How To Unhide Games In Steam (5 Easy Steps)

how to unhide games in steam

As a steam user, you always have so many games available for you in your directory.  However, it is quite annoying that not everyone gets to play all these games at once for some different reasons.  This happens on many occasions and many people have been questioning why this is the case.  The answer for this is quite simple and that is steam users tend to hide some of these games where for you to play then you must know how to unhide games in steam.  

If you have no idea of how to unhide games in steam then chances are you might not be able to play some of these games hidden in a steam library. In fact, quite a good number of people choose to hide games in steam simply because it is an easy thing to do in some ways.  However, when it comes to playing some of these games the case is a bit different.  Out of the need to do this, some of these people ask how to unhide games in the Steam library.  

How To Unhide Games In Steam 

There is no way you can play hidden steam games other than by way of unhiding them.  For you to play any of these games then you need to find a proper formula or unhiding them first.  If not, you will not be able to play any games which is what many people encounter with steam games.  

When it comes to unhiding games in steam, there are two main ways that you can use to carry out this process.  First, there is the most basic way of going about this process and then there is also another means that you can use to take on the procedure as well.  

Method 1 

As said above, there are two ways by which one can unhide games in steam. The basic method of these two is the simplest one of all and the other one is the most complicated because it is very new. First is the basic method that you can use to carry out this procedure.  

Step 1 

Start by launching the steam client right from your system 

Step 2 

Once you have done that, click on the view button which is located at the top of your screen 

Step 3 

Once the drop-down opens, make a selection of hidden games from that list 

Step 4 

From the list of hidden games, go straight to the game you wish to unhide 

Step 5 

Once you have the game click on it specifically right-clicking 

Step 6 

After right-clicking, select on the manage button 

Step 7 

Once you have clicked on the manage button make a selection of the option to remove from hidden games 

Just like that and you will be able to unhide the game from the hidden list and play it well as you might have wished in the first place.  However, if you are unable to remember the name of the game you wish to unhide then you might have to try out a different alternative in carrying out this process.  

Method 2  

If you have the latest version of the Steam client and looking for a way to unhide games in steam then worry no more there is another way for you.  This is the second method on the list of options that you can use in carrying out this process.  

Step 1 

Start by clicking on the steam client logo on your desktop for you to launch the steam client 

Step 2 

Once you have launched your steam client, click on the library right from there 

Step 3 

Go to the search field which is located under the home tab and type the exact name you wish to unhide 

Step 4 

Once you have done that click on the + icon which is located beside the hidden option 

Step 5 

The game should be able to come up on your screen after performing the above steps successfully 

Step 6  

Once you have the game, right-click the on the game that has just popped up on your screen 

Step 7 

From the game, go to the context menu and after a click on the manage option 

Step 8 

Select the remove from the option remove from the hidden 

For the people who know the name of the games they wish to play this is the game they wish to play, this is the best approach to play this game.  By this method, you should be able to play your preferred hidden game on steam with ease.  

How To See Hidden Games On Steam?

To view the steam unhide games, you have to follow a few steps. But, remember the method to see steam show hidden games is not as lengthy as the process to unhide the games. So, without further ado, let’s get started on it.

Step 1: Put proper credentials to log into your Steam account.

Step 2: On the steam homepage, go to the left-hand corner, and click on the view option.

Step 3: On the list, you will see an option called ‘hidden games’. Just click on that.

Step 4: You will see the list of all hidden games here.

Is Hiding A Steam Game Same As Removing?

Many people confuse steam show hidden games, and steam show removed games, but both are not at all the same. You can view, and access the hidden games anytime on Steam. However, once you remove them, there is no coming back from them. We have already told you how to unhide a game in steam. Now, let’s learn the steps to remove them.

Step 1: Use proper credentials to log into your Steam account.

Step 2: Click on the library option.

Step 3: Press on the game’s name that you want to remove.

Step 4: Right-click on the game’s icon, and hit the manage button.

Step 5: Choose the remove option from the account tab.

Step 6: Confirm the prompt warning, which will ask you if you are ready to lose the game permanently, or not.


As we have given you plenty of instructions on how to unhide games in steam. Still, we find people asking many additional questions to us sometimes, which is why we have added a few extra questions here. Let’s have a look;

1: How Do I Add Hidden Games To Steam?

Ans: From the top-right corner of the steam app, select your profile avatar. You will see an option to view my profile there, so just click on that. Click on the edit profile option, and navigate to the privacy settings. Under the profile section, you can set the game details to private.

2: Why Can’t You Remove All Games On Steam?

Ans: You may have noticed already that you cannot use the remove option on all games. The games that you got for free via Steam promotions, or other events are only available for you to remove. You cannot remove those games that you got as gifts or the ones that you paid for. The only option to get rid of those games is to hide them.

3: How To Hide Games In Steam?

Ans: Open the steam application using the right credentials. Go to the manage option, and click on the hide this game option. Once you select this option, steam won’t show you the game in your library. It is a temporary option because you can always unhide the steam show hidden games if you want.

How To View Hidden Stream Games?   

  1. “Launch the Stream app and log into your account if needed.”

  1. “Click on the View> Hidden Games dropdown menu in the top-left of the  Stream homepage.”

  1. “A list of all your hidden games appears under the Hidden section on the left and an exploded view on the right. ”


How To Permanently Remove A Hidden (Or Unhidden) Game On Stream?   


  1. “Log into the Stream app and click on Library.”

  1. “Right-click on the game you want to remove, then choose Manage> Remove from Account. If the option is not present, skip to Step 4.”

  1. “Finally, select Remove in the displayed prompt to delete the game from your account permanently.”

  1. “If the Remove from Account option is not found, return to your Library section and click on the game you want to delete.”

  1. “In the game details pane, click on the horizontal ellipsis (three horizontal dots) and choose Support.”

  1. “Select I want to permanently remove this game…from the list of options.”

  1. “Confirm the deletion by selecting OK, remove the listed game…”

“The game is now removed from your Stream account permanently. You’ll have to buy it again if you want to reinstall it.”


If you have been looking for a way on how to unhide games in steam the article above is for you.  From this article, you are going to find ways that you can use to carry out this process.  With two options provided for you, you can never fail to carry out this process successfully when you need to. If you want to know more about it, post your queries in the comment section below.

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