What Does Leadership Mean To You – 7 Best Answers In 2021

What Does Leadership Mean

When it comes to leaders, everyone has different opinions and thoughts about this term. Although the term is pretty common, you will still get different answers from various people when asking what does leadership mean. For some people, leader means politicians, business leaders, or freedom fighters. But there are plenty of other leaders who are working around us every day.  

If you plan to become a leader soon, you need to know what leadership means. There are plenty of answers available from numerous sources. Unfortunately, it can become hard for you to find the best answers easily. Don’t worry; we have made your work easy and provided you with some of the most common and popular answers. 

What Does Leadership Means – Top 7 Answers 

You will get what does leadership mean to your interview question very often. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to get plenty of answers available on what is the meaning of leadership. This is one of the common questions the answer of which everyone should know before taking up the mantle. Here are some of the best answers given below that will provide you with a very good idea about leadership. 

1. Leaders Need To Be Convincing 

One of the most common things that leadership means is convincing other people. This is a big part that every leader must need to do. Only vision is not enough to achieve the results. You will need to convince others to walk in the same path and provide better results. You have to make them believe that the vision can be real. If you are wondering what is leadership, then this is one of the things that you need to keep in mind. 

2. Visionary 

Another very popular answer a lot of people provide on what does leadership means is being visionary. A leader is a visionary who can see the visions and work to make them true. Some of the popular leaders like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and others have one thing in common that is a great vision. However, a leader’s vision is different from other people’s, and they have the courage to make crazy goals into reality.  

3. Leader Always Anticipates 

To be a leader, you need to anticipate all the potential objectives and obstacles in advance. For business, this is one of the most important things that helps predict the trends ahead of time and predict all the upcoming competitions. You will get this answer from many people if you ask what does leadership mean to you.

4. Motivating Ability 

For many people, a leader means someone who can motivate others and help them to give their 200%. It is very normal that the team members will sometimes get demotivated; you have to make sure that they are back to their true selves by motivating them very well. When the going gets tough, leaders have to play their role and motivate them. This is the true meaning of leadership for some of the popular figures.  

5. Recognize Potential 

Another thing that a leader can do is spot potential easily. They can see the good and future potential in people that others are not able to see. Everyone does not have the right talent to recognize potential easily. Leaders need to have the ability to spot potential and get the best talents for their team. If this is not the meaning of leadership for you, you need to look at the other points. 

6. Embrace The Mistakes 

To be a great leader, you need to embrace the mistakes and improve them. Many people think that this is one of the qualities that every leader must-have. If someone can’t learn from their mistakes, then they will not grow to achieve their dreams. If you are wondering what does leadership mean, then this is one of the things that play a big part.  

7. Break The Rules 

In many of what does leadership mean to your essay, you will find out that leaders are meant to break the rules. When necessary, leaders need to be ready to break the rules. If breaking rules allow them to do something great, then it becomes a quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What Does Leadership Mean To You Best Answer? 

The answer to what does leadership mean can be very different from person to person. In short words, leadership means leading others towards a common goal while inspiring them to provide their best and helping them with each step. It helps others to give their best and achieve their goals. There are plenty of qualities available that a leader must have to apply in this role. 

Q2. How Do You Define Leadership In Your Own Words? 

Leadership is one of the special abilities that help to make the path easy for other individuals. It helps to guide and influence others to reach their ultimate goal and make the path for them. Also, taking up the responsibilities of others is a leadership quality. 

Q3. What Do Good Leaders Do? 

Leaders help others and themselves to do the correct things and to be the best version of themselves. They create an inspiring vision, motivation, and direction for others to help achieve a common goal. They hone their skills to provide better opportunities for their people. 

Q4. What Is The True Meaning Of Leadership? 

The true meaning of leadership is to develop other people and help them to get to their full potential. Leaders provide the right strategies and tools to others to help them polish their skills and increase potential. This not only helps them but also helps the organization to get a better result. 


Taking leadership requires a lot of things, including responsibility, skills, motivation, and others. If you are planning to be a leader, then you need to know what are the best answers to what does leadership mean in 2021. 

You can go through this article to find out the best 7 answers that we have hand-picked for you. It will help you to learn a lot about leadership and get a better idea. If you found this article helpful, then share it with others to help them become a better leader.

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