How To Implement Yourself To Be Creative And Innovative On Your Work?

Creative and Innovative

We have heard at some point in our lives that creativity and innovation are two of the most important things to strive for at all times. This is because in this world of more than 7.8 billion people, standing out on top of everyone else has become a necessity for survival in this fierce competition of life.

Therefore, innovative thinking will help you stand out faster in the crowd and reach your goals more quickly in life. This is very important for you to understand since there is only one spot for the numero uno. In this article, we will discuss the various you can boost your creative and innovative juices to flow better.

Creativity VS Innovation

Creativity VS Innovation

Before we start turning you into a more creative and innovative person, we need to understand the meaning of these two terms and the difference between them.

Creativity refers to our ability to solve critical problems. It relates to our power to think differently and solve problems in a way that is faster than the expected process. Being original and unique with your approach to solving an issue is a must for creativity.

Another word for creativity is imagination. In your workplace, it refers to the brainstorming sessions you do in your office to develop new concepts. This can be anything from new products, services, management rules, and much more. Being creative will help you overcome marketing obstacles that even your competitors will have difficulty following through.

There are two main types of creativity, divided into four subtypes – deliberate, cognitive, spontaneous, and emotional.

1. Deliberate And Cognitive Creativity

Deliberate And Cognitive Creativity

This refers to you brainstorming new ideas by focusing on a particular subject or topic in your head. 

2. Spontaneous And Emotional Creativity

This refers to the creation of new ideas automatically due to external mental stimuli.

On the other hand, innovation in a sentence refers to linking together creative ideas to create products and services that others can use and consumer for their benefit. Innovation is more useful in your workplace because it is a necessity for helping your business expand. It is what comes after creativity.

In the workplace, there exist three main types of innovation:

3. Business Model

Business Model

This type of innovation is related to expanding and improving the operations and tasks of your business. This refers to stringing together new ideas to create an operational model for enterprises to develop. 

4. Product


This refers to creating various concepts of products (creativity), followed by conceptualizing the overall process of creating the product you thought about. It is this process where innovation lies. After the creative process of designing the product, it is now time to think of a plan to create the product physically.

5. Marketing


Marketing innovation refers to thinking about new marketing tactics to overcome the competition. This gets followed by a marketing plan that integrates your products and services and the firm’s aim. This positions your products to the customers to understand the value of consuming them.

Now that you know about the basic concepts and types of innovation and creativity in the workplace, you must have figured out some key differences between them. The main difference between creativity and innovation is straightforward – creativity comes before innovation.

Creativity is the process of grouping together new ideas to create a concept. Innovation comes after it as the process you incorporate to turn that concept into a reality. For example, you can think creatively about building a time machine. But you will not be innovative just by thinking about it. You have to make it to innovate.

Creativity And Innovation In The Workplace

Suppose you are wondering how to be more creative and innovative in the workplace. In that case, you can follow these guidelines given below and stick to them no matter the outcome.

1. Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset

The first requirement for boosting your creative and innovative prowess is always having a positive mindset. First, you need to ask yourself – what does creativity mean to you? If you want to be creative, you need to have that urge from within yourself to think differently from others.

A positive mindset is necessary because creativity and innovation require you to constantly think of new ideas and play trial and error with them. If one idea does not work, you need to think of another one. Stopping after just a few failures will deter you from reaching out to your true creative self and innovating at work.

2. Focused Goals

Focused Goals

Having a focused goal is critical for boosting your creativity because thinking about unnecessary things will hamper your brain with extra activities. In addition, having a focused topic has proven to give better results since your thought process gets concentrated.

3. Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

Creativity and innovation are pointless without having the appropriate knowledge to brainstorm new ideas. Having good knowledge of a field allows you to understand its concepts better and think about new ways to utilize them. In business, knowledge about the market and your competitors is the key to success when combined with the flow of creative and innovative ideas.

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4. Cooperation Is Key

Cooperation Is Key

Having only one brain to do everything can sound the best at first. But in your workplace where there are many other employees, working as a team is the best way to be creative and innovative. This is because every member can combine their unique ideas to create something special.

5. Make Do With Whatever You Have

Make Do With Whatever You Have

Which of the following is true for creativity? Thinking realistically or unrealistically?

While brainstorming during your “creative thinking” sessions, you need to realize what you have in hand as resources to help you with your goals. This is more important while innovating as you will be hard stuck with the available resources. Uselessly thinking about concepts that are not possible is a waste of time and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Creative And Innovative The Same?

Being creative and being innovative are two cogs of the same wheel. Creativity is the first step of the process where you come up with a unique and different idea. Innovation is the next stage in the prowess where you apply your wits and knowledge to execute your creative ideas.

Q2. How Would You Describe Creativity And Innovation?

According to the dictionary, creativity is coming up with new ideas that are original and unique. On the other hand, innovation means the creation of something new.

Q3. What Is The Difference Between Innovation, Invention, And Creativity?

Innovation means to innovate – to create something new out of various original concepts. Creativity refers to the process of coming up with many initial concepts and ideas – the prerequisite to innovation. On the other hand, Invention refers to creating a new product – the final stage of this three-phase cycle.

Q4. Why Is It Important To Be Creative And Innovative?

It is essential to be creative and innovative in life. It allows you to fully implement all your knowledge and skills to develop new concepts and products that can boost your business in the right direction. On the other hand, a non-creative and unimaginative firm will not have new original products to differentiate them from their competitors and boost their sales.


After you notice many examples of innovation in everyday life, you must wonder how these people thought about them in the first place? Yet, they were constantly motivated, knowledgeable in their field of experience, and thought realistically about their goals.

To stay creative and innovative in your workplace, you need to follow the guidelines that we have provided in this article. Try them out for some time and see the results for yourself!

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