The Huawei MatePad T 10 Kids Edition: Learning And Games Rolled Into One?

Huawei MatePad T 10

Everyone thinks that the pandemic was tough on them. What they fail to realize is the fact that young children suffered incrementally as compared to adults. While adults had recourse to going outside (at least to buy essentials) and were allowed to arm themselves with vaccines, young kids were not allowed. Now you can have the Huawei Matepad T 10 kids edition which can cut the boredom of your child.

They lost critical years of their lives which they would have spent learning in schools, playing games with their friends, and learning new skills like music and coloring. They were forced (for their own good) to stay indoors and were compelled to change their daily habits and routines. Just like adults, it was technology that too came to the aid of young kids.

The last few years have seen a growing emphasis on technological gadgets like kids tablet. These devices have been playing a critical role in helping young children keep pace with learning and development. It has also helped them to engage in entertainment, albeit in a safe, friendly, and fun manner.

What Is The Huawei MatePad T 10 Edition Tablet For Kids?

What Is The Huawei MatePad T 10 Edition Tablet For Kids?

The first thing that parents should know about this exciting device is that it has been specifically engineered for young children. This is not an Apple iPad that you will have to customize for use by your children.

The Huawei Matepad T kids tablet that has been designed and created keeping in mind the expectations of both young children and their parents. The 2 GB and 32 GB device has been priced aggressively at just 799 SAR.

The tablet is aimed at parents that have kids that are aged between 3 and 8 years. This makes it perfect for young children and allows parents to create an environment that promoted both learning and development through the use of the kids tablet.

10 Major Features Of The Huawei MatePad T 10 Tablet

10 Major Features Of The Huawei MatePad T 10 Tablet

Let us list down some other details regarding the Huawei MatePad T 10 Edition for kids-

1. Size Of The Display-

The size of the device stands at a very functional 9.7 inches. You also get a resolution of 1280×800 IPS screen that is bright and comes with color adjustment.

2. Certified Safe By Regulators-

The Huawei Matepad T kids tablet has been certified safe by the authorities and is made using a food-grade silicone case. The stylus has been deemed safe for use by young children.

3. Nifty Stand To Help It Stand-

There is also a useful stand that can be used to prop up the kid’s tablet when you want it to keep it in a much more standing position.

4. In-Built Apps And Subscriptions-

Huawei Matepad T has collaborated with great brands like BabyBus and Azoomee. You get a great 12-month subscription plan inbuilt with the tablet for Azoomee.

5. Parental Controls For Safety-

There are a host of parental controls that help parents control screen time, check out which apps are being used, and divide use time between weekdays and weekends.

6. Blue Light Filter for Eye Protection-

To protect young eyes, you get a great in-built blue light filter that adjusts itself accordingly to the light that is outside. There is also a bad road feature to protect the eyes.

7. Long Battery Life-

One of the great things about the MatePad T 10 Kids Edition is the great battery life. The 5100 MAH battery provided up to 10 hours of long use which is perfect for car trips.

8. Two Camera and Speaker Set-Up-

There are two cameras that can help children take pictures on the fly. You get a 2 MP front camera for video calls and a high-quality 5 MP camera for pictures and videos.

9. Stylus for Drawing and Colouring-

Huawei provides a Stylus Pen with the tablet, something that you would normally have to spend money on if you buy from other brands. This is perfect for drawing.

10. Exciting and Affordable Price Point-

The Huawei MatePad T 10 is priced affordably and will not burn a hold in the parent’s pockets. You can get them at physical stores or e-commerce platforms.

The Bottom Line

Huawei has always been known as a brand that does its research when it comes to products. With the Huawei MatePad T 10, you see the thought and understanding that has gone into creating every single aspect of the tablet. Many experts feel that Huawei has knocked it out of the park with this kid’s tablet. Let us know what you think about the MatePad T 10 Kids Edition in the comments section. 

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