iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Review

Bitlocker recovery review

iBoysoft is a tool that helps the user recover lost and deleted. In fact, even if the data was encrypted with the BitLocker, you can recover it. Now that’s something new among the data recovery software tools.

Data has become the core element of ant business strategy today; most businesses are dependent on accurate data to make business decisions. Seeing how data has become an asset for businesses, it is important that businesses should have a data recovery solution at their disposal.

This is where we come to our main topic of discussion. Today, we will talk about iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software and how we can use this software to recover lost and deleted data. The Bitlocker recovery review can help you to achieve your objectives in the right way. 

iBoysoft Bitlocker Recovery

Before starting with iBoysoft BitLocker recovery software, you first need to understand what BitLocker recovery is. BitLocker recovery is the recovery of the drive that has been encrypted with the BitLocker encryption tool.

Not all data recovery software is capable of recovering BitLocker encrypted drives. Only a selected few software are equipped with the right tool to do so, and one of them is iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software.

Features Of iBoysoft

It is worth mentioning that iBoysoft BitLocker recovery software is among the very best data recovery software covering all the data loss scenarios. With the advanced algorithm, iBoysoft helps the users recover any type of data. However, compared to the other data recovery software, iBoysoft feels like it is made of a different cloth.

Here are a few features that make it stand out of the queue of random data recovery software. 

The BitLocker recovery review can help you to achieve your objectives in the best possible ways. 

1. Dual Scan Mode

One of the cool parts about iBoysoft is that you get dual scanning mode.

  • Quick Scan: Quick scan is best when you are dealing with recently lost and deleted data.
  • Deep Scan: Deep scan comes in handy when you are trying to access inaccessible or long-lost data.

2. Powerful Pre-Recovery Preview

One of the features that other data recovery software will not offer is a preview feature. With the preview feature, you can look into the results clearly. In addition, you can use this feature to navigate through the results, previewing them before making your recovery decision.

3. Filter Option

The filtering option acts like icing on the cake. When you are dealing with hundreds of search results, finding the exact result for the recovery becomes a laborious job. However, with the filtering option, you can sort out the result based on their type, size, and name.

4. 100% Success Rate

Now, this is something that most software does not promise. But with the iBoysoft, you get a 100% chance to recover all the lost data, provided you take immediate action after encountering a data loss event. The Bitlocker recovery review will help you to achieve your objectives in a better way. 

How To Recover BitLocker Encrypted Drive Using iBoysoft?

iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software is a complete package with all the features needed to recover data. So no matter what the cause of your data loss is, iBoysoft can recover them all.

Follow the steps to use iBoysoft BitLocker recovery software effectively.

Step 1:Download

The first step is to download iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery software. While downloading, ensure that you are downloading from a clean source.

Step 2: Launch

Once the download is complete, launch the software. The software interphase will show all the attached drives to the system.

Step 3: Select The Drive

Navigate through the drives and select the drive that needs recovery. Click the drive; the system will ask you to give the encryption/recovery key. Put the relevant password, and the software will initiate the scanning process.

Step 4: Preview & Recover

After the scanning, the results will be visible on the screen. Preview the result to select the data you want to restore and click recover. The Bitlocker recovery review can help you to make things easier for you. 


iBoysoft BitLocker recovery software is one of its kind. It scans the encrypted drive and effectively extracts the lost and deleted files and folders. We have been using iBoysoft for the last six months, and from that experience, we can assure you that it is one of the best software that even the new users will find comfortable using it.  

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. Is iBoysoft Data Recovery Legit?   

According to many users, iBoysoft is legitimate and safe to use. The data recovery program has a deeper scan feature to recover the files than usual. This data recovery file has a deep scan feature which makes sure that you recover files than usual. The application of the Bitlocker recovery review can make things easier for you. 

2. Is It possible To recover The Bitlocker? 

Files that are lost from the Bitlocker encrypted partitions can be recovered easily for the correct decryption file or the partition you need to know. It is one of the feasible ways that you can opt for that to make things easier for you. 

3. Is Bitlocker To Go Safe?   

The best part of the BitLocker is that it can encrypt new data automatically and will make things safer for you. You can consider encrypting the entire drive. It will ensure all the data is protected in the correct order. The data that you have deleted earlier might still contain retrieval info. The Bitlocker recovery review can make things easier for you. 

4. Does Bitlocker Recovery Delete Files? 

You can opt for the deletion of files by clicking on the shift+delete option. Files are emptied from the recycle bin. Virus attacks, power failures, operating system crashes, and data loss will help you to delete files in a better way. 

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