ETSY, Farmers Markets, Craft Fairs, etc are some of the best ways to sell your herbs online. You can also sell them in local retail stores, or CSA programs if you don’t have other sources of clients.


As you engage in herb farming, it is important to make sure that you enjoy the whole process. If you discover that the activity is becoming so mushy, it is good to note that herb farming is not a career. However, it is an interesting venture especially if you have a love for farming. You will face a few challenges along the way but you can always overcome them. 

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