Fix A RAW USB Drive And Recover Data From A RAW USB Drive

Fix A RAW USB Drive

When a storage device is connected with a computer system, its operations system starts investigating the drive and uses its resources to identify the drive’s file system. If Windows fails to recognize the drive’s file system for some reason, the drive is marked as RAW.

The RAW represents a drive without any file system or with a file system Windows cannot recognize. Therefore, when a drive is marked RAW, you cannot access the data from the drive or use the drive to store any data.

If you ever encounter a scenario where your drive is marked RAW, you must take immediate action and seek help from the RAW USB recovery software. There are some of the common methods to fix a Raw USB Drive in your USB drive data. 

What Causes The Drive To Be Recognized As RAW?

When a drive is marked RAW, it is a sign that indicates something is wrong with the drive. Only in rare cases would you find errors with the file system or when you are using a completely new drive. 

When a drive is marked RAW, and you try to access the drive, the system prompts the user to format the drive before using it. If you open the drive’s properties, you will find that the drive is showing 0 bytes. However, it doesn’t mean that the device is useless now. With some good methods, you can restore the drive.

  • Bad Sectors: If some of the keys of the Drive have some bad sectors, the hard drive will lose functionality and the possibility that it will become RAW.
  • Partition Table Corruption: If some external attack has corrupted your drive, the drive becomes RAW.
  • File System Structural Damage: Every drive is formatted with a file system. It defines the flower of the data. However, if this structure is damaged, the drives’ file system becomes RAW.

Solutions To RAW File System Repairs & Recovers

Now comes the most important part – repair and recovery. To repair the RAW, you must recover the data and backup it in a secure place. That being said, let’s hop onto the solutions.

Solution 1: Check Disk Error

When it comes down to checking any bad secrets of the drive, running a CHKDSK scan comes first in mind. But in our experience, it is unreliable at times. So, we would like you to recommend a partition manager, not the CHKDSK command prompt.

With the help of the partition manager, you can track every data off the drive and easily locate the bad sectors and look into the solution to repair them. If you want to fix a raw USB drive then these methods can prove to be fruitful. 

Solution 2: Repair Damage Partition Table

A partition table is a table maintained by the operating system. This table collects all the essential data of the disk. This term is closely associated with the MBR partition table. If the MBR partition table is damaged, the drive is shown as RAW. 

To repair the corrupted partition table, follow the steps.

  • Launch iBoysoft software.
  • Choose the proper type of MBR.
  • Click Apply and proceed.

Solution 3: Format The RAW Drive To NTFS/FAT/FAT32/exFAT

If both the methods mentioned above don’t make any difference, formatting the RAW drive into a file system recognizable by most operating systems is the only choice you have.

  • Open iBoysoft partition assistant.
  • Click the RAW drive.
  • Select the Format.
  • Choose a file system that is easily recognizable by your system.
  • Click on apply.


USB drives have become quite popular in the modern generation; after all, they offer convenience with data sharing. However, various external risk factors are revolving around USB drives. As they are used in multiple devices and systems, they are more prone to external damage and corruption. 

When the USB drive gets damaged and corrupted, it becomes RAW restricting any user activity on the drive. If you ever encounter a similar problem, you can use the solutions to fix, repair, and recover the RAW USB drive.   

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  

1. How Do You Recover Files From Raw USB?    

You can recover the files from the raw YSB by applying certain following methods:- 

  • You can download and install the partition recovery.   
  • Next, the recovery wizard can start to function automatically. 
  • You have to select the types of files that you want to recover. 
  • Make proper scanning of the flash drive. 
  • Click on the preview option. 
  • Click on Saving. 

2. Can You Recover The Data From The Damaged USB?

When you find a flash drive as RAW it means whatever may be the reason the file system can be damaged. The best part is that you have to recover the data from the damaged USB data. 

3. Can You Fix A Raw USB Without Formatting? 

There are certain facts that you need to take care off while you want to RAW To NTFS without formatting:- 

  • You can click on the Start after that you need to Type CMD and hit Enter. 
  • You can Right click on the CMD as well as you can RUN as an administrator. 
  • You can type diskpart and then you can hit enter.    
  • Type H /FS or Hit Enter.  

4. How Can You Fix The Corrupted Flash Drive?   

There are certain steps you need to follow while you want to fix the corrupted drive like:  

  • First you need to Go To Applications & Disk Utility. 
  • Second you need to select the USB drive from the Side bar For maintaining the disk utility.   
  • You can click on the first aid on the top of the window. 
  • Lastly you need to click on the run for the pop up window.    

These are some of the facts that you gave to take care of while you want to fix the corrupted files in the flash drive in the best possible manner.   

5. How Do You Know That Your USB Is Corrupted?   

You can get an error message that an insert disk into a removable disk. This message will provide you with a clear indication that your USB is corrupted. 

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