Why Can’t I Post On Instagram? Here’s The Fix

Why Can't I Post On Instagram Here's The Fix

The Instagram app’s restriction against sharing images and videos is one such issue. The question “Why cant I post on Instagram?” must be a mystery to you. Although there are several reasons, the treatments are often the same.

If you can’t identify the cause, it gets harder to resolve Instagram posting-related problems. Therefore, it would be preferable to ascertain the possible causes of Instagram’s publishing restrictions and attempt to resolve them using this step-by-step solution manual.

Why Can’t I Post On Instagram?

Why Can't I Post On Instagram
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People frequently have abrupt difficulties posting on Instagram when the Instagram app has a cache-related problem.

If Instagram won’t allow you to upload images or videos, try upgrading the application, deleting the app’s cache, or changing your network before uploading again.

Other factors that can cause this issue are:

  • Instagram cannot publish photographs and videos if there is a weak internet connection.
  • It’s possible that Instagram won’t recognize the video or image format being posted.
  • Your post’s content could be against Instagram’s rules.
  • You might need to acknowledge the post’s true author.
  • You are temporarily prohibited from posting on Instagram.
  • It’s possible that the Instagram app won’t be able to access your device’s gallery and that it doesn’t have the necessary permission.
  • Over 30 hashtags total are included in your post.
  • The uploaded item is larger than Instagram’s allotted upload file size limit.
  • The posted item can also have a greater aspect ratio than allowed (applies to images)
  • You could be attempting to upload a video file that is longer than 60 seconds.

Ways To Fix This Issue

To fix this issue, follow these methods explained below:

1. Restart The Instagram Application

Restart The Instagram Application

Restarting your phone would be the first and simplest answer. Restarting the computer can resolve any transient software difficulties, including the Instagram uploading problem.

Hold down the power button on an Android device until the reboot option appears. Tap the restart phone button. Depending on the model of your phone, the process may vary.

Hold down the power and home buttons on an iOS device until the Apple logo displays on display. Hold down the power and volume keys on an iPhone 11 or 12 for around 3 seconds until the screen turns dark and the Apple logo displays.

2. Reduce File Size

Reduce File Size

You can run into this problem if you try to upload any films or photographs that were immediately imported from your high-quality camera. We don’t often think about the Instagram file size restriction, but you should be aware of it before sharing a high-quality photo or video.

Size of Instagram picture Guidelines:

  • Posts might be horizontal, vertical, or square.
  • Square posts should be 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • The recommended size for landscape articles is 1080 by 566 pixels, with a 1.91:1 aspect ratio.
  • Vertical photos should have a 4:5 aspect ratio and be 1080 pixels by 1350 pixels in size.

Size of Instagram video Guidelines:

  • Video can have an aspect ratio ranging from 1.91:1 to 4:5.
  • 16:9 is the best aspect ratio for horizontal video.
  • Make sure your video files don’t exceed 4 GB in size.
  • The maximum duration of the video is 60 seconds.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Check Your Internet Connection

On the phone, as I mentioned earlier, take the following actions:

  1. Check the state of your phone’s internet connection; if it’s disabled, turn it on.
  2. If the connection is already active, tap the flight mode, give it a moment, then turn it off. It will restart a fresh connection and flush.
  3. Try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi if you are currently connected to it.
  4. You may also switch off and back on your data as needed.

4. Clear Instagram Cache Memory

Clear Instagram Cache Memory

The problems appear to be fixed when a user clears Instagram’s application cache memory. The Instagram app creates and keeps the cache on your phone while it is running.

The cache memory preserves account-related metadata from earlier entries. Apps may be unable to complete a routine task due to cache memory. You might be unable to upload images or videos to Instagram as a result.

Open the app management or go directly to the Instagram app storage settings to remove the cache.

5. Comply With Instagram Photo & Video Policies

Comply With Instagram Photo & Video Policies

Instagram has tight guidelines on the types of images you may submit. Strong bots that they have on hand can easily spot any image or video that violates their rules. Instagram won’t allow you to publish an image or a video if it’s against their posting guidelines.

Another situation is publishing content that you don’t own without giving credit to the author. Here, copyright concerns can restrict you from uploading such photos or photographs. 

Therefore, make sure your posts adhere to their policy and are free of copyright violations.

6. Check Instagram Data Settings

Check Instagram Data Settings

Instagram includes data-saving settings that stop you from concurrently posting too many posts. To conserve your internet data, the program disables various bulk uploading functionalities.

It’s possible that your data saver is turned on if you are unable to publish to Instagram. Even if it has nothing to do with submitting a single file, you should nonetheless give it some thought.

7. Free Up Your Storage Space

Free Up Your Storage Space

You might have this problem if the storage on your phone is full. Instagram makes an effort to save posted videos and images in your system’s memory (based on save uploaded photos settings).

If the app stores posted photographs, videos, and original material on your smartphone, then storage space must be made available for these files in order to be stored. You might not be able to publish a new image if your device memory is full since the app won’t finish saving it.

Either turn off the “save posted media” feature or make some room on your phone. Within the app’s Account settings > Original Post are these choices.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question):-

The answers to some questions related to why cant I post on Instagram are:

Q1. How Do I Fix My Instagram Not Working?

Ans: Activate Instagram again. The majority of the time, restarting Instagram will fix any issues. You’ll need to shut down the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android in order to accomplish this. Then, run the app again to see whether the issue has been fixed.

Q2. Why Suddenly Instagram Stopped Working?

Ans: When your app is not updated, Instagram frequently crashes because there may be a problem or a malfunction that can only be fixed by upgrading the app to the most recent version. Android users may utilize Google’s Play Store to find and obtain the update.

Q3. What Happens If I Clear Data In Instagram?

Ans: Many users fear that deleting their accounts will happen if they remove the data for the Facebook and Instagram applications. But that’s not accurate. Only wiping data will lock you out of your accounts on these apps. This is due to the fact that such social media applications save their data in the cloud rather than on your phone.


There can be various reasons why cant I post on Instagram. 

If you can’t identify the cause, it gets harder to resolve Instagram posting-related problems. Therefore, it would be preferable to ascertain the possible causes of Instagram’s publishing restrictions and attempt to resolve them using this step-by-step solution manual.

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