3 Ways To Make A Photo Sing

a photo sing

Modern smartphones and cameras have made capturing great photos fun and easy. They often say that a picture speaks a thousand words. However, saving a lot of photos on your device can be tedious.

That’s why many people decide to create a slide show alongside matching music to make it a little interesting. With music-embedded pictures a photo sing, you can quickly and comfortably share your memories with family and friends.

But how do you put music into pictures? It is straightforward to embed your pictures with whatever music you like. There are different options you can choose from that will allow you to complete the process much faster and have great results.

The first thing is to choose all the photos that you would like to be embedded with music. After that, select your preferred music and begin the process using the best option available.

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3 Easy Techniques To Make A Photo Sing

A photo sing is an easy way to improve the engagements. And when you are going out for the influencer ventures. Then this is the most appropriate engagement key. Hence, every audience and the viewers like to see the pictures that say thousands of words.

Here are three easy techniques which are making your photo sing.

1. GoodTrust

GeoTrust is one of the most popular ways you can use to make a photo sing. It is an easy, safe and affordable technique to protect your digital assets.

And then share it with your loved ones. Today or after you pass away. With this, you can make singing portraits such fun. And It makes the engagements enhance your photo memories. 

This means that you can choose different photos and play around with them with your favorite music and videos. All you have to do is take a selfie and upload an attractive photo, choose the song. Then watch the person lip-sync in your favorite music tune! It’s as easy as a 1-2-3 process!

2. Use ApowerShow 

a photo sing

ApowerShow is one of the latest tools designed to help photo lovers to create and showcase their stylish videos. The application comes with plenty of amazing themes as well as filter templates.

With a nice photo theme, making a photo sing is entirely impossible. For this work, you can access any free application theme creation tool.

With this type of tool, you are able to turn still images into crystal clear videos, download videos from the internet, create split-screen videos, edit videos by cropping and recording every activity on your PC. 

Unlike other video editing and photo sing tools, ApowerShow provides you with an intuitive interface that gives you a lot of control and creativity. All you need to do is install the application and follow the prompts. 

3. Use Photosnack

Photosnack is another great application to make a photo sing. It is an online program that allows you to create slideshows and generate high-quality photo albums, photo movies, and a lot more.

The good thing about photo snack is that it is compatible with many mobile devices. It also comes with a host of ready-to-use templates to make your work easy. 

It is important to note that the free version of Photosnack comes with a lot of restrictions. For example, you are only allowed to upload a maximum of 15 photos per slide.

Besides, every finished clip has a watermark. But when you are a beginner, you can start with the free versions. As the operations are less within a few seconds, you will learn how to do a photo sing.


In general, there are a number of ways you can embed music into your photos. The best thing to do is to choose software that will help you create amazing slideshows. This is the reason you must use the proper tool for a photo sing.

High-quality pictures and albums are always a big attraction for influencers. So if you like to start your influencers and social media marketing ventures, start with creating an attractive album.

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