How To Recover Data From A Formatted External Hard Drive In Windows?

Recover Data From A Formatted External Hard Drive

Formatting a hard drive or any external storage device is a common practice. It is done to delete all the redundant data and make space to store new data. Unfortunately, the same formatting can make you mistakenly delete some important data.

Now, most people believe that there is no way the data can be recovered after the formatting takes place. Well, there is good news for you guys; if you take immediate action, you can actually recover your formatted data.

Is It Even Possible?

If you are asking about the recovery of the formatted data, you can recover formatted data. However, there are a few factors you need to consider while recovering. The type of drive you formatted and how you have been using the drive after the formatting has taken place play a detrimental role in recovering the data.

When you encounter data loss scenarios or mistakenly formatted data, the most important thing you need to do is to stop using the drive completely. When you format the drive, the system removes only the logical content of the data, and the main content remains in the drive until new data is stored.

Adding new data into the drive will overwrite the drive, thereby decreasing the chances of data recovery. You can recover data from a formatted external hard drive by applying some common factors that will work well for you. 

How To Recover Formatted Data?

Recovering formatted data is a daunting task. You need to be careful about how you are using the drive and must take immediate action. Here we will use iBoysoft Windows data recovery software to recover the data. 

iBoysoft data recovery software for windows is a reliable data recovery software. It offers all the features necessary to cover almost every data loss scenario. It also includes data recovery from formatted hard drives. There are several factors that you can consider when you want to recover data from a formatted external hard drive. 

Follow the steps to use iBoysoft data recovery software effectively.

Step 1: Download & Install iBoysoft

iBoysoft software offers an intuitive solution to data recovery. It is a user-friendly software that runs on all operating systems. Go to the iBoysoft official website and download the software on your system.

While downloading the software, make sure you are not using the same drive from where the data has been lost for the installations. Once the download has been completed, install the program and tune the software as per your need. You can recover the data from the formatted external drive 

Step 2: Connect The Drive

Once you have finished installing iBoysoft in your system, connect the drive suffering from data loss. Be careful while connecting the drive with the system. Ensure that you are connecting in such a way that it is not damaged any further.

Now attack a different external drive where you can recover the formatted data. Recovering the data in the different drives ensures that no overwriting of the drive takes place.

Step 3: Scan The Drive

Now scan the drive. When you are in the software interphase, you will be able to see all the attached drives. Navigate through the list of the drives, select the drive in question and start the scanning process.

iBoysoft is comfortable in retrieving all the data types possible. So, you do not have to worry about iBoysoft missing any of your file types.

Step 4: Preview & Recover

After the scanning process is complete, the result will be visible on the screen. You can use the filter and sorting features to find the exact results you were looking for. Then, navigate through the results, preview them to ensure you are recovering the right data, and click Recover.

Minimizing The Risk Of Lost Data

Data recovery is the last line of defense that helps you recover your lost data. However, relying only on the data recovery strategy is not the best idea to provide security to your data. After all, sometimes even they fail to recover most of your lost data.

With that being said, you must always have data backups of your sensitive files and folders. Backups are the best defense for the data loss scenarios. 

Formatting a drive is an activity that is initiated by human error. No matter how careful we become, as long as we are human, we will make mistakes. Hence, you must be prepared with both data back and data recovery strategies.  

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can You Format Files From The External Hard Drive? 

Yes!! With the help of the professional data recovery system files from the internal and external hard drive can be stored. Restoring the data from the hard drive after the process of formatting is not very difficult as you think. When the drives are formatted files are not erased completely. 

How Do You Recover A Formatted External Hard Drive From Windows 10? 

You can open stellar photo recovery from the home screen and after that you can select the formatted drive from the storage media from which you want to recover your files. You can click on scan after that you can choose the customized recovery process. Applying the advanced settings icon that you want to recover from the top. 

Can Data Be Recovered After The Formatting? 

Yes, you can recover the files from the formatting option. When you make the format of any storage device all the data will be disappeared forever. The old content will remain there in the drive until the new data is re-written. 

How Do You Recover Photos From A Formatted Hard Drive? 

You can open the stellar photo recovery from the formatted hard drive and it can make things easier for you if you want to format the external hard drive. These are some of the effective ways to make things happen in the best possible manner. These are some of the crucial facts that you have to consider at your end. When you want to recover  data From A Formatted External Hard Drive it is one of the best options. 

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