Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is evolving fast, and 2022 promises more advances. Artificial intelligence is expected to take a more active role in generating and optimizing content. The mobile-first approach will continue to be a priority for marketers because of the dominance of the mobile platform.

However, marketers will also adopt omnichannel marketing to pass their marketing message across apps, social media, blogs, email, and other digital platforms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will continue to be a  major pillar in digital marketing.  Here are several trends that Brew digital marketing agency predict will play a big role in 2022:

1. Mobile-First Marketing Approach 

The mobile platform generates a larger share of internet traffic today and will keep growing as more people acquire smartphones. In 2022, mobile traffic will account for the bigger share of internet traffic. Marketers would need to optimize their sales funnels for mobile device viewing to keep their sites relevant in the future. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)  is expected to become an important tool in digital marketing as Google favors AMP-indexed sites in its search engine results.

2. Shorter Video Content Format 

Video continues to be the most popular type of content because of its ease of understanding even across language barriers. Social media has helped push this type of content. However, shorter videos will be preferred because they work well for social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. 

3. More Use of Chatbots and Virtual Assistants 

AI chatbots and virtual assistants play a big role in automating customer service. They bring the advantage of 24/7 availability.  As a result, businesses will adopt more automation for cost-efficiency and quicker responses to customer queries. In addition, voice-activated chatbots will be used on more websites for more friendly customer service.

4. Multi-Channel Marketing 

Multi-Channel Marketing or Omnichannel marketing attracts many marketers because brands need to give a harmonized marketing message. This approach involves generating and optimizing content for different platforms, including websites, social media, apps, email, and other digital platforms.

Omnichannel marketing will continue to be the preferred marketing approach because brands need to stay visible on different platforms. 

Businesses need to understand that the key to online success is creating the perfect ecosystem that can help build and support growth. If you use Digitech Web Design and the expertise of their professionals, you will be able to ace omnichannel marketing and drive real results for your business across search engines and social media platforms. 

5. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is predicted to rise as influencers help create an emotional bond with their followers. Marketers will continue to use influencer marketing because it allows them to reach many target customers more effectively and provides better ROI (return on investment). 

However, marketers will use micro-influencers with 5,000-10,000 followers because their circles are tighter, with stronger personal relationships. 

6. More interactive content 

Content remains king and will continue to play the biggest role in attracting web traffic. However, interactive content is becoming more desirable in engaging audiences, for example,  quizzes and 360-degree videos. As a result, 2022 will see more interactive content as brands try to catch and retain the attention of their target audiences.

7. Conversational Marketing 

Traditional marketing that follows a script is losing favor because audiences want to know what value they will get by using one product over the other. Conversational marketing provides customers with more relevant knowledge because they can ask questions and get immediate answers.  Chatbots and virtual assistants will enable more intelligent and useful conversations. 

As more voice devices come to the market,  voice search will continue to grow. It is changing how marketers generate content because voice search works differently from the usual text-based search.  Voice search uses longer phrases, which means marketers will be forced to slant content to make it more friendly to these queries. 

9. Video Marketing 

Video marketing will continue to rise in popularity because it is a cost-effective way to share information quickly. However, a video needs a captivating introduction and a solid call to action, or the target audience will lose interest.

Using live video will also grow in 2022 because of its popularity on platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.  In addition, audiences spend longer on Live videos than pre-recorded videos because they feel they have more control over the content.  It also creates Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), making audiences eager for these live events. 

10. Growth of Augmented Reality 

AR is growing in popularity because it creates experiences for the customer. With this technology, virtual objects are created using the real world and overlaid with digital information. More marketers will find opportunities for creating engaging AR content for customers. 

Virtual Reality (VR) will also work alongside AR to give audiences more immersive experiences and raise engagement.  These two technologies are already working well for industries such as real estate, but more affordability and availability of VR and AR devices will see faster adoption in the future.

Digital marketing will continue to be the dominant type of marketing in 2022 and beyond because of the role of digital platforms in all spheres of life. But customer-focused content marketing will also continue to have a big influence on how digital marketing is done in 2022 and far into the future. 

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