6 Reasons Why Employers Should Consider Workwear for Employees

Workwear for Employees

What’s your work environment’s clothing policy and should it be reviewed? Workwear is the norm in many industries such as hospitals, construction, hospitality and airlines. And, in some industries it’s a legal requirement to provide safety and protective gear for employees working in hazardous situations.

But, what about organisations that don’t need to supply employees with uniforms? Are employers missing out on opportunities by not dressing their staff in clothing such as embroidered workwear or formal polos? What are the benefits of providing uniforms for your team of workers?

Read on if you still need some convincing to switch your employees from personal clothing to workwear. We share six reasons every employer should consider when deciding if dressing their employees in uniform is the way to go.

6 Reasons Why Employers Should Consider Workwear for Employees

1. It’s a Legal Requirement: What the Law Says About Workwear

Every country has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to supplying workwear to employees. These stipulations are guided by the industry and the type of work being performed. In countries such as Australia, employers in sectors such as construction and medical are required by law to provide occupational protective clothing for their workers.

Such workwear items include high visibility tradewear, industry-approved footwear, food preparation gear such as aprons and healthcare uniforms such as medical scrubs. This type of uniform helps to keep the wearer safe when working in areas that are potentially dangerous.

2. Cultivates a United Workforce

Uniforms can cultivate an atmosphere of unity amoung your workforce. This is essential for good teamwork as well as creating a sense of equality between your employees. A good example of this would be your sports team who is kitted out in uniform. Players will feel united with each other and more inclined to play as a team which is conducive to winning a game.

When your employees are dressed in similar workwear, they’ll feel part of the team too. They’re encouraged and motivated to work together towards a goal. Wearing uniforms also puts everyone in the workplace on the same level which cultivates mutual respect for colleagues.

3. Encourages Employee Buy-In

When employees are dressed in workwear branded with the company’s logo, you’ll get more buy-in towards your brand’s vision and mission. Branded uniforms remind your employees who and what they’re working for, encouraging them to follow and support your organisation’s dreams and aspirations.

Dressing your employees in workwear that clearly displays the brand’s logo is a good way to align your staff with your business goals and values. When your team actively supports your entity, they’re also willing to promote the brand they’re working for with branded workwear.

4. Better Productivity

When your team is working as a united workforce, show mutual respect for each other and are proud of your company’s goals and values, their work productivity improves. All of this can be achieved by kitting your staff out in standard workwear. But, functional and comfortable workwear also makes it easier for certain tasks to be performed, improving productivity.

Consider the following:

  • Chefs can work freely when dressed in gear designed for working in commercial kitchens
  • Mechanics can get down and dirty without worrying about their overalls getting covered in grease
  • Careworkers can get on with looking after their patients without worrying about germs when wearing medical scrubs

When your employees are comfortable, they’re more likely to be productive and efficient in the workplace.

5. Instant Organisation Recognition

Customers will easily recognise which organisation your employee works for when they’re dressed in workwear with your logo and in your company colours. Workwear is a form of identification.

This gives your customer peace of mind that the right representative is on the job when your worker needs to go to their home to carry out repairs. This is very relevant for plumbers or electricians.

Workwear also creates a professional image and immediately helps to build your customer’s trust in your brand. But, uniforms are also beneficial in marketing your brand especially if you have a team on the road. Instant organisation recognition promotes your brand and using workwear to advertise your business is a smart marketing tool you can’t ignore.

6. It Stops Inappropriate Clothing Being Worn in the Workplace

It gets awkward when your receptionist shows up to work with a low-cut shirt or an office worker decides wearing his fashionable “torn” jeans is cool even in the workplace. By dressing your employees in appropriate workwear, you can avoid such sticky situations.

These days, you don’t have to dress your staff in formal uniform. But, supplying them with polos and jackets helps to create a smart and cohesive appearance. Employees are also grateful for not having to decide what is the right clothing to wear to work. When they’re supplied with workwear, getting ready for work goes so much quicker in the morning!

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable uniforms. Workwear has seen a transformation in styles and designs, as well as the type of fabrics used to keep your employees comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Employers see many benefits of kitting their team out in workwear so make sure you’re one them. This way, you can rely on employees who want to be part of your vision.

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