How To Use Tupperbox To Create A Bot In 2022? – Add TupperBox Discord Bot [Updated Guide]

Use Tupperbox To Create A Bot

Discord is a familiar term widely used in chatting applications while playing games. Tupperbox discord is a bot that enables you to send messages and makes them look like they have come from other profiles. 

Also, you can use it anytime you want when you need to chat with multiple role play. In this regard, Tupperbox can be used to create a bot in 2022

Well, are you unaware of this? 

Then keep reading this Tupperbox Tutorial till the end to know more….

What Is Tupperbox Discord?

Tupperbox Discord

On Discord, Tupperbox is a bot that allows sending messages looking quite similar. In short, Tupperbox Discord allows you to use a plethora of servers with respected avatars and different display names. You will be able to enjoy multiple accounts with separate names and Avatars without the hassle of repeated sign-ins. 

How Does Discord Tupperbox Work?

The main utility of Tupperbox lies in the fact that you can switch between role plays while working with multiple servers. If you want to give different avatars to different servers, you need to know how Discord Tupperbox actually works. 

The diagram below elaborates it further. 

Discord Tupperbox Work

The help command, like any other bot, is the best method to learn how to use it. Type “tul!help” to get started. You can update a Tupper’s information using commands like tul!avatar, tul!brackets, tul!describe, tul!rename, and tul!nick after registering it, or you can delete it at any moment with tul!remove. 

How To Create A Tupperbox Bot? Discord Tutorial

Create A Tupperbox Bot

Now that you have learned a lot from this Tupperbox Tutorial, I hope by now you are super excited to create your own bot using Tupperbox Commands. Well, it’s super easy. Here we have compiled the steps one by one. Check them out:

1. Registering A Bot

  • To register a bot, type the command “tul!register Name <text>”. Next, replace the “Name” with the name of the character you want to give. 
  • Then set brackets to a character. 
  • After you press enter, you will get to see a message telling you that the Tupperbox Bot is already registered. 

2. Giving The Bot An Avatar

  • To give your bot an avatar, type the command: “Tullavatar “Name”.” 
  • Of course, you’ll have to replace the name with your bot’s name. 
  • Wait before you press Enter and click the “+” button and select your Avatar’s image.
  • Hit enter and your Avatar is all set. 

3. Test The Bot

  • You’re almost done. 
  • To test and see if the bot works, type a message with brackets you have set for the bot. 
  • After pressing enter, you’ll see the avatar and the username for a second. However, the bot’s name and avatar will quickly replace it. 

Limitations While Working With Tupperbox Bot And Avatars

There are some common barriers you may come across while working with Tupperbox Discord. These may start with Tupperbox Invite but there could be other reasons and factors playing behind it. Before starting to create the bot, you must know its gravity:

  • Discord has size limitations for the webbook avatars. These depend on a number of factors. Try to select an image with 500×500 resolution and below 500KB file size. 
  • The image being erased is the second issue. Discord will no longer host the image if the message (or the channel or the server) is erased. Tupperbox will be unable to serve it since it will be removed from Discord’s servers.

What Are Some Of The Top Discord Servers Using This Bot?

Some of the topnotch Discord servers using Tupperbox are as follows:

  • Piratas
  • Sen Family
  • Tupperbox Support

The main aspect behind them is Tupperbox Invite. 

Registering Tuppers At A Glance – Tupperbox Commands

The registration of a Tupper is the initial stage towards its creation. The fundamental command syntax is as follows: tul!register “Tag Name”[shortcut]text

This is one of the most important Tupperbox Commands. Let’s break it up one by one.

  • “Tag Name” – The phrase that displays at the top of the post is the Tupper’s tag. Replace it with the name of your character. Optionally, provide the rank and department in the (RANK-DEPT) format.
  • [Shortcut] – Something simple to remember when posting as your character, such as [Bill] or [Jane]; brackets must be utilized at all times.
  • Text – The phrase text must always be followed by the shortcut in the tul!register command.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Make A Discord Tupperbox Bot?

In order to make a bot on Discord:
• Type the command “tul!register Name <text>” and replace the anime with the character’s name.
• To give your bot an avatar, you have to type the following command – “tul!avatar “Name.”” 
• To test and check whether the bot is working, type any message with brackets set for the bot.

Q2. What Does The Tupperbox Bot Do?

Tupperbox is a bot allowing you to send messages. It gives a look that it came from other profiles. To get started, all you need to know is how to create a tupper and how to send a proxy.

Q3. Why Is My Tupperbox Not Working?

Tupperbox is not working? You may have disabled the proxies. To re-enable it, run “tul!proxy enable.” Also, it may happen that you don’t have permission to set a proxy. Ask for access from a server admin. If they don’t understand or get confused about what to do, simply ask them to verify the permissions used.

Q4. How Do Tupperbox Bots Work?

Tupperbox Discord is a Discord bot that allows the users to post as multiple characters or tuppers. This uplifts the roleplay, therefore, providing a basic framework for taking part as one or more characters with portraits and names displayed.

Wrapping It Up

I hope this Discord Tupperbox tutorial guide has helped you to understand how to make your own bots. We have jotted down some useful commands along with their usages and examples. 

Thanks for reading; see you in the comment section in case you have any doubts.

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