How Many Hot Wheels Are There In The World

How Many Hot Wheels Are There In The World

Amigo! Welcome To The World Of All Favorite Tiny Hot Wheels Cars

Hot Wheels remind us of the miniature metal car that rules the toy industry worldwide. Did  you know “how many Hot Wheels are there in the world”; if you are someone who is fascinated about this company and its production then go through this blog to know every corner of Hot Wheels. 

This hot wheel car maker talked about ‘how many Hot Wheels are there in the world’ at many events and television shows. From our childhood, we have seen these miniature toy cars in every household. For a birthday present to give to a child, every parent’s first choice is Hot Wheels. 

It can be said that parents have an interest in collecting the entire collection and making the house of Hot Wheels. After knowing this you will be amazed that this toy company produces 2 billion wheels per year. Just imagine how many Hot Wheels sold out in the year worldwide. 

How Many Hot Wheels Are There In The World?

How Many Hot Wheels Are There In The World 1
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Hot Wheel  introduced the company in the NEW YORK TOY FAIR in 1968. The company claimed that in the world there are more than 2 billion wheels. They also said that this is enough to  beat any doored products. 

So, it is quite difficult to collect 2 billion Hot Wheels in the home by someone. But we are optimistic about passion. So if you have passion about this then you will definitely do this. At last, you can try this. How many Hot Wheels are there in the world–there 20,000 varieties of Hot Wheels cars exist in the marketplace. 

“Hot Wheels factory has over 350 partners”— it has been mentioned in the official website of Hot Wheels. Nearly every auto manufacturer in the world is a partner of this company. There are so many things that you should know about these little, cute but hot cars. 

How Many Hot Wheels Are Made Each Day?

How Many Hot Wheels Are Made Each Day
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After knowing, “how many Hot Wheels are there in the world?”– let’s know how many Hot Wheels are made each day.  When we are confused between wheels and doors, Hot Wheels stated that they produce 16 wheels per second. Now, calculate how many cars they produce in a day. Each year, they make 6,000 miles of orange track every year. 

This popular toy company started its journey with a dark blue CUSTOM CAMARO in 1968. And the first Hot Wheels cars were sold as the “Sweet 16”.  The survey of the USA also figures out that the average child owns 50 Hot Wheels in the U.S.A. This company broke three world records and sold in over 150 countries. For the past 50 years, this company has remained at $1.00. 

How many Hot Wheels are made each year? In a recent report, this year produced 500 million Hot Wheels.  It is really amazing that Hot Wheels introduce 130 new car designs each year. On this note, we should remember that from 1968 to 2023, this company designed more than 7000 cars. It’s WOW!!

How Many Hot Wheels Are In The Entire World?

How Many Hot Wheels Are In The Entire World
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 How many toy cars are there in the world– In 1968, the founder Elliot Handler launched this hottest toy company.  In the entire world, over 6 billion Hot Wheels have been launched since 1968. 

If we take a look at the list of Hot Wheels 2023, there are 139 new design wheelers available. Here is the official list👉

ToyCol.Model NameSeriesSeries
HKG27001Volvo P1800 GasserHW Dream GarageNew for 2023!1/5
HKG79002’87 Ford Sierra CosworthHW: The ’80s1/10
HKG97003Classic TV Series BatmobileBatman1/5
HKL16003Classic TV Series BatmobileBatmanSuper Treasure Hunt1/5
HKJ72003Classic TV Series Batmobile (2nd Color)Batman1/5
HKG25004Ford Escort RS2000Retro RacersNew for 2023!1/10
HKL43004Ford Escort RS2000 (2nd Color)Red EditionNew for 2023!Target Exclusive1/12
004Ford Escort RS2000 (3rd Color)Retro RacersNew for 2023!1/10
HKH03005Dimachinni VeloceRetro Racers2/10
005Dimachinni Veloce (2nd Color)Retro Racers2/10
HKH07006HW K.I.T.T. ConceptHW Screen Time1/10
HKH15007Bricking TrailsBrick Rides1/5
HKG24008Dessert DrifterSweet RidesNew for 2023!1/5
008Dessert Drifter (2nd Color)Sweet RidesNew for 2023!1/5
HKH18009Sweet DriverSweet Rides2/5
HKK98010Raijin ExpressHW HaulersTreasure Hunt1/5
HKH24011Fast-Bed HaulerHW Haulers2/5
HKH36012Roadster BiteHW Roadsters1/10
HKK07012Roadster Bite (2nd Color)HW Roadsters1/10
HKH37013’17 Pagani Huayra RoadsterHW Roadsters2/10
HKL23013’17 Pagani Huayra Roadster (2nd Color – Zamac)HW RoadstersWalmart Exclusive2/10
013’17 Pagani Huayra Roadster (3rd Color)HW Roadsters2/10
HKH38014Corvette Grand Sport RoadsterHW Roadsters3/10
014Corvette Grand Sport Roadster (2nd Color)HW Roadsters3/10
HKH45015Track MangaHW Art Cars1/10
HKK14015Track Manga (2nd Color)HW Art Cars1/10
HKH4601670s VanHW Art Cars2/10
HKL2401670s Van (2nd Color – Zamac)HW Art CarsWalmart Exclusive2/10
01670s Van (3rd Color)HW Art Cars2/10
HKH85017LB Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia (S15)
HW Modified
HKL52017LB Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia (S15) (2nd Color)Red EditionTarget Exclusive2/12
HKK47017LB Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia (S15) (3rd Color)HW Modified1/5
HKH830181970 Pontiac FirebirdHW Modified2/5
HKH88019AiruptionSky Show1/5
019Airuption (2nd Color)Sky Show1/5
HKG23020Nissan Patrol CustomHW J-ImportsNew for 2023!1/10
020Nissan Patrol Custom (2nd Color)HW J-ImportsNew for 2023!1/10

Click here to get the full Hot Wheels series list of 2023 👉 Hot Wheels

What Made Hot Wheels Popular?

What Made Hot Wheels Popular
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In 1969, The Twin Mill was launched and created the company’s first full scale replica car in 2001. This car was designed based on a Hot Wheels design. It was launched on the 30th anniversary. This car made the toy company popular in the world. 

However, these miniature cars give the vives to children that they are in the car racing. The quality and model of the cars are inevitable. No one could imagine having this type of metal model. In its first year(1968), this sold 16 million miniature racing cars worldwide and made history in the toy company. This brand was established as the hottest brace of small toys in the USA. 

Are Hot Wheels Still Popular?

Are Hot Wheels Still Popular
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This is the most common question nowadays. It is natural to think that Hot Wheels are not so popular due to mobile games. We all know digital platforms and Web 2.0 change our priority and willingness. 

But when the question is about the popularity of Hot Wheels, let me tell you that a recent report of the company shows that more than 16 Hot Wheels cars are sold out per second globally. So, you may understand that billions of parents are likely to buy affordable, well model and best performance cars for their children. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are so many things around Hot Wheels. If you are really interested in this company and its cars, then take a look at the section below. Here we covered the most frequent questions that people have asked at different times. 

1. Most Expensive Hot Wheels

Ans: The most expensive Hot Wheels is a 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb, priced at $72,000. Among 4 billion Hot Wheels cars, this rarest pink color is the most expensive car that HotWhhel produced in the late 60s. 
This car was owned by Bruce Pascal. He owns a 7000-piece Hot wheel collection in Maryland that includes this rare pink bomb car. 

2. How Much Do Hot Wheels Make In A Year?

Ans: The company claimed that they produce more than 10 million Hot Wheels in a week and 519 million in a year. Take a look at the last report of Hot Wheels. 
Characteristic      Gross sales in million U.S. dollars
⦿ 2020                      954.2
⦿ 2019                       925.9
⦿ 2018                       834.06
⦿ 2017                       777.34

3. Which Is The Best Selling Hot Wheels Character Car? 

Ans: Among 20,0000 Hot Wheels, Darth Vader is the best-selling Hot Wheels character car. This black four-wheeler likes most consumers. 

4. Who Is The No 1 Selling Toy In The World? 

Ans: Of course Hot Wheels. No need to explain why and how they become the no 1 selling toy in the world. No other company can beat its product quality and quantity. 
In this social media era, Hot Wheels is shared every 30 seconds on different social media platforms.

Final Words

So, this is all about the Hot-Wheeler world. Apart from this, Hot Wheels are a part of many video games. For instance, Need For Spread And Rocket League, and Forza. This company is the no 1 vehicle property. 

How many Hot Wheels are there in the world— over 6 billion since the starting years. It can be said, this toy car making company made history in the toy industry. Hot Wheels fans are confident in the popularity of the toy. 

If you like this article then stay tuned with us to get more interesting info about such types of topics.

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