A Complete Guide To The Best Chambray Shirts For Men In 2022

Best Chambray Shirts For Men

Most men in this world think there is nothing much they can play with fashion! Even most of them feel sad about it. 

Well, if you also fall in the same group, probably, it is time you need to rethink. Here, you can study the chambray Shirts, one of the trendiest men’s fashion outfits. It has been a long time since the chambrays actually came into the market. However, it took a lot of time for these shirts to get into the ‘Formal Squad.’

While many singing sensations and Celebes have already tried to make the shirts trendy, it has always been on the casual side. 

In the last decade, however, the men’s chambray shirt has got the prestige of being a part of the formal outfit. All thanks to the changing perception of men’s fashion, Chmabrays are now regular to the professional organization. 

In this article, you can learn about the benefits and the leading chambray Shirts brands. So, you can just check out the following parts of the article. Moreover, you can see the ways to wear chambray shirts.

Well, for now, you can check out the advantages of wearing the chambray shirt men. 

The Advantages Of Chambray Shirts

Advantages Of Chambray Shirts

Leading Advantages of wearing the chambray Shirt this summer are given below. If you are an office goer, you can check out the points:

Soft Fabric: A chambray shirt has a very soft fabric, and it can be a dress for men to go to work regularly. When you wear good-quality chambray, you can be sure about getting the most needed comfort. 

Masculine Designs: All chambray shirt designs, including the J Crew chambray Shirt, come with a masculine design. So, you can wear it with both Blazers and T-shirts. Even there are a lot of men who rely on these shirts, no matter what approach of make-over they need to take. 

Easily Washable: The chambray shirt dress is easily washable, and you can just iron it after wearing them two to three times. So, you see that it is a clear benefit. This is yet another reason the men’s chambray shirts are in high demand. 

Chambray Shirt Styles You Should Know

In this part, you can go through the wearing styles related to chambray Shirts. So, check them out if you have just bought one. 

Chambray Shirt And Structured Tailoring

The chambray Shirt and structured tailoring are a new trend. Where the structured tailoring gives a complete formal outlook, a chambray shirt can always gel with it properly. 

You can easily wear the shirt with a blazer and a pair of trousers for your office program or a wedding get-together. A pair of formal boots can be the best accessory to this fashion outfit. 

Casual Travel Wear

Casual Travel Wear

The chambray shirt men have this casual zing, and thus, you can wear it in the travel wear style. So, this time, you can put it on over a t-shirt and a pair of half trousers.

As a part of casual travel wear, the full-sleeved chambray shirt can provide you with the necessary comfort and support your style quotient.

You can add a pair of sunglasses with the outfit and wear a pair of white sneakers to get the perfect outlook. 

The Rugged Blue-Collar Style

Rugged Blue-Collar Style

If you have a chambray shirt, the simplest thing for you to do would be to pair it with denim. As a result, you get the rugged blue-collar style. This can be a semi-formal outlook that can make you a little funky and a little sober. 

To get this style in the best way possible, you need to check if the shirt and denim contrast with each other.

On the other hand, to complete the outlook, you can wear a pair of black boots without the socks. 

The Business Casual Look

Business Casual Look

Apart from the structured tailoring, you can wear a blue chambray shirt to get the business casual look. You can try out this look for an office party or a lunch session. A striped tie with a satin suit over your chambray shirt can always play in a unique manner. 

A formal trouser of metallic finish can complement the outlook. When you try out this outfit, you might find yourself as a Hollywood Hero of the 80s. 

For further accessories, you can count on black boots with a pair of black socks. Finally, you can add a pair of specs of the square frames to complete the outlook. 

So, these are some styles you can try with the chambray work shirt. Nevertheless, you need to choose the perfect outfit for yourself, considering the shade and size.

Choosing The Brand

It is vital to choose a good brand of Cambray shirts or the best summer outfits. There are a handful of top-notch companies that manufacture the Campbrays. At the same time, the quality remains the same, the shade and texture range for each brand. In this part, you can check out the brands that make the chambray shirts.

1.  Levi’s

If you want that country-style chambray shirt and get the Pete Segar feeling, just rush to Levi’s showroom and check out the variants. You can even visit their website and order one. 

2. Crew

If you are not a ‘blue’ person but would like to stick to ‘gray,’ Crew can be the right brand for you to try. They have a wide range of gray shirts that can go well with both blue and black denim. 

3. Beams Plus

If you are looking for a short-sleeve chambray shirt, you can get the best quality range in the Beams Plus showroom. These shirts can be the best alternative to a summer polo shirt. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Is A Chambray Shirt, Men?

Cambray is actually a fabric that is used mainly for men’s shirting. It is also known as the ‘cousin of denim.’

What Is The Difference Between Chambray And Oxford?

Oxford is a plain wave while chambray is gridded. It is also smoother and lighter than an oxford.

What Season Is Chambray?

You can wear chambray shirts in the summer. Short haircuts can go the best with it.

What Pants Go With A Chambray Shirt?

Denim is the best pants that go with Chambray.

Final Words

When it comes to the chambray shirt, you should always look for a branded commodity. It is because the chambray fabric is unique, and you might not find the original shirt if you buy a cheaper version. So, there is no point in spending money on a fake shirt. 

As per the material is concerned, check if the shirt is made in premium-quality cotton. The best you can do is give a trial and then buy a shirt.

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