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Prodeg is a company in Curitiba, Brazil, that is very well known for offering different services. They provide service to many different countries of Latin America as well. The fan base of this company is huge as they have been in the market for more than 30 years now. Some of the common areas they offer their service are oil, retail, food, education, gas, and more. 

Curious about the company and want to know more? Here are some of the things that will help you to get a good idea. We have gathered all the information about the company from different sources. It might help you to get an idea about the company and get your answers. 

What Is Prodeg? 

Prodeg is one of the popular companies in the market, and they have been providing their service for more than 30 years now. They have developed different services in areas like management & business education, certification, and others. 

They offer the best solutions to increase productivity, profitability, and other factors. Apart from that, they also assist in different things like audits, process restructuring, cost rationalization process, management training, and consulting. 

Prodeg is filled with experienced and highly qualified professionals capable of providing results under challenging scenarios. The core value and trust are reflected through the actions of each and every professional. They provide their 100% to provide the best for their customers. 

Services Offered 

Some of the most common services this company offers are certifications, training & courses, engineering, and others. Here are all the services and the details given below to help you take a deeper look at Prodeg. Make sure to go through all the different points to find out more about these services.

1. Engineering 

You can get different services from Prodeg, such as safety engineering and environmental engineering. 

2. Training & Courses 

There are lots of things available that you can learn from your growing business with a little assistance from the experts. Some of the experts include store network management, franchise management, and others. 

3. Certifications 

To have a good and trusting relationship in the industry, you will need to have some international certifications. Prodeg offers some of the certification services as well like environmental, quality management, business management, food safety, hospital management, occupational safety, and others. 

4. Franchises And Networks 

The team of Prodeg is filled with experts who are more than ready to assist you to increase the company’s value. A lot of these processes are very necessary for the company. You can take a look at all of these courses to find out what are the ways to optimize the business. It will also help you to find out more about franchise administration. 

5. Culture Programs 

While all the other things are important for a business, cultural programs are a major part as well. It can both motivate and influence the employees and create a learning atmosphere that helps to increase production and provide better results. So, investing in them is one of the investments that will help to improve the future of the company. It helps to reduce avoidable risks, reliability, efficiency, and others. Prodeg offers the opportunity to learn the importance and use it for your business. 

6. Compliance 

The simple meaning of compliance is “to act in accordance with the regulations” However, the meaning of compliance is different in the educational word “to adhering to all the regulations, external and internal controls. In the professional world, you will need to oblige all the standards and policies created by the company. 
As a result, everyone in the company will stay by the rules and provide better productivity. It also confirms that the firm completely agrees with all the obligations set by the company. With the help of Prodeg, you will find out more about compliance.

Apart from that, you will get some environmental certifications such as ISO 14040ISO 10441, Chain of Custody Forest Certification, ISO 50001, etc. They can make a very noticeable difference in your business. But, that is not all, Prodeg offers other quality certifications as well like 5S Program, Ishikawa DIagram, ISO 17025IATF 16949PBQP-HISO 9001PDCA, and others. 

Presence Of Prodeg In Different Industries 

Prodeg has a strong presence in many different industries, making it one of the bests in the market. Some of these industries include the retail industry, sports industry, food industry, energy sector, education industry, oil & gas industry, health industry, telecommunications industry, transport, etc. They have been providing their excellent work in these industries for a long time. Now, they have managed to become a pioneer in the industry and have an excellent grasp of the market. 

Customers Of Prodeg 

Another thing that makes Prodeg different from all the other competitors in the market is its customized service for the customers. Furthermore, the innovative methodologies of Prodeg help build trust among the customers and keep them for the long term. Some of the big names of the market are the customers of Prodeg, such as Copel, Coca-Cola, Nissin, Heineken, Correios, Votorantim, Britania, Granero, Itapemirim, Porto Itapoá, and others. 

Getting every bit of information about a company is very crucial whether you are a customer or competitor. If you are reading this, it means you want to find out about Prodeg as well. A lot of things have changed past the pandemic; you need to stay updated with all the changes. Don’t worry; you have come to the right place to get information. We have done our research and gathered all the information about this company.


Go through this article to find out more about the company and have an idea about different sectors like customers, services, presence, and others. If this article has helped you to find information, make sure to share it with others. Also, share your thoughts in the comments to help us provide better content. 

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