5 Common Challenges Homeowners Face When Moving To A New House

New House

Once you decide on moving to a new home, you must start planning early. Changing your house and moving to a newly lease up apartment can be stressful. Everything is new for you, and you have no idea how your life will fall into the groves.

When you move to your house, new challenges emerge. Even though you have prepared for these challenges, there are times when these challenges just go out of hand. So, what can you do to face the challenges? The best precaution is to prepare yourself for all kinds of things that can go wrong.

Common Challenges You May Face While Moving To A New House

The house moving process is a challenging task. You may have planned your move, but it is not necessary that everything will go as you planned. You must prepare yourself for all kinds of challenges you may face while moving to a different location. The better prepared you are, the higher your chances of successfully moving.

Here are a few challenges that you might face while moving to a new home.

1. Unreliable Movers

Unreliable Movers

The last thing you would like to see is that the movers could not make it on time or have no accountability for the damaged products while moving. In contrast, these are mild compared to the movers who do not turn up at all.

It is important that you go through several moving companies and research the way they handle their work. Go through their website, social handles, and customer reviews to find how reliable they are.

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2. Insufficient time

One of the major challenges you might encounter is time management. You might realize that you do not have enough to finish all your work before the day of moving. This might include the inability to find enough time to change your address to a new one or finish packing altogether.

You must understand that the shortage of time when preparing your move comes from the poor organization of the pre-moved period. Therefore, the moment you finalize your move date, create a moving checklist and remind you of the things that need to be completed before the moving day.

3. Overpacking


At first glance, the term over packing does not seem to be a problem at all. After all, you’re moving your house; you ought to pack everything. However, what about the items that are not necessary and are simply lying in your house.

Packing more items that you need in your new home can be problematic in many ways.

  • Packing unnecessary things increases your moving price.
  • Packing things you won’t ever need again would mean a waste of time, money, and space.
  • Packing useless items can take up space that otherwise would have been used to store necessary things.

4. Bad Weather

Unfortunately, you do have the power to solve all the problems. One of such problems is bad weather. If the weather is not too good on your moving day, you can do nothing other than try your best to cope with the weather.

  • Summer season: Ensure you have enough water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Winter season: Winter season means icefall. Regularly contact the mover in case conditions worsen, and your move gets postponed.
  • Rainy season: although rain will not affect your move, it might get delayed if heavy thunderstorms occur.

5. Damaged Items

Damaged Items

When moving house, it is important to understand that loose packing can easily damage goods and property, especially fragile ones. You definitely won’t be too happy seeing broken things when you open up the boxes.

Hence, ensure that all your things are tightly packed. Here are a few things you can do to ensure everything remains in place.

  • Pack your items carefully.
  • Use only moving boxes.
  • Reinforce the bottom of the boxes.
  • Use enough padding to secure goods.
  • Label the boxes appropriately.


It is important that you are prepared for the challenges you might encounter while moving to a new house. If you can make a list of challenges and prepare countermeasures for them, you will be able to complete your house move successfully.

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