What Do You Do When You Can’t Take Screenshots Due To Security Policy?

can’t take screenshot due to security policy

There is no better way that you can use to capture what you see on the screen other than by the use of a screenshot. If you have been using a smartphone for a long now then you will agree that it sometimes becomes necessary to capture what you have on your screen. However, this is not always the case as you might at times find that you can’t take screenshots due to security policy.

Sometimes you might want to capture a screenshot for no other reason but for future memories and other related reasons. However, not being able to do so is always some form of bad news to people especially those that might want to keep a memory for the future.

Realizing that you can’t take screenshots due to security policy you might want to know what to do next. Such moves might enable you to take the screenshot itself or if not that, try to find other alternatives to this process. In this view, therefore, the text below takes a look into the whole problem of being unable to take screenshots due to a security policy.  

What Is The Reason For This Problem?

When you see the cant take screenshot due to security policy then you might find interest in knowing why this is the case.  Well, there are quite a number of reasons behind this problem that you need to know especially if you are affected.

First of all, it is important to note that this is one problem that occurs differently and is equally dealt with in the same manner as well.  For instance, if you are a Facebook user then you might experience some sort of problems with taking screenshots.

Trying to take a screenshot when you are on Facebook might be somehow challenging to you. In some cases, you might not even be able to do so which then begs the question of why is this problem and which is the best way one can use to deal with it.  

 For the case of Facebook, there are many reasons behind this issue which you need to be aware of.  For instance, there could be a difficulty with a browser that accounts for a good number of cases similar to this one.  Normally, when you have problems with your browser it might be somehow hard for you to take any screenshot.  This problem can be dealt with in different ways.  One, you can change your browser by logging on to Facebook using a different browser.  This way, you will be able to deal with the can’t take screenshot due to security policy.  However, there are cases where this problem might still not be addressed by this means, here you might need to try out different solutions.  

You Could Be Taking A Screenshot From A Protected Profile

Still, on the issue of Facebook, there are times when you might want to take a screenshot on Facebook but still fail to do so.  The reason as already stated above could be because of a number of factors one of them having been listed above. The other reason could be that may be taking a screenshot from a protected profile which is making it hard for you to take the screenshot.  

Due to privacy, some people put some protective measures on their profiles. This means if you try taking screenshots of such profiles then you are more likely to end up unsuccessful. In fact, many people attribute this reason to why they can’t get screenshots because of security policy.  In cases like this one, there is normally not so much that you may take action in this case other than wait for the profile to have its privacy profile lifted.

Incognito Mode

The other reason as to why you might not be able to take screenshots or you might see a can’t take screenshots due to security policy Facebook could be because of this reason. If you are using a chrome browser then chances are you are going to be faced with this problem at some point.

The incognito mode is a mode in chrome that is a bit different from the regular model.  This mode offers some kind of high-level security. As such, when you try taking a screenshot and your phone is in incognito mode then chances are you are going to see the message of can’t take screenshots due to security policy.  

The Solutions To The Cant Take Screenshots Due To Security Policy Vary 

It would be a lie if someone told you that they cant take screenshots due to security policy is a problem that can be solved by one solution. Given that this problem comes about due to many factors means that the solutions are also plenty as well. Given that it is not possible to look at all these solutions at once means that it will only be fair to address a few of them.  

Try Switching To The Normal Mode

If you are using chrome and faced with the problem of can’t, take a screenshot due to security policy then this is one move you can make.  Given that people have not had any issues with the normal chrome mode means that operating with this mode offers you the ability to take screenshots.  

Fix The Phone Security Policy

This is also another one of the ways that you can use to deal with the cant take screenshots due to the security policy of Facebook.  If there are such security settings then you can change that by simply fixing the phone security policies.  If this is one of the problems you face with your then you can solve it in this manner.  


When you get the message, can’t take screenshots due to security policy it could be due to a number of factors.  The text above takes a look into this entire issue to help you understand what this problem is and how to deal with it in the end.  

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