Top 7 Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now

Skincare Mistakes

Who does not want beautiful, clear, healthy-looking skin? Everyone does! Having healthy skin is what we all aim for, but you can achieve it without doing anything and by following a proper skincare routine. Supplementing this routine with vitamins like vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium from known and trusted brands like RnA ReSet can also help since vitamin deficiency negatively affects the skin’s appearance.

In most cases, the skincare routine includes what needs to be done but not what you should not do; there are always do’s and don’ts for your skin. We hope you are totally aware of the dos. So, here are the don’ts for you.

Top Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now

Top Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now

The first step of skincare starts with selecting the best products for your skin, like Louis Widmer dermatologic products. Along with using top-notch products, you have to eliminate the mistakes you might be making till now. So, let’s have a look at them.

1. Not Removing Makeup Before Going To Bed

The worst thing you can do to your skin is go to bed putting your makeup on. Your makeup clogged the pores of your skin.

In addition to that, while sleeping, due to the friction between the surface of your pillow and your skin, the dirt in your skin gets into the pores, it can not release the excess oil, and acne breakouts happen. So, always remove your makeup, clean your skin and apply your moisturizer before heading to bed.

2. Not Layering the Products In Proper Order

You might know that for healthy skin, it is crucial to layer products. It protects your skin from outer damages. But do you know how to do the layering part? This mistake can be really harmful to your skin as well.

First, you need to wash your face, then go with a toner. After that, layer with a light moisturizer as per your skin, and lastly, put on some sunscreen for daytime. Follow this routine daily, at least 15 minutes before leaving your home.

3. Too Much Exfoliating Or Not Exfoliating At All

You might have heard that exfoliating is essential for healthy and fresh-looking skin. But that does not mean you will exfoliate daily. Twice or thrice a week is enough.

Too much exfoliation will expose your inner skin, which is much more delicate and will get hampered too easily. At the same time, not exfoliating at all is also not done. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from your upper skin, and new skin gets to breathe.

4. Touching Your Skin Too Much

Another mistake you are making without knowing is touching your face too much. When you are touching your face, you are exposing it to more germs, oils, and grease.

In your day-to-day life, you are touching whatever is not with your hand and collecting all the germs from different places. The dirt gets trapped in your skin and results in acne breakouts.

5. Using The Same Moisturizer At Day And Night

Moisturization is a must for your skin. It is the key to having healthy and younger-looking skin. Now what type of moisturizer you are using matters a lot. You should choose a moisturizer, which will suit your skin type.

Apart from that, your day cream or moisturizer should be on a lighter base, and it will be best to have a little SPF; on the other hand, your night-time moisturizer should be more moisturizing and heavy like serums and all.

Skipping The Sunscreen

Skipping The Sunscreen

Sunscreens are not only for beaches; lock this fact deep inside your head. During the daytime, especially from 9 am to 5 pm, your skin needs sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Ultraviolet rays are everywhere, even if you are at your home; put on sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage, and never take a single step outside your house without sunscreen.

5. Following The Wrong Routine

Do not follow your best-friends routine and product just because she has flawless skin. Everyone’s skin is different, so their needs are as well.

You first need to have your skin tested by an experienced dermatologist and then develop a skincare routine and select the right products as per your skin type.

Have A Proper Skincare Routine

Create a proper skincare routine to take care of your precious skin. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing should be there in your daily skin-care routine. Always opt for dermatologically tested products as they are safer than those commercial tv products.

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