Five Safety Tips at Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Everyone knows that construction sites can be dangerous. An estimated 1 in 10 construction workers are injured on-site every year.

Knowing proper construction site safety habits is crucial if you want to keep yourself and your team as safe as possible. We’re here to offer some advice.

Keep reading for a few tips for construction site safety.

1. Keep the Site Clean (Within Reason)

While construction sites tend to look messy by default, there is a method to the madness. These sites should still be tidy enough for workers to navigate them with ease.

Whenever you’re no longer using something, either set it aside or throw it away. This includes scrap pieces of material, advanced technical equipment, and any other debris that can make its way onto the site. Make sure all construction site signs are visible and unobstructed.

You’re giving yourself more opportunities to trip and fall when there’s unnecessary clutter on the job site. Use construction dumpster rentals to your advantage so you can clear a path for your workers.

2. Always Wear Proper PPE

Always Wear Proper PPE

Everyone on the construction site needs proper PPE (personal protective equipment) to stay safe. If you’re managing workers, make sure that all of them have access to the right PPE.

Workers should have high-visibility clothing, helmets, and goggles. They may also need harnesses and gloves. You should ensure that your PPE meets OSHA standards.

3. Notice and Report Safety Hazards

Make sure that your construction workers all know that they’re encouraged to report safety hazards on the job. You should also teach them what common safety hazards look like.

If there are defects in equipment, unsteady areas, or anything else that looks unsafe, workers should report these things to supervisors.

4. Only Do Tasks You’re Prepared For

Only Do Tasks You're Prepared For

New construction workers may not feel confident taking on certain jobs and tasks, even if they’re more than qualified for them. If you’re overseeing construction workers, encourage them to only take on projects that they feel comfortable with.

If a worker isn’t sure if they’re ready for certain construction site jobs, consider pairing them up with a mentor. This way, they can learn how to do the task on their own while they get on-the-job experience and stay safe.

5. Communicate

All workers should have a way to communicate with each other and with their supervisors. It’s helpful to have walky-talkies so they don’t have to use their phones on the job site.

Supervisors should check on workers every so often to make sure that everyone is safe. If you don’t hear back, send someone to check on the worker.

Construction Sites Don’t Have to be Dangerous

Construction Sites Don't Have to be Dangerous

If you take the right safety measures, construction sites can be (relatively) safe places to work. Remember: workers should communicate, have proper PPE, do jobs that they’re ready for, report hazards, and keep the site as clean as possible.

Stay safe on the job!

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